Muzzleloading in Florida

I’m a huge fan of muzzleloading so if you live in the area of Central or South Florida I highly recommend you check out the training with Treasure Coast Muzzloaders.

Learn about the origins of “flash in the pan” or “don’t go off half cocked”, it all stems from the weapons used by the forefathers of this country. By the time you are done shooting you won’t be able to choose between percussion cap or flintlock because they are both super fun to shoot.

The weather is getting nicer to be outside and the club has a private range in a beautiful location so you’ll want to plan on being there all morning. Contrary to what some people may think, this is a fun sport for women and you will have a total BLAST. Pun intended.

The bizarrely bizarre Isiah Jennings Multi-shot Flintlock,

Made in the early 1800’s, there bizarre and uniques rifles were an attempt to increase the firepower of muzzleloading firearms.  They have a removable barrel and a removable skeleton stock, making it a very early takedown rifle.  However, that was not its most bizarre innovation.  Despite being a flintlock, the Jennings rifle was capable of firing 12 shots without being reloaded.  Twelve shots were loaded into the muzzle, each superimposed.  This means the user would load powder, then a bullet, reapting the process until 12 loads were stacked one on top of the other down the barrel.  On the barrel of the rifle were 12 vent holes, each of which had a swivel cover to prevent accidental discharge of more than one charge at a time, which could cause an explosion.  The lock was moveable so when a shot was fired, the user would just swing the lock back to the next vent hole, prime the pan, and fire, then repeat the process until all 12 shots were discharged.  A bizarre and complex rifle, they were hard to produce, especially at a time before the industrial revolution when complex machining and mass production was available.  Very few were produced, most of which were sold to wealthy individuals


4/14/15 Black Powder Match

Annual novelty match:

1. Hit the nail on the head.

2. Small sticks on side; playing cards edge-on; strings; wooden plugs.

3. Stick through toilet tissue roll; playing cards edge-on (blowing in the wind), poker chips; wooden “candles” with paper “flames” as the targets.

Also shot at ballons and an axe head edge-on (earlier post).

The Elgin Cutlass Pistol

Patented by George Elgin of Georgia in 1837, the Elgin Cutlass Pistol was an attempt to combine a large knife with a percussion pistol.  A conspicuous 11.5 inch blade was permanently attached to the barrel of a single shot percussion pistol.  The pistol itself was a muzzleloader that fired a .54 caliber bullet.

Unfortunately the Elgin Cutlass Pistol was neither a good cutlass or a good pistol, with questionable practicality for both.  150 were produced for the US Navy, most being issued to the Wilkes South Seas Expedition of 1838, a US Naval expedition to map the South Pacific.  By the US Civil War most Elgin Cutlass Pistols were removed from official service.  On the civilian market this pistol was more popular, mostly as a novelty item.  Many small gunsmiths, blacksmiths, and machinists produced their own, circumventing Elgin’s patents.  Even today replica gun companies such as Dixie Gun Works and Fall Creek Sutlery produce their own Elgin reproduction.


Muzzleloading Match

Axe set up at 25 yards, edge facing shooter. Idea is to hit the edge, splitting your round ball in half, which breaks the two clay pigeons.

I shoot a 54 caliber rifle and I have actually managed to accomplish this once.

Target is part of a novelty match we shoot once a year. We also have a matches which feature a running deer or fox to allow folks to practice for hunting season. Our other matches are shot at paper targets or steel silhouettes.

While I enjoy modern guns, I really enjoy black powder shooting. There is just something about the sound, sight, and smell of black powder shooting that you do not find in modern firearms. Of course, my idea of rapid fire is three shots in a minute.

Winchester Triple 7 #209 Muzzleloading Primers

Winchester primers are known for maintaining stability in temperature and humidity extremes. Each primer is manufactured to precise tolerances to assure consistent ignition. Our customers most popular choice for target and varmint loads. Mfg: Winchester


Shooting my newly acquired .45 cal flintlock golden age rifle today. #flintlock #blackpowder #muzzleloader #rangeday #shooting (at Log Cabin Shop)

Let’s shoot undead spaniards with muskets! (Betrayer gameplay)

One of the few games that do black powder muzzleloaders right. And more importantly, it’s fun to play. Betrayer on Steam: ******************************************************************************** My favorite online store for buying swords (worldwide shipping): Channel-related shirts and stuff: Some recommended knife makers on Amazon: