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(RE: Jim Hill tweets about JII and Inside Out; from a lost reblog)

The comments he makes about Imagineering being very aware of how sad/bland/outdated/boring the pavilion is but prevented from doing something about it because The Powers That Be do not want to spend money is what I have heard from multiple sources, too. Apple not wanting to get involved is disappointing because it was agreed they’d be perfect, but who can blame them when the rest of the park is so neglected? So now we’re back to the whole “sponsorship” conundrum. Let’s take a look at what The Powers That Be ARE willing to spend money on:

- Princess Fairy Tale Hall (meet/greet = photopass = money)
- Storytime with Bell (interactive experience meet/greet)
- Frozen shows, shopping malls, meet/greets, and now ride (short term major cash cow)
- Complete overhaul of Downtown Disney (shopping mall)
- misguided Avatarland (boost some numbers to their ½ day park)
- night show for AK (keep ‘em there longer = spend more cash)
- 1 scaled down dark ride and 1 minor thrills E ticket for MK

Now, clearly they are prepping Studios for something big. Like Frozen, except with a guarantee of long-term broad appeal, Star Wars is Disney’s BIGGEST cash franchise. It’s just begging to be expanded into a fully immersive land. Why Disney is being so mum about their plans is anyone’s guess. But here we have an absolute guarantee of long-term major cash flow. Almost all of the domestic projects for Disney parks generates immediate profit (photo sales and merchandise) or is connected to it. There is a rumor that a Toy Story Land akin to the ones in Hong Kong and Paris will replace the backlot tour. These are just rethemed carnival rides so no huge investment there. But the built-in appeal of the established profit-making franchise is there; no need to invest in introducing guests to something new to establish an emotional tie to so that they will definitely spend money on it.

One could argue at this point that Figment is established and beloved by many people. These are people who had to visit the park at least more than once; most fans are old to enough to remember the original attraction and had been immersed in the then-expansive merchandise offers and walk around characters. This, really, is more than most original attractions of DLand and MK (Pirates, Haunted Mansion) had before one got a movie franchise tie-in and the other is simply a culmination of beloved ride icons (stretching portraits, Madam Leota, Bride, etc) that they are increasingly banking on through merchandise sales. By this point, though, they were already established in a Disney fan’s mind due to the test of time. They pre-date the solely profit-making mission statement the company holds today. Would these attractions be built today? Highly unlikely, without a movie or show to guarantee their success.

Figment is now over 30 years old. His attraction was razed at the request of the former sponsor which has since bankrupted and dropped out; it’s possible that if Kodak had kept their mouths shut, the rides at least would still be the original today. Figment has been exposed now to more than 1 generation, even with the pathetic version we have today. Dreamfinder has held on by the skin of his teeth through retro merchandise, and now resurrected as a successful re-imagined comic that has caught the Powers off guard. If they redid the pavilion right and restored it to the same level of excellence it used to have (using these established characters), the potential to guarantee the same long-term success is there. But investment in “potential” is something the Powers have moved away from.

Here’s what I think needs to happen. The comic needs to continue its success and be made more accessible. Advertised just a little bit more. Then, it needs to be developed into either a Disney XD cartoon series or, even better, a feature-length film. This will unfortunately be a long time. If the pavilion as it is now can survive that long, and Disney is done with its current to-do list, Imagineering could the potentially have a strong argument to do what will be at the time a decades-overdue refresh.
Song and a Ship Chapter 7: What If (Forth of July) UsUk, a hetalia - axis powers fanfic | FanFiction

I actually did what I promised and made a UsUk one shot for the Fourth of July. 

I was lazy and thatconvictcolony couldn’t make art for it because I finished the story today.  But she did art anyway.  Check it out here!  It’s just not related to the story. 

Here’s the song that goes with it though. 

FRAKING FINALLY AT ACT 5!!! Take that universe! Homestuck I’m that close to finishing you off!


Friend: You know you’ll see the feel soon right.


Friend: Nothing

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I gave his pens back but somehow everyone ended up mad at him instead of me. ahh I was a lil shit in middle school. and it's either DEATH or DEATH. which death is better??? muwhahaha

wow and if i can cover every inch of my skin and close my eyes i would maybe do the tub roach thing