mv: hyde

Been pretty long since I posted my own arts to Tumblr.

So yeah, this is how greed pair will look in my new Servamp AU which I call Planetaliumoid!AU or Plamoid for short. Since there are three or more different species in this AU (Stalamoid aliens, android and AIs, and humans) I try to give them special features​ at body parts and their colorings.
P/S: The words next to left top Lawless is “Lichtan’s piano app” and words close to Licht pencil doodle is “Can’t use headphones.”

Licht loves animals but when it comes to a certain hedgehog…Oh boy, hedgie Lawless is such a cutie~I kept imagining how he makes that cute little sounds of his like in the OVA. He wears flowers! Just how adorable he can get?

Licht, stop giving him that look! (I won’t forget how you cradled him in your arms and cried when the incident happened, because deep down you care for him!)
He shouldn’t be glaring at Hyde like that…poor little hedgie wants attention too,  especially when he sees Licht fawning over kitty Kuro and he won’t lose to his big bro!

@reimeijennoir tagging you to see an adorable hedgehog and maybe get inspired for your drawings :)

Lawless fans, hope this makes you guys go “kyaaaa” seeing this little cutie xD

Here it is folks! ^_^ First off, I want to say that this translation was done a bit quicker than the others because I looked up the chapter in the manga, whereas for the SLS ones I lacked some of the comics. Also, like most of us in the fandom, we are familiar with the translation done by @hatmirror.
I also looked that up, for the purpose of not writing everything word by word. Well, hope you enjoy it guys!
Please do not upload outside of Tumblr. You share the link with your friends to watch it here :)