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130510 Backstage Chat INFINITE (by kikanim p.)

HoYeol saying “Ăn cơm chưa” is way too cute lol

Yeollie’s perfect pronunciation impressed me XDDD and Myungyeol mm lol

24. sayonara hitori

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Title: sayonara hitori

Pairing: Lee Taemin/Reader

Summary: Even when he doesn’t know himself, when the world is crumbling in between his long fingers, he still loves her like a flaming feeling he can’t run away from.

Taemin watches the sun rising, as if the god behind it was finally awake and decided to lighten up the lives of the humans that lived on earth. To the eyesight of the ignorant, Taemin was another human, one with preciously carved features that artists could have made with easiness; his personality was cold, resting plump lips closed with secrets that he doesn’t tell and will never tell until the day of his death, when the sun and the stars become one and he can finally close his eyes. His hands push him forward as he sits up, looking at the beautiful rays of sunshine.

His eyes seem to light up with enchanting memories as the grass under him moves against his fingers. Taemin could do so many things, powers that hid beneath his fingertips and ran through his veins, one with nature and everything that could destroy the world completely, if not create another one. Taemin closes his eyes as a soft breath leaves his lips; calmness filling his bones as he feels disconnected from the always changing world they all lived at. However, he feels a pair of hands wrapped around his and he opens his eyes, a smile replacing his serious façade.

The man was good at keeping secrets since a really young age, burning them with his own hands as he erased everything that could give out his own identity, but she looked past that. A look to his eyes could tell her that he was completely different and when his reality was shown through actions, not words, she was completely accepting of the man who could save but destroy the world with his own bare hands. It was rewarding, having someone to listen to him and love him as if he was human, as if he could finally live with himself.

Her eyes open softly as she blinks away her sleep, the two of them having slept under the gaze of the beautiful stars. The sound of the wind was the only thing that surrounded them as she leans in, mumbling a soft ‘good morning’ before pressing her lips against his. Taemin feels like he’s melting under her touch as their lips melt together like ice and fire, burning each other softly as they move in a perfect contrast. His lips taste like cherry and hers are the delicious taste of vanilla as she licks his bottom lip slowly, parting away as her eyes open just slightly, taking a glimpse at his eyelids as he savors the moment like a precious memory.

“Come here.” He tells her as he stretches his left arm; she snuggles closer to him as she rests her head over his chest, receiving a kiss to the top of her head as a small sigh leaves her lips. She takes his hands in between hers as she traces the outline of his soft fingers, feeling the warmness in them almost instantly. “Did you sleep well?” He places his chin on top of her head as he hears a small hum coming from her beautiful lips.

“Yes. Just a little bit cold.” She comments as she looks over at him, a small smile playing on her face as she runs her fingers over the tip of his nose, then resting on his lips as he presses a mere kiss to it. “You’re happy.” She notifies simply, making Taemin smile softly.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” He asks as he looks at her. She shrugs her shoulders, a small chuckle leaving her lips.

“I don’t know.” She looks over at the sun rising and then her eyes go back to his eyes, shining brightly like the sun in front of them. “Thank you for making the sun shine bright today. I’m sure people will thank you silently.” She knew him too well. When happiness was born inside his heart, things became suddenly brighter, like the flowers blooming rapidly and the sun shining at its beautiful peak. She adored those days, when the smile never left his lips and everything was exceptionally great.

“They should. I work hard for giving them sunshine.” He teases and that makes her chuckle; that beautiful laughter he had grown to love. His fingers take a strand of hair as he puts it behind her ear, giving her a smirk. A radiant blue flower was now resting on top of her ear, tucked between her ear and her hair. Taemin takes the blue flower in between his fingers as he chuckles. “Damn. I’m really happy if things are just blooming out of nowhere.”

“Thank you.” She mumbles as he gives her the flower, a blush appearing on her cheeks. Taemin leans forward as their noses connect; their lips barely over the other’s as their breaths become one. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

However, there were days where Taemin couldn’t control the power he had over earth.

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