mv: by now

so like this election is legit insane but if you’ll do nothing else please register to vote and fucking actually vote? and like, hillary is objectively bad but do nOT vote trump LIKE DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM you know why you shouldn’t just fucking don’t

“You know, when I was younger, I used to think I’d grow up to be as tall as my dad, or my mum, at the very least. Everyone seems gigantic when you’re young. I knew that, and I was aware that when I grew older I would find the size gap become smaller. And it did.”

A pause.

“Just barely.”

I used to be somebody else
Until her.
Everything changed.
Whatever she wanted, I wanted.
And nothing else mattered.
Because we were in love.

How long had we been spinning out of control?
You lose yourself to sex and money.
You lose yourself to a dream.
And then one day you cant tell where the dream ends
And real life begins.
But either way you know,
It’s going to end.

when your eyes see something
that your heart cant explain
your mind makes up a new history
to make sense of it all.
You make a new story.
one with a fairytale ending that you deserve.
You sit back,
and you say to yourself:
“Once upon a time,
I awoke.
In a strange place.”


By Now

Marianas Trench


When I made taichi and chihaya’s video recently , I had mixed feeling for it.

Actually,I deeply felt that it is such a sorrow and  painful love relationship… 


song: by now-marianas trench