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“No one knows what tomorrow will bring… But I know we will walk slowly together for our tomorrow..” - Guhai & Bai Luoyin / Huang Jingyu & Xu Weizhou

  • Me: *watching the Spring Day MV*
  • Me: *distracted and staring into space*
  • Yoongi: *starts rapping*
  • Me: *immediately turn back to my screen, my every thought consumed by him, his beautiful skin, and his pink sweater*
  • The world: *literally ends around me, everything is in flames, in the distance people are screaming*
  • Me: *doesn't notice*
  • Me: "Yoongi's pink sweater," I whisper to myself, seconds before disintegrating into nothingness
Dating Yoongi would be like:

-it would take him some time to finally ask you out after he realizes how he feels about you

-he would choose his words carefully and I think he would put much thought into it

-napping together and cursing everyone when they wake you up but you’re still too lazy to get up and get your revenge

-you sometimes think of your naps as dates let’s be honest

-performing ‘’I need you’’ in the middle of your living room and you rolling on the floor laughing half of the time because of his singing   it’s actually your favorite thing ever

-fighting over his neck pillow

-you getting the same one at the end and and introducing it to him as your new lover  him sighing and saying you can’t use his own methods against him like that

-giving him cute little pecks on the nose

-constantly asking him why he’s not wearing bandanas anymore so he ends up wearing it one day just to stop you

-you ruffling his hair and squealing because you forgot how cute he actually looks while wearing them  you didn’t actually forget, you just buried it deep in your mind so you can get some sleep at night

-him teaching you to play basketball and you admiring his legs in basketball shorts

-him sending you a judging stare when you join maknae line in things like having an improvised fashion show or re-enacting BigBang’s new MV

-you watching every single one of their Bangtan Bombs pointing out his ‘’unamused’’ and ‘’judging you hard’’ faces and laughing even more when you actually get the chance to see one in person after he realizes what you are doing

-sarcasm so much sarcasm…

-warm hugs while he’s wearing one of his fluffy scarfs and him putting one end of it around your neck and you two just staying close like that for a long time since neither of you wants to pull away

-him gladly letting you wear his jackets

-using his gummy smile whenever he wants you to do something-‘’Damn it Yoongi! You know I can’t say no to a gummy smile!’’

-proud version of gummy smile when you manage to rap along to Cypher

-you and Taehyung screaming lyrics, dancing weirdly in the corner and overall being the crazy fans while he and the the rest of the rap line are rapping to Cyphers during practice

-you don’t even know what you’re fangirling over more…Cyphers or Yoongi looking sexy as fuck while rapping

-answering each other’s questions  with ‘’swag’’ just because

-’’What did you just do Min Yoongi?!’’-’’…..swag.’’

-’’(Y/N), where’s the pudding I left in the fridge?’’- ‘’…swag.’’

-he probably has a whole notebook with songs written for you

-you’re one of his biggest inspirations infires man and just your smile can make him want to write a song about it

-you preparing him a relaxing bath after he comes back from practice and somehow you end up with him in it, sitting between his legs while he rests his chin on your shoulder

-his tongue sending you to Hong Kong  what am i doing

-lazy morning sex

-not being able to walk tomorrow after he decides to be dominant

-sitting in his lap while he’s working in the studio and probably falling asleep cuddled up to him

-being really nervous while telling you he loves you for the first time

-being even more nervous while he’s showing you a song he wrote about you

-late night conversations and you falling asleep while listening to his voice

-not exactly a jealous type but always has your hand in his when you two are out so no one can actually get the idea of approaching you

-understanding each other without any words being spoken

-clinging to you when he’s really tired and whispering ‘’I love you’’ just before he drifts off to sleep

-he would make sure to understand your way of thinking and although he’s not the type to constantly repeat how much he loves you he would show his feeling for you through his actions and I seriously can’t imagine something more perfect and I don’t know if it’s just me

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Every time i remember her getting papped on the MV set i remember that Bebe was there and didn't even get papped and laugh at how ridiculous and sad this all is

can you believe it? she went one day out of 4, the only day paps and stalkers were there, she brought THE DOG too and she ended up on the only article about louis shooting the video which was………surprisingly……………. by dick wattpad. #organic 

Hokay just something I had to get off my chest about CR ep. 85

I was talking with Zuka before the episode started, and she mentioned she had to work and would be missing it. I said, “It’s just going to be another breather episode after the Conclave arc - you won’t be missing much.”


Major spoilers so if you’re not caught up don’t read




OK ready? Here we go:

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Spring Days Theory (Part II)

If you haven’t read Part I, go do that! It’s kind of key to the rest of my theory.

Okay, so as we’ve seen in the mv, everyone is alone (I promise I’ll get to Jimin. I’m saving him for the end ;) ). But wait! That’s certainly not the case in many of the scenes! Well, that’s what I’m getting to next. 

The title and most key part to this concept is you never walk alone. 

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dowoon at the beach

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  • but seriously he would be so prepared
  • brings like diving glasses with that breathing tube
  • would go snorkeling and would stay away for sooooooo long
  • papa sungjin being all worried
  • will manage to get all of his children together to look for his youngest son
  • will obv not find him bc “who goes snorkeling for four hours”
  • papa sungjins words not mine
  • papa sungjin of the verge of having a mental breakdown and dowoon just casually comes out of the water like yo
  • sungjin 99999/10 ticked off as fuck
  • scolds him for 40 minutes, sees the guilty look on his son’s face
  • immediately forgets what he does and just go buys him like a chocolate ice cream
  • after eating his ice cream he obv wants go back snorkeling
  • turns around and sees papa sungjin’s ticked off face
  • immediately decides to not go snorkeling again
  • his hyungs just looking at him from a distance with smiles on their faces
  • they adore him so much like it makes my heart sO SOFT :’)
  • and of course all the children love him to death bc who the fuck doesn’t
  • after a while sunshine wonpil decides to join him
  • and all the children love them
  • dowoon is the kind of guy that forgets to put sunblock on 
  • so at the end of the day he is a literal copy of a lobster
  • papa sungjin comes to the rescue and puts some after sun cream on
  • of course while he is nagging him bc duh
  • like i didn’t want to point this out but……
  • when he showed his abs :’)
  • aNd hIS aRMs iN thE i wAIt mV iM StiLL NoT oVEr iT
  • HOW?????
  • ???????
  • but like imagine all of the guys splashing each other in the water
  • just hanging out and having lots of fun
  • and going home at the end of the day fully rested and super content 

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Please do another Haikyuu Idols au but this time with all the setters 🙏

Haikyuu Setters Idol!AU

I’m sorry it took so long. I didn’t know that the setters would give me difficulty imagining them as an idol group. (Also because you said all… OTL.) BUT HERE IT IS!!!! ( I included members who are setters but haven’t been animated yet… so I guess this contains spoilers?)

Disclaimer: Once again, my references are from K-pop, than J-pop, since I know more about that. Concepts and songs were by groups I am familiar with. If the captain’s one had been done while I was crying about Boys24, this one is brought to you by PD101S2.

Note: No Oikawa or Moniwa. They’re over here with the other captains and other random things

The Group in General

-       What can I say, this group is just full of pretty people. ALL ULZZANGS I TELL YOU!

-       This group also consists of mostly people who project quiet, chic, and sassy image and they have been called the ‘Flower Boy-dols’, ‘Model-dols’, ‘Sassy-dols’ and all other variants that people can think off just to emphasize how beautiful (and sassy) they are.

-       A lot of buzz had already surrounded this group even before their debut, because some of them have experienced fame in different forms. Fangirls are easily baited. One look at the boys and they never looked back.

-       However, this was kind of a double edged sword, because most people thought that they’re all just pretty faces with no actual talent to back them up. (Haters do say the meanest things. They are most DEFINITELY WRONG of course.)

-       But that was all behind them now. Their fanbase is as strong as ever and they’re gaining more as they promote.

-       So like, I kind of visualize that their company introduced the members of the group by dropping little hints/’facts’ about the member all throughout the day, and will end with that member’s teaser video and picture that details his profile.

-       Then surprise, surprise! After that short teaser video, they actually have a short intro video, recorded with V-Live.

-       Imagine being a fangirl and doing this for 10 days, every other day, just to die and resurrect again for the rest of the members.

-       Then they update with the album highlights, and MV teasers up until their official debut.

-       When the MV had been released, and all of them have been introduced, they do a group v-live to formally introduce themselves as a group, inviting the support and love of the people.

The Members

Semi Eita – Eita is the Leader of the group. He also serves as the lead dancer and is mostly responsible for overlooking the member’s activities. Eita started his career as back up dancer to some solo female artists, but he didn’t hesitate to join the agency when they recruited him. He’s the kind of leader that doesn’t really step into the spotlight and is just content with letting the other member’s do their thing but knows when to put his foot down. Always thanks fans for their gifts and for watching their live performances.

He’s like EXO’s Suho mixed with Ikon’s Junhoe. (IDK why…)

Sugawara Koushi – Koushi is the actual eldest of the group and serves as the lead vocalist as well as the Face of the Group. Started as an ulzzang with an already good amount of followers, and he has the largest fanbase among all of them because of this. He was discovered when he heeded the request of a fan to sing even just a short line of a song. But since he likes to go the extra mile, he also played the guitar. Though he may look innocent, fans are well aware of how much sass this boy possess, apparent with his responses to fan questions over twitter and during fan meetings.

EXO’s Luhan is who comes to mind for idol!Suga

Echigo Sakae – Echigo completes the hyung line. He is the main vocals of the group because of his smooth RnB vibes. Echigo competed in a singing contest organized by the agency and he won 2nd place over all, but it was enough to secure him a spot as a trainee. He’s a man of few words, but do not mistake his quietness for he is a certified deadpan snarker, to his members as well as the fans. He also likes to tease the ‘middle children’ line, especially when their maknae does evil things to them.

Echigo is based off of MBLAQ’s G.O, mixed with Big Bang’s Taeyang.

Akaashi Keiji – Keiji is the main dancer of the group. Develops their group’s choreography with Shigeru, with Semi occasionally lending a hand. Has quite a following, especially when he made waves as the ‘boy who really danced well’ in one of the biggest dance studios dance class video. It took a while for agency reps to scout him since he doesn’t really want to become an idol and was content in dancing, but when he assisted one of the dance instructor for another idol group’s choreo, somehow changed his mind. The long suffering responsible brother, despite being the actual youngest in the middle children line.

I would liken Keiji to EXO’s Kai.

Kozume Kenma – Kenma is the shy and young, lauded by fans as ‘genius producer-dol’ of the group. He’s very skilled in song writing and composing, and most of the group’s songs are produced by him, with members lending their hand in the lyrics. Sometimes, it’s the other way around. The members collaborate with writing the lyrics, then Kenma makes a song out of it. Mostly works with a piano, but asks for Suga’s help for guitars and Shirabu’s help when it comes to percussions. If he had the choice, he would just stay inside the studio and make songs, but such is not the case, so he serves as a sub-vocal (only because he doesn’t want to be in the center of performances as much). He’s close to Keiji because he’s the only one who’s is warm but quiet among his same age peer.

The best reference I have for Kenma is EXO’s D.O

Yahaba Shigeru – Shigeru acts as the group’s dancer and their unofficial variety representative. Before this though, he was thought to be the second Koushi, because he exudes the soft grace, that isn’t far behind his hyung. All this was shattered when they guested at a variety show and became a complete fountain of laughter, because of his witty comments and clever comeback lines. Often ‘butt’s heads’ with Shirabu and created the Wise Guy to Shirabu’s Straight Man. And they have created memes fans call the “Shi-Shi’s” because of this. He is also game with cross-dressing, since he admits that its part of his charm.

SHINee’s KEY is my reference for Shigeru.

Shirabu Kenjiro – Shirabu comes from a family of actors, and was actually a child actor before he made the decision to train and become an idol instead, in his desire to create a name for his own. It wasn’t unexpected for him to be in the spotlight with the rest of his family, but people mostly expected him to follow his parents’ and brother’s footsteps. But since his history with acting is not forgotten, he’s often tapped to act in productions but he’s only accepted minor roles, since he wants to focus more on his idol activities. He blends in well with the group and lends his support as vocals.

Think of Infinite’s L, as the image he projects, but he actually has BTOB’s Sungjae’s playfulness in him.

Miya Atsumu – Miya is the main rapper of the group and the one that completes the middle children line. Has a love-hate relationship with fans because of his resting bitch face that he uses to tease them with. But his performance on stage is something they all love about him. Has a twin brother, who is his complete opposite and wants to be far away from the spotlight as possible. Ever since the fans learned about this, and how mature his brother is, they found a way to tease him back and called them “The Prince and Pauper”, with Atsumu being the pauper, much to his annoyance.

I think the resting bitch face is a clue enough that EXO’s Kris is my reference for Atsumu.

Koganegawa Kanji – Kogane serves as the second rapper of the group and is actually the older of the two members of the maknae line. He is the tallest among the group, earning him the nickname ‘Super-Sized Maknae’. He’s also painfully new in the idol industry, but his enthusiasm and willingness to learn, as well as his hyung’s support, helped him become more confident in his skills, as well as his presence in the group. Another variety representative, because of his naivety and simple mindedness. Considered a 4D member by the fans, but despite this, they all find him lovable because of his energy and determination.

Kogane reminds me of MBLAQ’s Mir.

Kageyama Tobio – Tobio is the other half of the maknae line, and is the actual maknae of the whole group. But fans often mistake Kogane to be this, because Tobio is often too serious, and doesn’t display maknae tendencies. Absolutely hates doing aegyo and claims that he doesn’t know how. Its cringe worthy whenever he tries (and he tries really hard), but when he’s not thinking about it though, it shows. Fans especially finds his squinting-pouty face adorable. The official visual of the group, and not to be confused with Koushi’s Face of the Group. They’re both considered visuals, but with different image/projection (Koushi is the warm to Tobio’s cold). He’s a dedicated all-rounder, although he usually plays more vocal parts.

Tobio’s reference is Nu’est’s Minhyun (and I swoon)

Concept/s and Songs

-       This group started out safely enough with songs that are influenced by jazz, like B.A.P’s Coffee Shop and Where are You, What are You Doing.

-       Then they delved into the more ‘pop’ side, with concepts centered-around chic style and synchronized dance. Like Infinite’s Dashi Dorawa; BEAST’s Fiction; EXO’s Call Me Baby.

-       The song that I seriously think fits them the most is C-Clown’s Shaking Heart. I don’t know why but it just does.

-       Other songs: Winner’s Really Really; VIXX’s Error; Super Junior’s Devil.

-       Of course, they couldn’t escape doing cute songs like SHINee’s Replay and Hello; Got7’s A; Astro’s Breathless; Seventeen’s Mansae; lighthearted songs like iKon’s #WYD; Super Junior’s No Other and Why I Like You

-       For feel fest songs they have: BTS’ Spring Day; Boys24’s Starlight; Infinite’s Paradise; Nu’est’s Hello and Good Bye Bye; Winner’s Fool; and VIXX’s Only You.

-       Yeah… I guess that sums it up. Also note that they’ve done plenty of share of covering girl group songs. Shigeru for some reasons were able to rope most of the group, especially Suga. Once Suga says they do it, they do it. They can’t refuse. It will be their end.

I guess this is it?


(credit: @yawnoseo & @sacramentalxconfession)

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Taemin- Move The 2nd Album

 This is just a friendly advise to just stop what you’re doing and do yourself a favor: go buy Taemin’s album or listen to it on Spotify. I’m so impressed with this album. His first full album was interesting but at the end of the day only three songs ended up in my playlist. This album is different. It’s a pop/r&b/dance album. The instrumental of every song is so interesting and just listening to the songs you already can imagine that Taemin is gonna have a kickass performance for them. If I were to be asked which is my favorite I wouldn’t be able to answer because I love every song.

The title is Move and the MV has really interesting visuals. Koharu, the dancer and choreographer that partnered with Taemin in last year’s Hit the Stage, makes an appearance in the MV. 

Red Velvet’s Seulgi feautures in Heart Stop and their voices match so well. The only ballad of the album is Back to you, a beautiful chic acoustic song with really nice backing vocals. The rest of the songs you can definitely dance to and every single one is worth listening to. They all seem to have this haunting feeling to them. The last song of the album is the korean version of Flame of Love, the title of his japanese comeback. If you never checked out that MV. You should. 

Seems like most of kpop albums that have made me the most excited this year aren’t doing so well in the charts. Of course I wasn’t expecting that Taemin took number one specially on a day where BTOB and Highlight made their comeback but as I’m writting this post Taemin’s title is on the 63rd position on Melon which really surprised me. Listening to the album it deserves to be in the top 10.