mv: falling in love

It’s funny how love works. You fall in love with a person without realizing it and when you do, it’s too late. You can’t just reject who your heart has chosen. Love is dangerous because you have no say in it. It could be very beautiful yet so toxic.

I smile as I see you in the streets, but my smile quickly disappears as I remember you no longer are mine

She moved on. I never understand how she did, or how she could bring herself to, but she did. She was living her life to the fullest day by day with that amazing smile I fell for. And as I sit sipping on this glass and feeling myself slip into a dazed and foggy state of drunkenness, I seem to miss her more and more.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write. (#62)

“I look at him and see so many possibilities. I wonder what he sees when he looks at me.”

you walked
into my life
and changed
the weather.
—  // theseareallmywords
from my upcoming book Anywhere but Here