Check out this interview with did with Miss Teresa Escobar!

1.    What is your name and where are you from? 

My name is Teresa Escobar, born in Los Angeles and raised in Venice, California and still currently living  there.  

2.    How did your creative movement get started?

I was a late bloomer when my creative movement started, I began creating art in my junior year of high school.  Once I  had the opportunity to take art classes I couldn’t stop myself from experimenting with different mediums. Soon after, in 2013 I was introduced to Pieces, a non-profit organization that helps serve young  artist and musicians pursue their passion. Thankfully, with their guidance,  I’ve expanded as a female artist; by opening an Etsy online store, showing my work to local events in my community and continuing to express myself through art . 

3.    What inspired you to create?

My inspiration to create is my daily life experiences. It can vary from the people I observe, the foods I enjoy, the sounds I hear surrounding me and the new places I discover. 

4.    What are you hoping to accomplish with your creativity?

I hope to always encourage children at any age to create art. I find that creating art is  therapeutic for children.  My accomplishment  with my  creativity is to teach an art class for special needs children.  

5.    As most artists know, being an artist may sometimes be a struggle financially. What are you doing to make things work?

 So, I  actually work as a full time Preschool teacher during the day. While my online store is always available with prints, I try to keep a balance between the two.   

6.    What is your ultimate dream that you are striving to make a reality?

Becoming financially stable enough to work as a full time artist, but my ultimate dream is to be a children’s book illustrator.  

7.    What do you define as success?

My definition of success would be, being stable in all aspects of as a person. When that is achieved life is more interesting to discover and learn. 

8.    If you could collaborate with any artist alive who would it be and why?

 I would love to collaborate with Dr. Seuss, he truly has impacted me as a child and as a teacher. His stories transcend through out the years and have a positive impact of story telling. His illustrations and stories are whimsical but have an empowering message.  For that reason, I would learn so much from him as an artist, author and illustrator.   

9.    How will your creativity impact the world?

I would hope to impact the world with my creativity, by spreading the message that we are capable of many positive opportunities.  We should always create, collaborate with each other, because we are unique in every way. Thus we can move forward for a better world.    

10.  What do you think about the Muvedo movement?

I think the Muvedo movement, is a beautiful community of artist. I am thankful to be apart of the upcoming movement. I do believe as an artist to connect with others  similar to you, which then becomes a thriving force of positivity and  creative collaborations.  

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