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Happy 8/13/14! Some high school AU silliness to break up your inevitably bittersweetly-tragic dash. And before anyone gets their sad on, Axel is the one taking the last picture. Whatever he does with himself after high school, he wouldn’t miss coming back for their graduation!

Scratchy pencils and flats because that’s how I roll on special occasions. 


Someday I’ll have to make some kind of comprehensive visual timeline for Mallverse. Or at least a masterpost that orders all the comics and crap using in-universe chronology. Apparently now I’m establishing that Zidora happened before Rokushi? ‘Kay.

On the bright side, I finally answered a question that’s been bugging me: why did I say that Pence isn’t allowed to wear his headband in school, but Xion is constantly allowed to wear absurd hats? Answer: she isn’t. Fight The Man, Xion.

And to answer another question: No, this high school AU does not appear to actually involve any schoolwork whatsoever. Just sitting around the lunchtable–with no lunch–and gossiping. 


Absolutely everything about this is super terrible and I am so, so very sorry. But I needed to get it out of my system oTL I swear they’re just sitting in front of each other in that first one and not actually doin’ it yet, I just suck at anatomy. And hey random-cattai remember when you asked which couple the friends of want to throw a bucket of water on? The answer you seek is apparently Akusai. Roku and Kairi getting to a couple bases in the backseat of his car is explained here, and Nami being suave as a leave-in conditioner is here

And then a continuation of Soriku adventures because I am actually composed of 90% cheese and 10% media references. *log rolls under couch*

And then a bunch of hasty Kairis cuz I’m still awake. She has the dubious honor of being the only character with a role in all 7 of my stupid AUs (so far). …jfc I have seven stupid AUs how did this happen.

AUs: Email My HeartMallverseHer Majesty’s AUArchetwist AUGamma TeamShitty Fantasy AUKingdom Heart of the Cards

Others: Sora - Riku - Olette - Namine

…I didn’t even mean to put the Kingdom Key smack dab in the middle like that, I was just following the order of all my other lineups. Also bursts of purple on the ends?! Damn this is serendipitous.


Weirdly, this came about because xemni was muttering about how fandom keeps forgetting that Vanitas is basically a bara Sora. So uh. Mallverse Strife cousins suddenly! They’re in their mid-twenties and off living their own lives far away and only show up once a year, but it’s Xmas soon so tis the season XD Well actually Ventus technically attends Radiant Garden University (where he became bros4lyf with Aqua and Terra), but went abroad one semester and kinda forgot to come back, and now he’s a hostel-hopping shoeless hippie sporadically attending classes in various countries and going for a record in years spent earning a four-year degree. He sends the twins a lot of silly postcards from bizarre locations. Also he might have a rat-tail, though it’s probably a phase. Vanitas’ hobbies include being a huge dick, perpetuating stereotypes about smokers, and bringing a flask to social events for shock value. 

PS, “Suze” is Suzanne Strife, mother of Cloud and the twins and aunt of Ven and Van (… who might also be twins. Actually probably yeah, I mean that does run in families doesn’t it.) Name shamelessly borrowed from awayandlaughing

DeDraMo 24

Oops I spent a disproportionately long time on the Rikus. It’s a testament to my self control that only one has a ponytail.

AUs: Email My HeartMallverseHer Majesty’s AUArchetwist AUShitty Fantasy AUKingdom Heart of the Cards

Others: Sora - Kairi - Olette - Namine

DeDraMo 21

WELP I couldn’t decide what to draw so I started doodling Sora and it turned into a whole bunch of Soras a la this post and then I splashed a couple colors on haphazardly because I was still bored.

AUs: Email My Heart, Mallverse, Her Majesty’s AU, Archetwist AU, Shitty Fantasy AU, Kingdom Heart of the Cards

Others: Riku - Kairi - Olette - Namine

Unpopular opinion: I fucking love drawing Sora’s hair. 

DeDraMo 28

Some scribbley Olettes. She has a role in 6/7 of my AUs but she doesn’t actually change in Archetwist, so I didn’t bother to draw it. 

AUs: MallverseHer Majesty’s AUGamma TeamShitty Fantasy AUKingdom Heart of the Cards

Others: Sora - Riku - Kairi - Namine


Mallverse and glasses, Part 3. In which Roku was right after all. 

My mother said the same thing to me when I was younger. Like, she wasn’t wrong (and I do really like having contacts for various occasions), but she wasn’t exactly right, either?

Kairi shows up 15 minutes late with Starbucks, wearing leggings as pants. Fight her. Also, sorry Hayner keeps ending up as the prevy brodude; but he’s just so convenient for it XD

My week of stupid hands continues. Have some shoddy scrawls of the TT gang dorking around, because it can’t always be relationship and family drama, y'know?

Hayner is the victim of my vain attempt to bring some goddamn eyebrows into this AU. I’ll probably redesign him though; I’m not feelin’ this version. He needs to be like… a puckish little shit who’s up to something. XD


There was an attempt. I realize that since this is a high school AU, I’m using models much closer to Lea and Isa than Axel and Saix, but for my own comfort I’m still calling them Axel and Saix. jftr

I clearly did not give a damn here, but eventually I think I wanna stick Saix in some kind of preppy/hipster hybrid clothes. Not so professional that it looks totally out of place in a high school, but slicker than your average Starbucks worker. Not that he works at Starbucks, poor thing. McMoogles… still dying. :’D