150522 UNIQ fancafe update from Staff:

Hello. This is UNIQ staff.
How was the Luv Again MV that was released at noon?
In beautiful Thailand we all worked our best despite the hot weather, in order to show you all the best image. Posting some behind-cut photos from the music video!
You can feel youth charms of UNIQ through Luv Again, which is like 180 degrees turn from the fierce and sexy EOEO. Please give it all your love!

Atlus’ YouTube channel continues to post frivolous costume DLC trailers that basically don’t merit my time subtitling them in the least, so once again, meanwhile, on its NicoNico channel, this week we’re dealing in a remix music video for Persona 4: Dancing All Night and the song this time is Lotus Juice’s rendition of Backside of TV, aka: that song what you only ever heard for 30 seconds when you were in the TV, but not The Mystery Randomly Generated Dungeon of the Week ® part. Apologies for the quality this week; while last week I managed to get an HD rip, this week, the site was apparently jammed with traffic, so as a non-paying member, this is the best I could get. Yay.

I like this one because it references Mother Theresa in the Year of our Loud Two Thousand and Fifteen. Why not? WHY NOT!?

Catch you on the front side of the TV,




2015 Top 10 Youtube Kpop MVs (as of 150522)
  1. EXO - Call Me Baby : 29,2M (*150330) + 10,2M fir the chinese ver.
  2. BIGBANG - Loser : 22,5M (150430)
  3. 4Minute - Crazy : 19,7M (150208)
  4. BIGBANG - Bae Bae : 18M (150430)
  5. missA - Only You : 17,6M (150329)
  6. **SNSD - Catch Me If You Can : 17,5M (150409) + 4,5M for the jpn ver.
  7. Red Velvet - Ice Cream Cake : 15,2M (150315)
  8. JYP - Who’s Your Mama : 12,8M (150411)
  9. EXID - Ah Yeah : 11,4M (150412)
  10. Amber - Shake That Brass : 10,5M (150212)

*release dates
**Japanese comeback