Critique please? This is a page for my Mom’s children’s book she wrote. It is entitled “The Muzzler” and is a monster vs kid type story about overcoming fear. 

It is without embedded text, but the wordssss areeeeee…..
“Tuesday I saw the Muzzler behind the counter at the bakery. "Look, mommy, a muzzler!” I said. “No, Ruby, thats a muffin.” said Mom. But it wasn’t.“

Anyway, this is the first final draft (an interesting way to work I know) and I am requesting critique. I’d appreciate anything! Thank you!

I’m stuck. This is another page for my Mom’s book. Not sure if I’m done or stuck. Hate that feeling. The words are ““Yes, I do,” said Jimmy Barker and the muzzler.  They sounded alike.

 “This is my swing,” I said and I started to swing.

The muzzler looked scared.   I noticed Jimmy and the muzzler looked alike too. ”