At this point i have mutuls that are mutuals with my mutuals that are also mutuals, so i dont just get to see posts like 9 times but also like 6 people will send me the same post and honestly its very nice because i feel like im part of a big family

i love how most of my fav mutuals are all mutuals with each other. like i check a Treasured Mutuals post and see 4 other beautyful mutuls liked it and i just !!!

cheaters dont get teaters (boobs)

ma bf calum cheated on me the day befour today n i broke up wit him he at ma door rn i answer it n he cryin mad tears fam n i invite him in cause it raining obvioulsy he sit for a sec n i dont want him here so i say “whats up man” to establesh both mutul respect n dominence he look at me n say “i didnt mean to i luh you bitch” i tear up n kiss him hard as a rock n den i realise wat im doin n pull back but then i think i nead closur so i pull his pants down n blow him like the whistle he is n den he cum n i stand up and go upstairs he come try to cuddle but i kno bettr so i tell him to leave n he do cause he respec me i wil always luv dat ass tho so i spank him on he way out he cry harder n i move on like tha bad bitchh i be

Mutualism Between Ants and Aphids

Aphids suck the sugar-rich fluids from their host plants. The aphids then excrete equally large quantities of waste, called honeydew, which is high in sugar content. Where there’s sugar, there’s bound to be ants.  

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