muyskerm day

PUBG fun!!

So Bob did a stream today as you guys might know. But if you weren’t aware they were playing PUBG and they were playing again with fans/chat and such and I got to play a couple rounds and it was so much fun so glad that they’re doing this even though I’m not the best and I’m pretty sure my name got pronounce wrong once got called Stevers but it happens haha

@therealjacksepticeye I hope you guys plan to do more stuff like this in the future because it’s just so much fun 😁

Hey Mark ( markiplier ), I’m so glad I finally got to meet you. Thank you so much for talking to me. I know I kinda talked a lot, but it just means the world to me that you listened and took this picture with me. This year has been so hard because of my Dad having cancer and then losing him in July, but getting to see you really was the highlight of my year!! Too bad we didn’t get more time to talk, but I know there were lots of other people that wanted to talk to you too. But thank you, thank you, thank you so much. I wish I could have had time to ask you more about what you went through when you lost your Dad, but maybe next PAX I will get a chance to? By the way, I hope the bracelet I made you brings you good luck! And I hope you enjoy your new journal! Also thanks so much for saying what you did at the panel, I’m really looking forward to what’s next to come for your channel and the community we have all built. I’m so glad that my little sister showed me your videos and to be apart of your community. You really are an amazing guy. Meeting you, Bob, Wade, and Jack has really helped me feel more excited for my future because I have been so lost and sad since my Dad passed away. I really cannot wait to start my own channel and develop video games and continue to spread more love to people that are and aren’t apart of this community.

Featuring all-time favourite hitz, "Feels Train Inc.", 
"Dirty Mind", "O Virtual World", "Don't Get Lost in the Map", 
"Fire Coming Out of Mark's Mouth" and many more!
Based on this, Gorillaz' 2nd album Demon Days and my eternal love for Gorillaz and these 4 dorks. Please don't remove the credits! And ramblings from me (bonus: A horrible JSE pun!) under the cut.

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Hello everyone, if you don’t know who Bob is then I will introduce him to you.

Bob who usually goes by his alias name called Muyskerm, is a best-friend of the popular youtuber called Markiplier.
He has appeared with Mark and Wade aka LordMinion777 (who is Bob’s other friend) in a popular YouTube series named Drunk Minecraft and is also currently playing Prop Hunt and TTT with them also. Bob has also starred with Mark in some collab videos such as Rust etc.

Bob is notorious for his infectious laugh that he brings to each collab video that he does with Mark and Wade. He is also known for his intelligent and logical way of thinking in the games such as Minecraft.
Bob is also known for some of his hilarious puns that he blurts out during some videos too.

Bob is currently studying at Law school as he wants to be a lawyer and we wish him our best wishes with that because we know that we will become a great lawyer!

Some of his best known catchphrases are “you douchebags”, “you morons” and “you dicks”.

For all that Bob has done for the entertainment he has brought us with Mark and Wade, the amazing Tumblr page named markiplierswhatifs ( is holding an exclusive day for Bob on Friday, the 28th of February.

Come along on that day and join in on the fun!

The tags for the day will be:

#bob day or #bobday

#muyskermday or #muyskerm day


#bobdaypass or #muyskermdaypass

You can also use #bob day pass or #muyskerm day pass

Let’s spread the word about this day!


Thank you Bob, for everything.

So today, I MET markiplier, lordminion, therealjacksepticeye AND BOB AT INDY POPCON. I AM STILL FREAKING OUT. Anyway so:

First, I’ll tell you about good ol’ Jackaboy. I handed Jack a fan art that I had made said I remembered the day he had reblogged it on Tumblr. I told him that when he had, I had cried. Then he said, in his cute Irish accent, “Oh, there’s no use in crying over the little things.” That is a saying I will keep with me forever. Then I was kinda tearing up and he goes “Come here” and gives me a big, sweet hug. He was so freakin’ sweet. Then when my little brother, who’s 6, gets up to him, he tells him he’s cute and asks if he can keep him. Then he did the end of his outro with him. He loved the buttons I bought him and was amazingly nice to my other siblings too. Plus, we all got selfies with him! Jack, thank you for being so sweet and kind to all of us. You truly are an amazing person and I hope I can meet you again someday.

Now for Markimoo. As we were in line, he kept doing super adorable things that got the crowd riled up. One time, when I was close to meeting him, he caught my eye in the crowd and made a face at me. I thought I might have died right then. Then, when I finally got to him, he signed my “You Are Loved” charity shirt right above the “Markiplier’s Heroes” logo on the sleeve. His signature even had Tiny Box Tim. Then he took a selfie with me and gave me a big hug. He was super cool with my other siblings too and took pictures with all of them. He told my 6 year old brother that he thought his Tiny Box Tim drawing he’d made for him was awesome. And, he had on his new blue shoes, which were awesome, by the way, Mark. :) Thank you, Mark, for being so sweet and cool with all of us! I also hope to meet you again someday.

Now, Bob and Wade. When I go up to meet Wade, I notice he’s laughing at my 6 year old bro because he was dancing. Then he says something to Bob and Bob starts laughing too. It was awesome hearing the laughs I have heard so many times through the screen in real life. Then, Wade said “I’m gonna call him ‘Saturday Night Fever’ because he’s got the moves!” They both thought he was funny. Then we all took pictures with them. They were so cool! The first thing my brother said when leaving was “Bob is just as cuddly as I thought he would be!” Thanks, Bob and Wade, for being so cool with all of us! I hope to meet you two again too!

Another thing, Stone-Faced Tyler was going around the crowd while we were in line and signing autographs and taking pictures with people! Random fact, Tyler smelled really good. Anyway, we all took a picture with him and he was awesome. So thank you too, Tyler, and, again, I hope to see you again!

I know I’ve said Thank You a million times, but it still seems like that’s not enough. Mark, Jack, Bob, Wade, and Tyler, are all such amazing people. I can’t put into words how much I adore all of them and what they do. Thank you guys so much. This has been one of the best days of my life.