muy autentico

Musaeum Artist Profile: Francisco Benavides

Francisco-Javier Benavides (The Grounds Keeper, “G.K.”) is an actor and theater maker based in D.C.. This is his first production with Submersive productions and his first in the city of Baltimore. He is originally from Minneapolis, MN where he was a frequent collaborator with Theater Forever (Muy Very Autentico, Venetian Twins at the U, Nature Crown), and Teatro Del Pueblo (Ferdinand the Bull), a founding member of the creatively named Neutral Mask Collective and a staple at numerous cabarets and art happenings. His most recently production there was his two person clown show, You Don’t Have to Leave But You Can’t Stay Here at Bryant Lake Bowl Theater. He has trained with Jon Ferguson, Noah Bremer, Huge Improve Theater, Dell’Arte International, Dody Di Santo, and Dario Tangelson. He is also a puppetmaker and was the lead designer of Musaeum’s Mastodon.

[Credit: Photos by Kintz]