HAPPY BIRTHDAY, THALIE!!!!<33333 You are an amazingly sweet and wonderful girl and I wish you all the best today and this year!!! May it be filled with lots of blue fishies and love! I love you!  ♥

  1. Thank you!!^^
  2. Meep, thank you, Anon!! <3
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  4. Thalie!!! Thank you so much, love ♥
  5. Not late! Haha it’s only 10am here :D Thank you so much<3 You too!!<3
  6. So nice!! T_T eeeep thank you so much<33
  7. Haha, it’s ok!!^^ Thank you, Daniii<333 
  8. Sure is! Thank you, dear!<3
  9. HAHAH WAIT ARE YOU THE SAME ANON THAT KEEPS ASKING ME IF I WILL WRITE FIC SOMEDAY?  XD Awwww haha, well thank you, Anon :’)) Who is your pairing of choice, just curious? ^^;
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  12. I love you, too, Kathryn! Thank you <3
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  14. ALL THE KYU’S AND CHWANG’S? :DDD I like that hehehe thank you, darling ^^ <33 
  16. Hahahah, Jiaaa<3 I start teaching in September!!^^ But nooo, no party for meee, haha.  HAHAHAHA I’LL TRY NOT TO WATCH ANIME AND SPN ALL DAY BUT I CAN MAKE NO PROMISES 8D what is this summer air of which you speak? o_o IS IT REALLY THE 4TH??? WOW. I LOVE YOU, JIA<33
  17. Yes! Thank you so much :) <333

echt eco is zo cool whoo *highfive* enal 

en danku voor u medeleven enzo ;A; thank you very much :33

en zootie, ik denk nie da zij terug komt, ze is nog nooit zo lang weg geweest 
ze is een meisje (neen ik heb dat nie eerst me lange ij geschreven orz) en ze is gesteriliseerd… ik snap katers doen da, kattinnen doen da mss ook als ze jongskes hebben, maar bij zoot kan da nie~   ja kweetnie

ik wil ook geen valse hoop scheppen, tis al erg genoeg zo ><


ma toch danku yaaaay eonnie saranghaee~

muuze asked:

Hello ~I hope your week was great and you had a lot of good weather because It hasn't stopped raining here. (〓 ̄(∵エ∵) ̄〓) ♥♥♥♥

THALIEEE<333 You are so sweet T_T<333 Sobs, I miss you! I have a test tomorrow, but once that’s over, I can rest for a day! \o/ I hope you’re having a good day/week/month/summer/year/life<3333

whooo thank you thalie for the numberss

3. The one person whose arms I’d like to be in.

6. Who my best friends are.
Athena, Thalie, *insert a bunch of imaginary friends*

7. My favorite book.
ohw this one is difficult~~ i’m reading the chronicles of narnia right now and i really love them! so that’s certainly  a topper also ‘het oneindige verhaal’ i think it’s never ending story in english aaand a book from my childhood 'eefje donkerblauw’ oh there are a lot more ;A;

9. A description of my best friend.
미안해 아테나~   a wonderful person in every way~ with a fantastic personality and when she’s completely herself she’s the most beautiful (omg i’m really sorry)  the only bad point is SLEEPING SCHEDULES ! :3     
orz i’m going to regret this sorry it’s bad written  미안해미안해미안해미안해미안해

10. My favorite animal.
actually it are swallows~ they always look so free and they make me feel calm and cheerful ^^ (cats are favorites too tbh) :3

16. My 5 favorite songs right now.
right now~   day by day from t-ara (ik ging u nog stalken daarmee thalie :3), Gulliver, wake up (shut up flower boy band) (i can’t stop loving the song!), FACE (nu'est), MAMA (exo) aaandd omg d i f f i c u l t !!! argh i’ll go with monster (big bang) fhqezgqhoqm

20. Favorite flavor of ice cream.
oh this one is fun! the just not white color … like …. no i’m not going to post ice cream pictures ~~  just close to white!!!

21. The one place I want to be right now.
hmmmmmmmm a hut somewhere in a forest :) (i will have designed it myself and big screen lots of blankets and pillows and stereo and nothing i have to do)

27. What I’m doing tomorrow.
sleeping and working in the afternoon (maybe when i get home mc with thalie?)

28. What I want to be when I get older.
a happy person

39. Most traumatic experience.
most?? auwtsj uhm i guess that whole part 2010 when the heavy events followed one on another~  i think the worst was the flow from my brother who was suddenly released from the hospital and we were so happy that he was gone from there after two weeks intense care and risky stuff and my mother and father had been optimistic the WHOLE time and strong and a good team and i was so proud of them to  the week after my brother got back from the hospital, when two had a huge fight and didn’t even sleep in the same bed anymore and everything was falling and  i just … felt kind of     completely lost 

i’m sorry it’s late and i shouldn’t write so much about this
it’s all fine now anyway 

42. Do I like where I am now?
yes i do, and i will always try my very best to keep it like that ^^ aja~

thank you again for the numbers thalie :3 i love you hheheehe 

THALIIIEEEE JA IK KIJK DA NU PAS KGGG en ja sorry ehh soms kom ik op dingen uit en dan kijk ik da …. ik kijk al avatar! is da nie goe EN JULLIE KIJKEN OOK NIE MEER SUFBB EN KIJKEN OOK NIE GREENWING >______> dus doet da ook eens eerst! ik heb trwns nooit gezegd da ik love rain ging kijken >< dus JAMMER VOOR U lolllll

en ja~   da van analia lololol we moeten da nog es doen … kkkk

oharu replied to your postshowing off my new t-shirt

omg you look so cute! *^*

eeeeeeee thank you ;u;

nemmz replied to your postshowing off my new t-shirt

eeh stripes \o/ hij staat u mooi :3

danku hehe (ik heb daar dus heeeel lang achter gezocht en dezen is echt het helemaal └(・o・)┐)

muuze replied to your postmuuze replied to your post: I AM VERY ANGRY AT…

wel ma als ge enen ebt afgekeken dan kunt ge der over spazen bij ons. ik eb ze trouwens staan in hd op mijn harde schijf. en over die accordion mss moede me een kinderliedje beginnen zoiets da nie moeilijk is? en u nie te snel opwinden enzo. da ga wel gaan gij ebt talent

ok da ga ik doen \o/ kan je ze anders op een of andere manier over zetten op mijn comp?? 

en ik speel geen kinderliedjes meer want ik /kon/ deftig spelen
alleen nu nie meer :(
zo koppig ben ik wel  

muuze replied to your postmy new shoes   they’re not the sandals…

oelala madam paris enal fieuouw schoon schoon loopt daar maar nie mee in de modder

muuze replied to your post@nemmz  thank you >< ze zijn wa raar om aan te…

emma prom is zo da bal opt einde vant jaar waar ge met u liefje naar toe gaat en danst enzo na de rapportenuitreiking

hihi :3 ’t zijn leuke schoenen ;A; orz de eerste keer da ik echt hakken koop (/mijn mama laat kopen orz) en ik ga der niet mee in de modder lopen ze :33

en okay ik wist da nie, da prom zo'n bal is op het einde van het jaar enal ~ jammer da het nie voor da is, da zou cool zijn °_°    haha danku voor de uitleg thaliee~~