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So sorry about the broken link! I have had so many issues with those pesky things. I think I am just tumblr deficient. Haha! Anyway, I couldn’t get the link to work—what a surprise—but I will repost the jealous Namjoon story here for you, lovely! Enjoy!

“Miss. Right”

Watching her with them always lit a fire somewhere inside of me, boiling my blood strangely, sending waves of anger through my veins. I was foreign to this ‘jealousy’ thing; a stranger to this wild irritation beneath my skin. I mean, I would consider myself to be fairly easy going—that is until she showed up.

My girl. My one and only. My “Miss. Right”.

It was impossible not to fall in love with this girl, ok? So, I empathize with my hormonally strung members and their desire to be around her—and God knows what else. But, dammit if I was going to let them steal her attention from me! I won her heart, not them. I kiss her goodnight and good morning each day—not them. She is mine.

You see? Crazy. I am crazy in love with this girl. With her mind, her body (God, her body…), and her soul. I want her. I need her. I crave her, like the drug addict craves that high; that fix. Her love is all that makes me feel this indescribable high anymore; it makes me feel really, truly alive—something I thought only my music did.

Watching her move across our dorm, flitting about as always, being pulled in all directions by those pesky boys, I felt my jaw clench of its own accord. I wanted her to feel at home here, to be close to the boys, but there was a large painted line in my mind, and it was being crossed—really crossed. Flaring my nostrils, I balled my hands into fists, digging my nails into the sensitive skin of the palm as I observed the way that Hoseok and Jimin flirted with her.

“Aww, Noona, I thought you were watching a movie with us tonight,” Jimin whined, pouting that plump bottom lip out.

“Yeah, you promised to hold my hand during the scary parts,” Hoseok teased, grinning and grabbing at those feminine fingers.

Blood was boiling red-hot in my veins, my shoulders trembling with a seething rage. What is happening to me? Calm down. Deep breaths. But, nothing seemed to work as I watched the three of them laughing and talking and touching.

Jimin’s hand tickled her side, and I found my feet moving before I even had time to process the signal to my brain, grabbing her with a vice-like grip around the wrist and tearing her away from the boys. Surprise filled those beautiful orbs of light in her eyes, and her feet tried pressing into the carpet to anchor her, the other delicate set of fingers on her free hand working to untangle mine from her, “Namjoon, love, stop it! You’re hurting me.”

Opening the door to the bedroom we always used as storage, I ignored her protests and shoved her against the door as I pressed it closed, looking her straight in the eyes, “What am I to you?” My eyes were watering, stinging with angry tears, gesturing with one hand desperately between the small space I’d left between us, “What is this to you?”

Confusion filled those beautiful feline features, her hand reaching out to touch me, but I flinched and backed away as if it burned my flesh. Her expression was crestfallen then, that hand falling limply to her side, “Namjoon, where is this—,” she attempted to avoid the questions, but I gave her a stern look that inaudibly told her there was no escape; not this time, and she sighed, looking downcast, “Namjoon, you know how I feel. Where are these questions coming from? Why are you so upset?”

“You know exactly why,” the words were biting, sending a chill right through both of us. It didn’t even feel like it was me who had uttered them. I felt different somehow—colder than ever before.

Those eyes that I loved so much were tearing up, glossing with tears of their own and shining in the light from the small window, “Namjoon, you’re everything to me. This is my reason for waking up every day. You mean the world to me—you are the world to me. My entire life revolves around you, but lately you’ve been so distant; so angry; so cold. I just…I have been avoiding you because I’m scared of what you will say,” Tears were escaping down those cheeks, leaving behind rovers of salty droplets, “I am terrified that you will bring this world that we’ve created together to an end; that you will tear that heart that is in your hands apart and leave it behind. I am scared you have fallen out of love with me.”

She thought I didn’t love her? She thought this jealousy that had eaten me through and reared its ugly head was because I wanted to break up with her? That sent me flying forward, slamming my hands on the door by each side of her face as my lips crashed against those supple, soft ones of hers. I needed to reassure her of my love; my need; my desire for her. It was all for her.

Pulling away, my voice cracked strangely with this desperation I had never felt before, “You are mine. I have been acting this way because I can’t stand the thought of you being in someone else’s arms.”

Panting for air, that chest heaving prettily as a smile graced those full lips, “Yes, I am always yours, Namjoon,” she raised one delicate eyebrow at me, adding “Wait, someone else’s arms? Namjoon, I’d never ever leave you for someone else. Who did you—,” and then it clicked; the puzzle finally piecing together in that beautiful mind of hers, making her head nod slowly toward me.

“I see. Namjoon,” her hands were pressing into the front of my chest, gripping the fabric of my shirt, “I don’t want any of those boys out there; all I ever want, all I ever need, is right beneath my fingertips.”

Those lips were kissing me then, a fierceness fueling the frenzied movement behind them that had never been there before. Whispering sorry over and over again, I lifted her face closer to my own, bruising that smooth flesh beneath me. My heart was sighing with relief; a tension I didn’t realize I had been carrying in my shoulders evaporated, leaving me lighter—free of that stupid jealousy.

Pressing my forehead to hers, I let my nose brush the skin of hers slowly, “I’m sorry that I have been such an idiot. I am a fool, baby. But, I’m a fool in love with you.”

Rolling those breathtaking eyes upward, she kissed me softly before sighing, “Must you always turn things into near raps, love?” A smile tugged at both of our lips at the honest answer.

“Yes, and if memory serves me correctly, you rather liked that about me in the beginning when I wrote you that song: “Miss. Right,” I teased, twirling a strand of her hair around one of my finger.

Chuckling, she nodded her head, blushing a pretty shade of pink before kissing one of the dimples next to my mouth that seemed to drive her crazy, “You’re my Mr. Right, so it is only befitting.”

“I like the sounds of that,” I sighed happily, capturing her lips with my own chastely.

“Come closer, I have an even better line that you’ll like the sounds of,” she wagged one finger toward herself as I swooped forward, listening carefully, my heart beating quickly as she whispered in my ear, “I will always love you.”

My heart never danced to a lighter beat. Lips embracing with one another, I felt that small bit of jealousy that had lingered there in my heart totally flee, leaving me for good.


HA! THIS VIDEO is what made me go look up Teen Top! lol, this video right here is responsible for my love for them

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