mv: my baby

For those of you who haven’t been following me in the past two months..
I lost my dog to lung cancer
Her name was Hannah, and she was an eleven year old Saint Bernard..

I haven’t really posted much about her since then.
But this ^ picture described our relationship.

We were inseparable…

(Literally had to change everything to past tense )…

Tables Turned {Yoo Kihyun} ~Happy One Month!!~

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Prompt:  smut prompt idea for kihyun: he’s been teasing you all day and you decide to tease him back in bed that night (sub Kihyun, femdom reader). needy and whiny Kihyuns pretty good too.

Pairing: Kihyun x Reader

Word Count: 2.9k

Warning: toys (cock ring, butt plug), overstimulation, mommy kink, humiliation (of the reader), thigh riding, sub!Kihyung, 

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**Teasing really turned into punishing, hope you like it !!

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askhyrulesprince-rune  asked:

📝 I love OCs

/Drew this a while ago rip

Name: KIA (Utau)
Age: 17
Voice HC: Leona (Star Darlings)
Height: 5'6
Demo song (Not done yet): StreetDogs
Pet: Cash (Tiger)

Personality: She has high self esteem and tends to think the world revolves around her. She doesn’t take many things seriously and will most likely be doing her own thing as opposed to her actual job (Singing), and though she comes off as a down to earth party person, Kia has a hard time telling the truth when the time comes or just plain lies compulsively- With a straight face or an ounce of sass too.

Hobbies/Likes: Dancing, Napping, Energy Drinks, Gold, Big Cats, Compliments, Attention, Partying, Pranks

Dislikes: Working, Coffee, Spiders, Being called out on her lies, Party poopers, Working, Working, Working-

If you reverse Sansa’s clip, you can clearly see she actually has a bit of a smile at the beginning of it. It’s much more noticeable in reverse, in my opinion, going from the surprised expression, to the little, almost unnoticeable, smile.