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“Lonely Night” MV Thoughts

I have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for this mv and I am so glad we finally have it. Ahhh, words can’t express how happy I am. Can I just start off saying how gorgeous my lovely Song Jihyo looks throughout the video and how great her acting is? She seriously amazes me in every way possible. And the song is so beautiful and meaningful, Gary did a great job on it. I could go on forever about how the song completely relates to Monday Couple and their relationship (friendship or otherwise) but that would be an enormously long rant that should possibly be saved for another time. I am going to put these lyrics out there, however…

If they tell you to do it, then do it
If you don’t wanna, then don’t
Is this all about being social?
I don’t know, I don’t do things I don’t like

aka: if Gary didn’t like the loveline, he wouldn’t be doing it.

Where should I go this time?
Europe? Southeast Asia?

Ah, Running Man and its various trips abroad…

We can get a cup of coffee or a drink

 What is Jihyo’s favorite drink? Ah, that’s right…

We need to succeed
No, we need to be happy

Possibly (in my mind) Monday Couple’s struggle of wanting to be together but not being able to because of the consequences it may bring to the show.

Back to the mv, a lot of people seem to have the same thoughts that I do:

1)    Is there a meaning behind the desktop icons/layout? Do the icons on the desktop screen spell out something? I need to know ansodfjasldfja;lsdja. However, obviously the background picture means:

2)    Near the end, Jihyo has a dog (gae) who runs to her side… interesting. If that is meant to symbolize Gary, then how wise. 

3)    Why wasn’t there any Gary/Jihyo interaction? I guess without their happy ending, there is a more realistic story that follows through with the lyrics. Still, it would have been nice to see at the very last scene where Jihyo is on the rooftop for her to turn around and see either see Gary standing there or just give a simple smile of indication that he is there. After all, the song seems to centralize behind trying to balance work with love and trying to find resolute happiness… if the song is about the realization of love conquering all when it comes to happiness, then they should have met at the end… *sigh*

Saying all of this, it still holds 110% true how incredibly happy I am that Jihyo and Gary finally united in an mv together. What a dream come true for all us Monday Couple shippers. :’) The simple fact that Jihyo is present in the video makes it difficult and unjustifiable to complain. Jihyo and Gary worked so well together in this; I’m still so amazed by Jihyo’s acting and Gary’s beautiful song, and I am probably going to have it on repeat until Monday Couple’s wedding. ;)

ps: yay for basically Gary confessing himself to Jihyo through this song