fuck everything else ive done i want this to be my legacy

shoutout to @klanced bc fuck the garrison


Apink 3rd Album ‘내가 설렐 수 있게’ (Only One) M/V


Apink 3rd Album ‘내가 설렐 수 있게’ (“Only One”)M/V


Two incredible SoSoo MVs at once


(video © @gravity-kontrol​)

Every day is the same. He wakes up again, as if nothing happened the day before, in the same place, his head pounding, throat dry… The air is always still when he opens his eyes and stares up into the dark sky. It is never daylight here, not fully. Only dark, angry clouds and air that is thick with dust and ash. He doesn’t know where the debris has come from. He doesn’t venture further than the empty parking lot outside. He doesn’t think there’s anything beyond there anyway.

Even though he knows what’s to come, he can’t help but let his feet carry him to the room; the room that is as familiar as it is alien. He shakes his head, not sure where he recognises it from. A flicker of a memory, a fleeting, warm image crosses his mind and he thinks for a moment that he might have loved, once, a long time ago. The room is cold now. It used to be different. Thinking like this makes his head hurt. Everything is foggy, distorted. Nothing seems entirely real.

The first person comes and he is ready for them. He knows how it will go. He doesn’t resist when they push him onto the old mattress on the floor. The first collision of their fist with his mouth splits his lip open again – he can’t remember when it was last fully healed – and the blood stains their knuckles red. They don’t notice. He doesn’t think he’s ever seen such fury in someone’s eyes. It doesn’t suit them, he realises, just as he remembers that he knows them, from before. Before this place.


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msjlovely  asked:

I listen to it so many times & just noticed one of the dancers in You Know by Jay and Okasian is a black girl. I'm watching this girl pole dance like 'Whoa, how she do that!?! Elegant and graceful." She's at 0:47. I like all of them tbh but I'm shocked I missed her for so long.

Yeah I remember that, she was in the beginning, still love that song!! ❤️