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吴亦凡 : Sword Like A Dream [ World of Sword Official MV ]
The forest flora have lost their rosy spring hue (far too soon). It cannot be helped due to the freezing rain at dawn, and the wind at dusk. Your crimson tears, intoxicate me. When will we meet again? As the rivers continue to flow eastwards, life goes on in painful regret.

Reminder to back up your projects!

If you’re writing something, making a game, doing some art, back up your project to an external flash drive, save it immediately if it’s open rn, whatever you need to do to make sure it isn’t lost!

This is Lenin, a teenager lion and the main character of Lenin - The Lion.

Lenin is an albino lion, the only one of his kind, and because of this he feels insecure and constantly discouraged. In fact, Lenin caters to all the symptoms of depression. Worse, his mother does not understand why his son was born that way, and the whole village despises him and treats him cruelly. At school, he suffers bullying and can not concentrate on class.

Now, hopeless about life, certain situations seem to awaken in Lenin something that is not of everyone’s reality, but only of his. Something he will discover to be the “Realm of Depression”.

In this place, Lenin will find other species of animals representing his symptoms, which may help him to understand himself.

However, the realm is dangerous, and may also become the final step that Lenin seeks to give out of his suffering

Traveling between reality and the Realm of Depression, Lenin will have to face his inner fears and enemies - and often, the outer ones as well.

More NPCs! I’ll post soon some more mapping that we worked on the weekend ;)

I also will be posting soon about the main plot of the game, the story of some characters and the mechanics!

Sorry for the gif quality, but Bacteriophage Claudio has some cool moves.

I still need to do the little battle portrait and some animations/icons.

(her shield is actually a thing! You can even counter when you guard~)

Quick Tips for new developers
  • Don’t take on a huge project as your first game.  You will regret it and cry all the way there.
  • Don’t go back and keep redoing stuff over and over. 
  •  You’ll be in an endless cycle and won’t get any new work done.
  • If you have a devblog, please make sure your game is readable.
  • It’s ok if your first game sucks.  Game making is a skill that takes practice to master. 
  • You can make a bunch of little test projects before you start making a big one. 
  • Feel free to ask people “Hey, what do you think of this game?”  No shame in asking.
  • Try to schedule times to work on your game.  Keep a calendar or set reminders on your phone/computer if you like.
  • Feel free to be friendly with other developers.  Ask them for help, tell them how you think they’re game is cool, help them with things, etc.  Join a forum if you’re up to it.
  • There’s no shame in using premade assets & resources.
  • There’s no shame in making a fangame with ripped resources either.
  • There is shame in selling other people’s resources for profit or making a commercial game with other people’s non-commercial or copyrighted assets (this should be obvious) 
  • Resources & tutorials are a google search away.

Years ago in the world of Gyre, The Calamity Witch, Scharlotte tried to use her powers to convert the world into zombie servants.

However, due to the efforts of King Bite and the Spiral Knights, they were able to quell her from progressing her vendetta.

King Bite and Scharlotte’s battle lasted for 9 long days and nights. Destroying the Witch’s castle and leaving a crater in the ground from their battle. After being defeated, King Bite persuaded her to channel her energy into more positive things.

A bit later on, the two began to date.

Concept by @bishiegiraffe!


Concept of our new area and some tilesets for it!

Swamp areas are the best! I’m really excited to write the crow npcs! I’m gathering my Poe references (and puns!)

Also, I want to thank you all for every and each like and follow! I wasn’t really sure if Dreameerie would be well received here on tumblr, and it means a LOT to us!

2 posts in a day just because I’m overly excited over this scene and the fact that it’s in pixel art! (Context is spoiler)
I decided to keep the scenes in pixel art so that I could make more of them, and I personally think it looks cuter like this. (*´˘`*)♡