Ok so I figured I’d drop a little sunshine on here tonight before I went to bed. Maybe to blow away some dark clouds (caused by people being assholes for not other purpose than to be one to people who don’t deserve it) because well you know me :)  And I have no anons tonight so I’ll do a little improve if that’ alright. 

No objections? Ok cool.. 

(Inspired by my lovely anon from last night muuuuaaah)

I love when Carol is all super flirty like this..

She did like him first.. that is the effin truth right there. She liked that he borught her a flower and looked for her daughter and was nice to her (for the most part)  She like that he cared, even if he didn’t want to show it too openly. And… she liked him THAT way too. Not that Daryl believes that mind you..

He thinking no way she likes him like THAT. That she better stop teasing him because he kinda really likes her, but believes he ain’t got a chance that.  So he tries to play it all cool ‘I don’t care’ like and shoves food in his mouth  like the unmannered redneck he is.

And Carol’s looking at him all like…

Those eyes trailing him up and down, thinking about all things she’d like to with him. With him, to him, whatever its all the same to her. Sh’e’s looking at him like he’s her breakfast.  I mean he keeps showing off those arms and shit and looking all cutely taken aback by her flirtiness.  And we all know he likes it…

We all know you like it when she gives you the big eye and the wink and cutesy face. It’s time to get real here big boy. the pretty lady your friends wouldn’t mind being more than  that if you’d just stop being so dense. Typical guy.  Open up those beautiful blue eyes of yours (if you can see through that man of hair that is) she is totally into you. 

I mean she even gave you a cuddly cute nickname and all talks to you like you’s all wified up and stuff…

She’s even pursing those gorgeous lips of hers and giving you the cutesy tone too. You know you love it you big old teddy bear you..

He gives her that little smile as she walks away, he definatly loves it. Daryl loves his sassy Carol, it just gives him life. A nice little break from all the business of daily life in the ZA.   And you do know, he totally misses it sometimes. 

And just try to tell me these two adorable dorks don’t totally love each other. Because it’s it’s so damn obvious it hurts. 

There you go.. a little sunshine for my lovelies… and now i’m off to bed. 

Caryl on everyone :)