Late post but we cosplayed Reim last weekend! We made Titus and Muu’s Roman togas and armor because these designs are beautiful. Super happy with how the photos turned out (;▽;) I love Magi… Special thanks as always to our dear @vicissijuice for shooting 🙏❤️!

It was my first attempt at armor after 5 years and it’s for Magi again 😵💦💦 Also my first time working with worbla and styrene.

Titus Alexius: @princemaru

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Muu, Sinbad, and Kouen reacting to their s/o kicking butt in a gladiatorial competition? Also who are your favorite characters? :3

Thank you for requesting, and thank you for asking! My favorite characters would have to be: Hakuren, Sphintus, Morgiana, Dunya, Aladdin, Kougyoku, and the Kou bros! (Don’t ask me to pick one I can’t I literally love them all)

Muu Alexius

  • Muu would be nervous upon seeing his s/o enter the ring. Gladiator fights weren’t easy fights- They were brutal, bloody, savage, and usually ended with someone being dead. Even if he was confident in his s/o’s fighting abilities, he would still be a nervous wreck, ready to jump in at a moment’s notice and save the day if he needed to. However, when he saw them practically destroy their opponent, most of the fear would be replaced with absolute pride as he cheered his s/o on, louder than any other person watching the fight. He would lose a bit of his composure, yelling advice that went unheard and cheering for them to beat their enemy into the ground. Once they had won and exited the arena, Muu would envelop them in a hug and promise to celebrate their victory.


  • The king of Sindria would be very involved in the fight, observing everything from his spot and watching to make sure his s/o didn’t do anything stupid or unnecessarily risky. He would be uncharacteristically quiet at the beginning, his concentrating face giving nothing away of the fear in his stomach. He knew that one wrong move, one mistake could result in death or dismemberment or both, and he did not want that for his s/o at all. Luckily, his fears were proven to be unneeded as his s/o proceeded to beat their opponent to a pulp. As they did this, Sinbad would begin cheering loudly, his voice the same loudness of everyone else, but somehow he knew his s/o could easily pick out which voice was his. Word could not describe how proud he felt of his s/o as they walked up to him, weapon in hand and a tired smile on their face. He would pick them up and spin them around, expressing his admiration.

Kouen Ren

  • Kouen would watch the entirety of the fight in silence, not cheering even as his s/o won. His face would give nothing away- It almost seemed like he was listening to someone read out a report on salads eaten that day. Little known to those around him, though, he was practically shaking with excitement and nerves. He wouldn’t really say that he was nervous, but he did feel a bit uneasy for his s/o to be down there by themselves, basically fighting for their life. As his s/o began to win, a small smile would crack across his lips and his eyes would take on a gleam as though to say “Yep. They’re badass, and they’re mine.” Once the fight was over and they had won, Kouen would congratulate them on their victory and promise that they would recieve a nice hot bath and good food as celebration. And, he would say, taking one of their hands and lifting it to his lips to place a kiss on their skin, if they wanted anything else they need only ask.

Sinbad, Muu & Kouen      merry by GUSAM

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I was serious when I talked about those Not Sinbad shirts.
Because bless Kouen and Muu for being good ojii-sans, unlike Sinbad who makes all our faves cry.

@ohtaka-sensei let me help u write magi pls

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A Magi scenario! Kagome is a djinn and has to choose a king vessel from those that got into her treasure room. (Bonus points if she chooses either Muu or Kouen.)

Hmm I tried to think of how Kagome would look if she was a djinn…

For five years she had waited for one conqueror to show their worth in her dungeon, but she never imagined seeing two conquerors arriving at the same time at her door. Feeling no immediate threat from the two, the miko-djinn slowly decreased her height.

Her eyes landed on the two she presumed to be kings, at least that is what their aura read. She could sense the one djinn soul from the red haired male wearing gold armor while three djinns were sensed from the older male who wore traditional eastern clothing.

There two were no ordinary conquerors.

She greeted the two males with a smile - a rare smile most djinns would never show. “Welcome.” Kagome spoke, finding it weird to speak after so many years of waiting inside the tower. “I was becoming worried no one would be able to pass the many obstacles of this tower, yet here I have two.”

A low scoff escaped from the Kou general. “Only weaklings are unable to complete dungeons.”

“I see…” The miko nodded. Eyes narrowing down, she could sense his confidence radiating off his body. Something told her he was a king with a good background.

“I didn’t want to come here in the first place, but it seems Reim cannot let Kou take anymore dungeons.” The Fanalis’s eyes glided to the corner, seeing Kouen’s eyes remain glued on the female djinn in front. “Kou is displaying threats with their conquering of dungeons.”

“If you see it a threat, Muu Alexius of Reim, then that solely means Reim is not a prepared country to face the enemies of this world.” Kouen spoke, meeting Muu’s smirk with a glare. “Of course, a country like yours wouldn’t understand what Kou is striving for.”

Kagome was unsure how to meddle. In most cases, the conqueror would quickly claim the treasures around and the power of the djinn, but it seemed the two knew each other a little too much. Adjusting the many silks over her breasts and the gold jewelry around her neck, Kagome continued to observe the two men.

Brave and ambitious. Given the task to serve such humans was something she could understand as she was brought into this world from one where she served the Gods of her own: a miko. Although she was hesitant to accept such a job, it meant freedom.

But she never imagined to let five years pass by.

“It looks like the two of you are not interested in the treasures here.” She spoke, grabbing their attention.

“We heard a rumor about the djinn in this dungeon.” Kouen’s eyes met hers. “Where is the djinn?”

“You’re looking at her.” Pointing at herself, Kagome smiled.

“You’re…the djinn?” Muu asked. Everything about her seemed more normal compared to the other djinns he had come to witness.

Kouen and Muu had heard about the djinn who looked human, although it was only a rumor up until now. But the biggest mystery surrounding the djinn was her origin.

No magi had risen this dungeon.

“I have some questions for you, djinn-”


The two males blinked at her interruption on Kouen’s words.

Sighing under his breath, Kouen decided to cut to the chase. There was no time to waste knowing another king candidate was about to send a general of his to capture this dungeon for himself since he already had the max of seven djinns. “Since the two of us have arrived here, unfortunately, I am afraid it is up to you to pick.”

“Ah…right,” she nodded to herself. All she had received from Midoriko was to pick the person she deemed worthy to lead this world. For what? She had no choice, but if it was up to her, it meant trusting her instincts.

Although both told her they were somewhat good, she could not shake off the dark aura lingering over Kouen’s person. It was not his, but something was hovering over him. Giving him an apologetic smile, she slowly took some steps down her ‘throne’. “I am afraid I will be going with him,” she turned to face the Fanalis, “that does not mean I trust you, too. Both of you have dark auras, but that doesn’t mean you two are bad people - for now.”

Muu’s brow rose with curiosity; Kouen’s eyes narrowed.

Did she say auras?

Muu’s lips curved into a smile before coming onto one knee. “You may not trust me now, but I give you my word my intentions are for the good of the world.”

“His ideal world will only lead to bloodshed.” Kouen spoke, catching the miko’s attention. “Kou’s is the only way to go.”

Lifting a brow herself, Kagome wondered if she had made the right choice. “Ideal…world?”

What was the ideal world?

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(Modern Au) Sinbad, Muu, Lo'lo and Masrur go to their s/o's house for the first time, but when they walk inside they find out that their s/o has a huge male Caucasian shepherd dog called 'Baby'. Haha sorry I just loved the idea how they would react to a huge Caucasian shepherd dog cause it's my dream dog.


I haven´t done Masrur cause I totally overlooked his name in the request and was exhausted to add it! Sorry! You can request one just with him if you want to. And sorry for taking to long.


Sinbad was going to step into his s/o´s apartment for the. first. time. His imagines were running wild, just thinking about the possible activities made him smile. He closed his eyes to, yet again, thank god for letting the outburst of his crazy co-worker happen that enabled him to leave his shift earlier. He raised his hand to knock, but stopped in his tracks as he heared shouts from his partner.

“Please Baby, behave! I want you two to get along so sit down and wait till he arrives. Please? For me?”

Sinbad blinked several times after that statement as hundreds of thoughts raced through his mind: Who the hell are they talking to? Who is ´baby´? His partner was never a fan of nicknames and they live alone sooo….Are they in another relationship? Do they want more than one lover? If so, doesn´t it mean that he needs to share-

A sudden crash teared him out of his thoughts.

Another partner or not that sounded like trouble and llike hell will he wait outside when his partner faces danger inside. Taking a step back, he kicked near the key hole and breaked the door down. Thank you, action movies for that life lesson.

“Are you okay!? What happened?”

Hasty steps were heard and right as he rounded a corner, he was overthrown…. by a gigantic bear?!

“Sinbad?! No, bad dog! Get off of him! I said off of him Baby, NOW!” Sinbad could only watch with widened eyes as the dog growled at him.Slowly getting up, with dark eyes watching his every move, and directed his gaze cautiosly to his partner.

“Guess that I wasn´t that off with my theories.”


“I swear that he is not like this with strangers. At all. I never thought that I would see this.”

Muu laughed as he patted the soft fur of Baby. The dog itself layed down on the couch, spradeled out with his head in Muu´s lap. He was indeed suprised to find a giant dog at the feet of his partner, but was over joyed as well. Animals seemed to love him as soon as they catch his scent as it seems. But sadly, his apartment does not allow animals.

“Well, you know what they say: animals see the true character of a person. They know if you have a good heart or not.”

His partner could only smile at him. He…The whole view was just to heart warming. Muu was still brushing with his fingers through Baby´s fur, who seemed to be in a hyper relax modus.

“Well it makes sense, if you put it that way.”


“That things name is Baby? The hell? Hulk would be a more fitting name.”

Lo´lo stared the curled up dog that was currently occupying his s/o´s lap- his spot- down and couldn´t stop the growl that left after that thought.

“Would you please stop whining? He is the smartest dog ever and he is sooo cute.”

Sighing deeply to controll his anger, he shifted closer to his partner, swing an arm around their shoulders and practically dragged them on his lap. Baby had already lifted his head as he catched the movements of Lo´lo and said man has noticed it as well. He locked eyes with him the whole time.

“Lo´lo, what are you doing?”

He started to lean in and whispered in their ear all the little things that he knew would leave his partner a blushing mess. Hearing the low growls of baby nearly tempted him to go farther, but his lover abruptly stood up, thus successfully preventing him.

“The hell, Lo´lo!? N-Not infront of Baby, you jerk!”

They stopped yelling as something soft brushed their hand. Baby sat down between them and guarded his flustered owner.

“You really think that you can win this?”

“Lo´lo, are you talking to-”

A low growl was heard as a confirmation.

“Try better mate. I am not going to lose to you.”

They could only sigh as they kept on looking back and forth between the two males. They forget that they were still in the room. Standing there, completely ignored.


the signs as Magi characters
  • Aries: Kouen Ren
  • Taurus: Sinbad
  • Gemini: Muu Alexius
  • Cancer: Kougyoku Ren
  • Leo: Morgiana
  • Virgo: Aladdin
  • Libra: Ja'far
  • Scorpio: Hakuryuu Ren
  • Sagittarius: Alibaba Saluja
  • Capricorn: Masrur
  • Aquarius: Hakuei Ren
  • Pisces: Scheherazade