mutya ng trece

Guys, I really need your help. One vote will be enough and I'm really gonna be thankful all my life:)

GLOBE USERS. I am one of the candidates in this pageant Mutya ng Trece. I represent our barangay, Conchu. 

Here’s what you have to do: Just text this code. Then just send to 2278.

VOTE <space> FOR <space> MUTYA <space> MONICA

Thank you in advance. :) 


Tribal dance with the music, Twilight Zone(2 Unlimited)

Mutya ng Trece
Candidate #2: Monica Shane Estrella - Mutya ng Conchu
Choreography by: Philip Dominguez Peji
Back-up Dancers: Ralph Melvin Medenilla & Peejay Dominguez Peji
Costume and Make-up by: Rhaine Peji Biagon

Special thanks to:
Brgy. Captain Anselmo Trinidad
Mary Ann A. Estrella
Rosemarie Acosta Naveles
Bianca Marie Navales

And to all who supported us, we are very much thankful for everything. Our talent was a success because of you.

To support me just text:


And send to 2278.

I will forever be grateful, really. This performance has been the best thing I ever did in my entire life. While I was watching this, I still can’t believe that I can actually do this kind of things. I never thought I could dance like this. This pageant really is helping me know myself and it wouldn’t matter if I lose the pageant. I believe I’m still a winner either way. I’ve been a better person because of this.