For the first time of my life I take charged commissions because I currently really need money ; _ ; Here are two shikishi I drew for friends !!

I have two extra shikishi if you’re interested ! I will draw everything (insofar as it’s not guro or hentai) for 15 euros ( ~ 17USD). Don’t hesitate to ask me !! I’d be very happy :3 


vaantastic  asked:

!!! your ask is open omg okay-so how did you come up with the idea for attack on titan? how long does it generally take to draw/write the books in the manga? how do you stay motivated to draw? (sorry for the lil barrage of questions im just really interested)

I came up with it over a lot of influences like ARMS, MUV LUV and others. I stay motivated by my paychecks…

basically if you’re a weeb i can’t recommend the vita enough. i know this isn’t a video game blog but i just want to gush about the vita for a second

like there’s so many visual novels coming out. you’ve got the ones that aren’t strictly visual novels like the danganronpa and zero escape series, but you’ve got steins;gate and steins;gate 0, muv-luv is coming soon, root letter, and sekai project is going to port some of their games too including the fruit of grisaia and narcissu

plus it’s region free so you can import all you want