aww you’re so sweet<3. but i repress myself so much that once I do start talking i physically have to stop myself haha.

oh, and i’m almost home so i’ll make the korean post an tag u:)

mutualstar replied to your post: I just saw a post where pseudo-intellectual New…

ugh people like this need a big fat slap upside the head.

ugh I know I wish I could reach through my computer and whack him like, this is part of the post

The religion of Islam, like all proselytizing, theistic religions, is irrational and unfounded at its core.  It is then personally justifiable, and intellectually honest, to be in opposition to its practices and tenets, since doing so is a natural conclusion of rational, objective thought.

But if that is the case, then Islamophobia is a myth.“

Like congrats, you used big words to make an ignorant argument, special you.

White men, smh