mv doodlies


Weirdly, this came about because xemni was muttering about how fandom keeps forgetting that Vanitas is basically a bara Sora. So uh. Mallverse Strife cousins suddenly! They’re in their mid-twenties and off living their own lives far away and only show up once a year, but it’s Xmas soon so tis the season XD Well actually Ventus technically attends Radiant Garden University (where he became bros4lyf with Aqua and Terra), but went abroad one semester and kinda forgot to come back, and now he’s a hostel-hopping shoeless hippie sporadically attending classes in various countries and going for a record in years spent earning a four-year degree. He sends the twins a lot of silly postcards from bizarre locations. Also he might have a rat-tail, though it’s probably a phase. Vanitas’ hobbies include being a huge dick, perpetuating stereotypes about smokers, and bringing a flask to social events for shock value. 

PS, “Suze” is Suzanne Strife, mother of Cloud and the twins and aunt of Ven and Van (… who might also be twins. Actually probably yeah, I mean that does run in families doesn’t it.) Name shamelessly borrowed from awayandlaughing


Mallverse and glasses, Part 3. In which Roku was right after all. 

My mother said the same thing to me when I was younger. Like, she wasn’t wrong (and I do really like having contacts for various occasions), but she wasn’t exactly right, either?

Kairi shows up 15 minutes late with Starbucks, wearing leggings as pants. Fight her. Also, sorry Hayner keeps ending up as the prevy brodude; but he’s just so convenient for it XD


Random randomness with a side of creepy, from a notebook I shouldn’t be doodling in. Warm-ups, practice, and trying plot devices on for size. 

Mallverse and glasses, Part 2. 

I used to say Roxas’ glasses were fake because lol hipsters, but it probably makes more sense if they’re real. But I maintain that he started wearing them for the thick fashion frames long before his prescription was bad enough to really require them.


Speaking of Mallverse… my hands just completely gave up once I finished DeDraMo, but here’s some Principal Xemnas and Vice Principal Xigbar. Xig always wears Hawaiian shirts and flip-flops and generally exists make Xemnas’ job difficult. In theory he should be the kind of “cool” teacher that all the students love, but unfortunately he deeply enjoys torturing students as much as he enjoys torturing the principal. He’s extremely chaotic and bases all his budget and scheduling decisions on dart throws and gut feelings, but they always turn out great so the board is afraid to fire him. 

My week of stupid hands continues. Have some shoddy scrawls of the TT gang dorking around, because it can’t always be relationship and family drama, y'know?

Hayner is the victim of my vain attempt to bring some goddamn eyebrows into this AU. I’ll probably redesign him though; I’m not feelin’ this version. He needs to be like… a puckish little shit who’s up to something. XD


Just a couple teeny Mallverse doodles that never made it into various sketchdumps. The first one is super old, from when I was first trying to figure out what cliques everyone should represent. Xion was a lot more hipstery. She still is now on occasion, but she tends to look more like the middle. As for the one on the right… sometimes i manage to nip my own stupid ideas in the bud. Also I swear Olette gets taller every time I draw her. And that one’s Riku, for the record. As there is apparently confusion sometimes XD