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to me call me baby is the one of the most iconic music videos of exo for quite a number of reason

1. BBH- (i cannot even-this look is sooo good)

2. Sehun’s bare foot- (the car was too expensive to be ruined by the sex god’s shoes)

3. Jongdae’s outfit- (this is probably only me but omg he looks so cute im-)

4. Yixing- (no one’s gonna forget this)

5. “Time’s wasting gurl”

6. “Baby girl

7. Junmyeon- (nO)

8. BBH- “old amigo so gay cuz ur dumb hoe now” 

9. Jongdae n Kyungsoo- (what is this- this is illegal)

10. “He acts old” -e-x-o

11. Baekchen- (twins)

12. Chanyeol- (this look)

13. Junmyeon- (that look)

14. “What up” n “Never don’t mind about a thing