mv: leave out all the rest

BTS theories again.

Now I think the story can go reverse. <— Does that make sense?

I just realized this after rewatching the prologue, and i need u videos.

 Like V died first. He killed his dad whom was abusive, and then called possibly Jin or Rapmon to reflected on what he did.

They then all met up (all of bts) which is shown at the beginning of the prologue. He (Taehyung) possibly called Jin because Jin gave him a very welcomed and long hug.

Because of the great impacted of killing his father V decided to drown himself, which is shown inside the prologue when he jumps into the water.

All the members tried to save V, but failed to. Which is why all the members have wet hair inside the photos for their “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt.1″ 

(this photo didn’t really show the wetness in their hair) After that in the prologue the rest of the members try to stay strong so Namjoon writes “You need to survive.” noting they all need to stay strong.

In the I Need U video all the members are having a hard time without V there so they all go to a state of being hurt, and start harming themselves in a way.

Jhobie has to start taking pills to maintain himself, but he can’t.

He ends up overdosing himself, and faints on his walk to somewhere? Around him you can clearly see water, so is he possibly going back to where V had drowned? Was he bring back memories, or was he planning on drowning himself too??

Jungkook has found out Hoseok has died from overdose. He is hurt, taking a walk outside he looks like he’s in deep thought, and then bumps into two men. The two men then start beating him up, and he barely fighters back. Jungkook pushes them off, but not much defense was happening. After the two men walk off Jungkook gets up and starts walking. He notices a car is going to him as he is crossing the street, and he doesn’t run. He stands still. Letting the car hit him.

 couldn’t find a picture, but i realized a red light was shown flashing through Yoongi’s motel room. Possibly a ambulance?? 

At that moment Suga doesn’t know what happened to Jungkook. He just knows that Jhope, and V are gone. He then decides to end his life by burning his motel room.

Jimin whom just the rest is struggling is seen in a bathtub. You can see the words bye bye written.

(photo cred to owner)

Who wrote it? I’m unsure. Jimin is also shown burning the piece of paper.Can this possibly mean something? Can this be something the now dead members had wrote? Or is it something he had written? 

He also doesn’t know Jungkook, and YoonGi are dead, or in the hospital. But he does know his two best friends are dead. He can’t take the pain and decides to drown himself after burning the paper.

Jin and Rapmon are the only ones left alive then. They both find out about the loss of their friends and are trying to stay strong. 

Jin and Rapmon are dressed in black (as if they were going to a funeral). Jin is shown dressed in black in there recent photos for ‘The most beautiful moment in life pt2′ and Rapmon is shown wearing black in the photos for ‘The most beautiful moment in life pt1′.

Namjoon is then seen in the I Need U MV at a gas station. No one is with him. Bangtan is all seen together at the gas station in the prologue though. Possibly they all visited that gas station in the past.

Namjoon is then also shown dropping his lollipop which appeared as a cigarette as it landed on the ground. Which I believe caused a fire at the gas station and caused him to die.

Jin is also shown in the I Need U MV holding 6 white flower petals.

White flowers are the kinds you would usually bring to a funeral, and Jin just happen to have six. Just enough for each dead member.

Jin then goes to sleep. He see’s him and his friends/the rest of bts and they’re all together (At the beginning of the prologue).They’re having fun together, and Jin is video taping it all. Most of the things happening was show through Jin’s point of view. For example when all the members are all laughing together Jin isn’t there, which means we are seeing through his perspective while he videotapes.

All the members are shown together which is where Rapmon wrote “You need to survive” on the mirror. Jin then ask holding up a picture of a shore line, “Should we go there?”. The members (Jimin, and Hoseok) give him a little nod.

Also during that there’s a video being projected on the wall of the building. Possibly their memories together?

As they’re on their way to the place they’re going to they stop at the gas station (Which is what I was talking about earlier) and they are filling the tank. While that is happening Namjoon takes a picture of Jin and Suga then puts the photo into the glove holder thing.

At their destination they run around, and have the time of their lives.

As all the members are sitting staring out at the water V leaves the rest of the members and climbs this tall thingy. Jin is videotaping that while the members are telling him to get down.

As Tae jumps Jin then starts moving around in his sleep which is shown in the MV for I Need U.

When Jin finally wakes up he goes back to the shore, and finds the photo inside the glove department. But when he looks at it Suga isn’t there. It’s just Jin.

I also found it interesting when the teaser for their Run video came out. And the photos came out. I saw a lot of post talking about how all the members had the hashtag InDream and Jin had the hastag Awake.

I noticed Jin is the only one wearing shoes.

RapMonster’s feet aren’t exposed, but it would make sense if he wasn’t wearing shoes because he had ‘died’ before.

Because of all this I feel like Jin is alive. Hallucinating his friends with him.

*Cries*, this all fits together in my head… And it makes me anxious.

What if this was a drama?? Tears everywhere.. lol… 

Hopefully this makes sense…

[TRANS] 161107 B.A.P 'Noir' Showcase Press Conference

(compilation of quotes/text from news articles)

BAP : “We were able to have a full album release after a long time. (We) couldn’t even sleep starting from yesterday because our heart fluttered. Since it is a Korea promotion after a long while, it is an album we have prepared a lot and worked for. Please give us lots of love.”

HC: “While preparing for this album, Bang Yongguk had to stop his activities due to a chronic illess. To be honest, it is a lot of pressure. Since I now have to share some of the baggages Bang Yongguk was carrying, it is rather a lot of pressure. I am feeling a lot of pressure on the stage and even on the sides of member’s relationships while doing group activities.
HC: “It made me realize once more how great Bang Yongguk is. But he is planning to return soon after recovering so until then although it may be burdening and tiring, I will do my best to lead the team well.”
YJ: “Starting from yesterday, (we) contacted each other through SNS and he told us to ‘Do well and come back’ and also said ‘I’ll be watching.’

DH: "I wish Yongguk hyung’s condition gets better”

DH: “The genre Noir comes out a lot as videos. We needed a long movie like scenario to show the fans more of a 'NOIR’ image.”
DH: “While filming for the mv, (we) started real acting for the first time. (We) received acting lessons for the first time, this mv was the opportunity we had to try out a new challenge.”
DH: “The acting director for the mv was who taught Wonbin in the movie 'AHJUSSI’ actions. Due to that we were able to learn a lot.”
YJ: “In the mv scenario, it comes out as 'members of an organization(gang members),’ but it’s only come out as Daehyun, Himchan and the rest came out as etc and such.”
YJ: “It was very comfortable because it was a 10 min mv but (we) filmed it shorter than a 4 min filmed music video. We filmed for 3 days but they told me I was able to leave after filming for 2 hours so I was bitter.”

DH: “It has been a memory where we won’t be able to forget during our life time. If we have the chance, I think it’ll be good to meet fans all over the world to the best of my ability.” and added “Since now we are focusing on Korea promotions, we will meet domestic fans as first priorities.”

DH: “I think I’ll be able to show you a good side once again as B.A.P’s main vocal. (I will) let you listen to good songs.”

ZL: “I myself think I am lacking. I do not have a plan for solo activities yet.”

HC: “We are planning to show you our active activities through music shows. Please show our 2nd Full album 'SKYDIVE’ promotions with lots of love and support.”
ZL: “With the absence of Yongguk hyung, only the 5 of us will be doing the stages. I wish Bang Yongguk would rest fully and get better soon. Although it is true that (we) are pressured a lot, but we will show (you guys) a full stage just as if it’ll be the 6 of us.”
JU: “We will show you our much more improved, matured and pro-like images than before.”

trans by bydaehyuns ; take out with full credit.