mv for member


While everyone is complaining, Jimin finds the MC very entertaining

bonus; proof that Jimin is having the time of his life while Taehyung is MCing

BTS watching their own mv:
  • member: *does a thing*
  • member: *acting*
  • member: *shows a bit of skin*
  • member: *does anything*

one member per m/v (vixx edition): hyde → N

don’t give me those scared eyes

Dear SM,

If you’re going to release the teaser for a music video, make sure you go through with it. Don’t give up a random date you make up just to keep us quiet, knowing you have no intentions to even release it at that date. As fans we’ve been patiently waiting for this music video that we know Jonghyun has worked hard on, and instead you leave it behind just to release other videos for other artist you may deem more popular at the time? A promise is a promise and we want our Inspiration Music Video. Get it together.


Shawols and Blingers

No Love – Jeon Jungkook (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: angst and smut

Word Count: 1456

Warnings: sugar daddy!jungkook, daddy kink, oral, minor breath play, deep throating, slight gagging, shit attempt at dirty talk

Summary: “I thought we agreed no feelings, that’s what you told me”

This took me forever to fucking write cause school’s being a busy bitch and cause I’m trying to make my writing not be super shit, but here you all go :) hope you all enjoy dying from some jungkook smut cause this actually ruined me (also the last fic of the ‘blood, sweat & tears’ mini-scenario thingy) lol this barely has any relevance to the mv either rip

Other members: Jimin / Taehyung / Jin / Yoongi / Hoseok / Namjoon

Fuck, baby girl.” Jungkook tossed his head back with a low groan as you flicked your tongue over his slit. He lowered his head back down just in time to see you take as much of his cock as you could, a sharp breath was taken by Jungkook. “You look so so pretty like this baby girl, with your tight little mouth around my cock. You like sucking daddy’s cock, don’t you baby?”

You closed your eyes as you moaned around his cock at his words – but you knew you shouldn’t close your eyes, he’d always make you look at him as he fucked you or when you’d be sucking him. You started bobbing your head back and forth, slowly, wanting to tease him a little, he’d always hate it when you’d tease him cause he was the dominate ones. You’d learnt when he’s really stressed, he’d spend minutes just fucking your mouth when you decided to tease, but you did it anyway because you knew he’d always become impatient – wrapping his hands around your head and making you slowly start to sink your mouth down on him making your choke before whispering a ‘relax’, not wanting to hurt you.

Some of the time, he was just plain rough, you could see his prominent veins in his arms as he forced you down quickly making you tear up and gag around his length, he’d say it was your punishment but he’d always whisper how you were ‘such a bad girl for daddy’ when you took his cock so well, your gags sending shockwaves of pleasure through his body – but you loved it.

“Baby girl” he growled as a small warning and you took your mouth off him with a lewd ‘pop’.

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anonymous asked:

Wait wait wait how did dae spoil the mv

A few days ago TS dropped this teaser image for rose:

In the image the date 5/11 is circled:

The fifth of November is Guy Fawkes Day/night:

You will probably know Guy Fawkes as the face on the mask that the main character in V for Vendetta wears.

Speaking of V for Vendetta, on B.A.P’s YW&F set was this peculiar painting: 

Remind you of anything?

Furthermore, the rose ties in as ‘V’ left roses on the bodies of his dead victims, and if you look carefully, you can actually see blood on the walls in the picture:

So at this point babyz were 99% sure that, just like the ‘X’ in Skydive, there is a ‘V’ in Rose, who murders the members/another character in the mv (but probably the members let’s be real), the question is, who is V?

Well, Jongup’s picture had him holding a rose - suggesting he’s a victim:

And in the teaser TS uploaded, Dae was sitting next to the rose, possibly meaning he was also a victim:

HOWEVER, Dae uploaded an uncropped version of this image:

This version shows the v for vendetta like mask next to daehyun, suggesting he is the killer, and the rose is in a vase because it is the rose he will place on his victim - that Daehyun is V, which is likely the premise of the Rose music video.

Since TS themselves uploaded the image with the mask edited out, they probably didn’t want to make this big reveal to babyz just yet and spoil the mv, but dae went ahead and spoiled it.

Ohhhh boy someone’s in troubleeeeeee

Spring Days Theory (Part I)

Edit: Part II is up now!

It’s been a wild ride in the past few hours as I have watched the mv about 5 times trying to figure out what the storyline is. However, I have come to a (shaky) conclusion! This will be kind of abstract and more conceptual than anything, but it does have evidence in the mv.

First of all, this is going to contradict my original theory about Jimin committing suicide. Jimin still is special in this mv, but he probably doesn’t die. Yay!

The main gist of this mv is the theme of growing up. In the mv, every member is shown growing up in some way–except Jin (but we’ll get to him later)! Let me explain:

When I say growing up, I don’t mean that in the literal sense: I mean that each member is shown either struggling in some way (which leads to growth), getting on the train away from Omelas, or using a symbol of growth.

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