mv: no one does it better

Not to be that bitter haechan stan but…

Donghyuk gets very little exposure for the huge amount of work he does.

He does the same amount as mark with back to back comebacks yet it’s almost like he doesn’t exist in nct 127. Mark constantly has either the most or the second most amount of lines while still being prominent in the dances and mv. Donghyuk has none of this. He may get lines in dream but then disappears in the dance or mv.

And even in the nct life shows he doesn’t get much time (if he’s even in them), as well as in the nct boy videos. His tag on tumblr is also damn near empty or just stagnant. I’ve seen maybe one picture of him from the Japanese showcase and they are flipping trending. He is also literally nowhere in the Japanese mv.

Even tho he does all this work, it feels like his stans are always starving for content. I see so many people saying ‘nct stans are being fed so well today,’ but haechan stans are being fed scraps.

Donghyuk deserves so much better.

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Supercorp: let’s alienate all our gay fans by invalidating their harmless lesbian ship Taylor: hold my whiskey...

She better have an explanation for the shit she pulled in ss, if those spoiled rude brats are telling the truth. And if it’s gonna be a mv, a gay ass mv, then they’ll understand how they’re just doing her job with media, meanwhile she does whatever she wants. Too many contradictions and faults into this heterosexual narrative, none in the real one. Wonder why? One’s got a contract, the other doesn’t

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HDJSJJS i’m so glad we finally hit 1 mil but i feel like we would have hit it sooner if it was uploaded to only one channel dnnsjs why does it have to be uploaded on 1thek?

I think it’s because 1thek has more viewership and can promote SF9 better than FNC’s channel which has a lot less subscribers than 1thek, but what do I know right ;;?


To begin, I started getting into the K-pop craze all because of SNSD, I saw them on Mnet Open Studio and I got interested in them, they were promoting I Got a Boy. I became a fan, I got all their MVs, watched their shows and all other stuff related to them, I didn’t even know they were big, I just enjoyed their music. I became engrossed into kpop and I was no longer an ignorant kpop fan, I learned a lot about the industries and all other things about idols and all about the world of kpop itself, the good and the bad.

fans all around the world say this group made it big because of their talent and all that.

and that’s when I realized, this group isn’t that extravagant or great or anything, for once I never got wow’d by their dancing in all their MVs, Hyoyeon’s their only eye catching dancer, in fact, I can name lower ranked girl groups that dances better than them, crisper moves and better transition overall. Rapping? LOL, Nine Muses does better rapping(Wild). Singing, now, everyone’s thinking about Taeyeon, I’m sure, so I’ll give her credit, but  she’s the only one, Tiffany? her voice is actually nasally, Jessica? you all know she’s squeaky, Seohyun? just decent and there are a lot more who are at the same level or even better than her, Ailee, Hyorin and Dia for instance, but why aren’t they as popular if it’s really talent that got SNSD far?

but why do they stay on top? that’s the real talk. It’s all just fandom. No matter what these girl’s throw, even if it’s not all that great, fans will deem it as “Good” but that’s all it is, not because of their talent but just because they are the bias group of fans. Mr.Mr. just came out and honestly, it’s just so-so but it’s number 1, all fandom.

then fans retaliate, SNSD doesn’t need the sexy concept to win and etc. that’s right, all they need is fandom and being biased. They could all go out and wear plain clothes and still rake in the top spot.

the dark truth, SNSD has long been scrutinized for getting plastic surgery, and they have long denied these allegations. Personally, I believe they did something to their faces, Seohyun has it the least. This is the reason for SNSD’s long reign, their beauty, not their talent, and they know it, that’s why they always deny dating just until recently, Tiffany won’t admit she’s with Nickhun(not just from mindless research), Taeyeon keeps on with “never had a boyfriend” and yet admits on a radio show that she is guilty of mistreating a loved one, they deny plastic surgery because the moment they lose their beauty, they lose their fans, music-wise, they make the same music as many other girl groups like Rainbow, 2NE1, APink, Sistar and etc.

Kpop idols these days live by the principle “the fans are your lifeblood” and I find this sad actually. A lot of people dream of being entertainers, singers and dancers, idols have grasped that opportunity, almost all idols interviewed always say they dreamed of becoming singers, the fact that they are living their dreams should be what’s keeping them alive but they seem to be living for the fans, if you are truly talented and skilled, you will be recognized but they’re trying to be recognized all for the sake of fame. They think if they lose fans, they’re no good, then why are you performing? Isn’t that your dream? remember why you are on stage, it’s because that’s your passion not because it’s your job.


I find it hilarious they couldn’t be arsed to fix Luna’s horrible walking animation even for the BluRays. Does no one own a fucking cat at Toei?

I’m really glad they cared enough to fix it up a bit, although I feel that some scenes could’ve definitely been further edited to look much better.

Oh, I was surprised that we didn’t get those pretty Moon Pride MV backgrounds for the transformations. I guess it’s safe to say we’re never going to see that animation in the actual show, lol.