Mutualism Between Ants and Aphids

Aphids suck the sugar-rich fluids from their host plants. The aphids then excrete equally large quantities of waste, called honeydew, which is high in sugar content. Where there’s sugar, there’s bound to be ants.  

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DIY Halloween Inspiration: Teddy Bear Butcher Shop

This art installation was created by Miroslav Menschenkind using mutilated plush animals.  Unfortunately his website is gone or offline, but you can see more photos from the art installation at Spiegel - like the dead Teletubbies (photo #6) here.

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I find myself being frustrated with this season. It’s a first. I more or less enjoy the episodes, but there is no real plot and I don’t get answers I crave. I see that the Hales and the Nemeton’s arc is postponed till s6a and I lack a parallel plot to the Beast (the Desert wolf or Kira doesn’t fill the gap). 

- The opening sequence with Jordan was beautiful beyond words. If only TW consisted of only such scenes (Lydia’s dreams in s2 was the reason I finally settled with the show and made myself watch s1).

-  There is a lot of emphasys on Cyclones in s5. Is Scott still the captain? Did he had a twin? Identical twins are natural clones. 

- Stiles still pulls out strings from his hoodies. 

- I accepts the rules, but still don’t like the amount of mutulated bodies. Cheap shock value without an impact (only desensitization). Now Heather’s case was what dead bodies should be about in a plot.

- Does Braeden have a role anymore? 

- I do like the characterisation of the new characters, if only it was left for later season. This transition to the second generation really hinders initial TW’s plot. Anyway, Corey said the words Stiles always needed to hear. Mason’s path is set to be different from the start. 

- Somehow I get a feeling that Stiles has suspicions about Scott. Maybe it’s the close up, when “werewolf” is mentioned, when the clique talks about the Beast. (I’m probably seeing things that are not there)

- “Like Peter”. The amount of hints toward Scott is too much, tbh. Scott is the one who was always afraid of turning into a Peter.

- Glad to see Lydia follows her banshee clues so easily now. 

- Another hint at the Wild hunt (the illustration in the book). I’m waiting. 

- I’m using “octuple it” from now on. Why the accent of the sheriff taking out the keys from his mug?

- I’m glad Coach is back.

- The scene with the lacrosse field’s lights being switched on. Reminded me instantly about Lydia’s and Stiles’s dreams. What does it represent? Simple “centre of attention” or something more? 

- Another of those looks on Stiles’s face, when Scott reveals his wound is gone. (I’m probably seeing things that are not there. Again.)

- Corey is to stay and his ability to make others invisible is great to play with in upcoming seasons (but first, ANSWER ME ABOUT DAMN NEMETON!)

- I hope Scott, seeing Kira now, fully understand the stupidity of his actions back in the day. 

- Kudos to Malia actually finishing her task and not being distracted with a threat. 



TIKAL, located in the north of the Petén region of Guatemala, was a major Maya city which flourished between 300 and 850 CE. The city, known to the Maya themselves as Mutul, is one of the grandest in Mesoamerica.

Amongst the first Maya cities to gain prominence in the Early Classic period (250-600 CE), Tikal built its wealth by exploiting its natural resources and geographical location to become a Maya superpower.

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