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[ENG] 131102 SHINee_‘Everybody’ Making Video
Watch here | Credit: SMTOWN

'Not Today' MV Release
  • BTS in 2013: (click click bang bang) WE ARE BULLETPROOF
  • BTS in 2017: *jimin's lie playing in the bg* abort mission ABORT MISSION

What I loved the most from the HYYH music video series was the transitions of how it would leap from one of the members to the next. It portrays how the boys are so close together that they feel everything the other one does. I love it because as much as it’s for the ‘storyline’ itself, it’s also just how Bangtan is. The lyrics to ‘Young Forever’ really proves how much Bangtan wants to stay together forever, with or without fans beside them. THAT BROTHERLY LOVE THEY HAVE FOR EACH OTHER IS SO BEAUTIFUL. THANK YOU FOR STARTING A NEW CHAPTER IN MY LIFE. I’M SO HAPPY TO BE PART OF THIS FAMILY. I AIN’T NEVER LEAVING.