hey i’ve seen a bunch of j*hanna//the/mad on my dash lately and here’s a reminder she ships sh//eith (a ~25yo and a 16yo) and draws g/nderbends (i’m sure there’s more but that’s all i can remember off the top of my head)


outside the surveillance room
pidge: what the heckie
hunk: are they stalking on them or something
coran: ah, the best way to bond

based on one of the headcanons in !!

Canon Klance foreshadowed by Allura/Lance?

ok this post is more speculation than meta, so keep that in mind, BUT it’s very possible that we’ve just gotten klance foreshadowing in s4.

from Jeremy Shada’s interview for Den of Geek:

What was it acting/watching “The Voltron Show!” where the Voltron characters perform in stages shows?

[J]: That’s one of my favorite episodes. It’s so funny especially in a season or two where there’s a lot of very serious theme stuff happening. It’s great to have an episode like that to add a lot of levity and breather time. It was so much fun seeing me and the other cast trying to act badly for certain lines.

It’s also a totally meta episode because we’re just poking fun at ourselves. Poking fun at the character archetypes of each person. Like “Loverboy Lance”, Keith is emo, Pidge is smart, Hunk is kind of dopey and hilarious, and Shiro is the hero. It’s also great getting to see people playing those comic lines; even people that don’t usually get to do those.

okay, so he said it’s totally a meta episode, how is that any evidence for klance?

uhhh, i don’t know, maybe the fact that Allura literally played Keith the entire episode?

now, look, i’m not trying to downplay the Allura/Lance dynamic; it’s abundant that he still very much has a crush on her. even Jeremy acknowledged this in that same interview:

When you’re with someone for that amount of time and you’re in these crazy intense situations I think he sees her strength and leadership and he definitely completely respects her for that. It’s great just seeing them bond as these great friends. He still definitely has a crush on her but I think you see that respect for her has grown over time.

but he literally acknowledged Lance’s crush on Allura and their progression into friends in the same sentence. keep in mind that this isn’t new information - we’ve already seen Lance and Allura grow into a stage of mutual respect, especially in s3 and s4:


seeing this alongside Jeremy outright stating that episode was a meta episode, meaning it was meant to hold subtextual meaning, makes me pretty certain of a few things:

1) Lance has a crush on Allura at this point in the series, but it won’t stay this way. we know this from their interactions in s3 and s4, and we can expect their relationship to grow into a friendship, both from the canon material and from conclusions drawn from Jeremy’s interview.

2) Lance will fall in love with Keith. as The Voltron Show was a meta episode, the subtextual layer is crucial to the understanding of it. yes, Lance has a crush on Allura right now, but his crush is turning into a friendship. we know Lance is going to get a love interest eventually, though, so who might it be? Oh, i don’t know, maybe the person that his canon crush is playing on this episode that is supposed to hold a deeper meaning, Keith.

I’m just saying, it might not be that much of a reach after all to take all this from the Voltron Show episode. It might have been a lighthearted “filler” episode, but it might have also heavily foreshadowed Lance’s future love interest and future canon klance.

News flash: if you don’t like a ship get the fuck over it. My friends wanna ship Septiplier, Phan, etc? Be my guest. I’ll send you the stuff that comes up on my feed about it. We can talk theories. Ryden? Frerard? Peterick? As long as you aren’t harassing anyone. Send me your aus I’ll write you a fucking story. Got no ideas to draw? Hit me up, I’ll give you an idea and a ship. Doesn’t matter if I ship it or not. I got your backs. If you want content I’ll give you content as long as you aren’t harassing anyone or using it to be hateful or disrespectful. Be peaceful. Shut the fuck up with your “ship discourse”. It’s not discourse if you’re sending death threats, it’s harassment and it’s illegal. As long as the ship is of two consenting adults we’re cool. (Also no rape, etc. You know what we’re dealing with.)

Edit: I didn’t expect this to blow up. The point of this post is that it’s stupid to hate others, especially your mutuals and friends, over okay ships. Be respectful of all people.
Sheith Fic Rec Part 2

Hey, so I’m back with more fics. Honestly I haven’t read that many fics lately, kinda distracted by trying to write my own, here’s to hoping it goes well, right? But the fandom deserves something nice in the light of all the troll fics that were posted. I was wondering if I should update my old rec list? Or should I combine this one and the other one into one massive list? What do you guys think? Anyway, same formula, titles are links and bolded, italics are my commentary. Happy reading!

Link to the last fic rec masterpost:

One-shots (Canon-verse)

orbit by Recluse (T) 21k

“Hey, nice to meet you. Keith, right? I’m Shiro.”

Shiro and Keith’s backstory fic, and wow, I was not expecting how it all happened. 11/10 would read again

grief by Recluse (T) 4.5k

There are five stages.

Obligatory Keith grieving over Shiro fic.

it’s not a star i see (it’s always you) by janie_tangerine (E) 18.5k

in which both Keith and Shiro are stuck with birthdays on dates they don’t like. Meeting each other makes it more than just a bit better.

Birthday fic that combines Keith’s backstory and major Keith feels with Shiro and god just read the fic please, it’s worth it.

Break Out by reinkist (E) 10.8k

An unexpected reaction to the alien plant life forces Keith and Shiro to have to reevaluate what their relationship is, and what it could be.

Sex pollen fic. Warning for dubious consent. Trope-y as it is, I like how it forces them to confront with certain things.

Falling Forward by flyingisland (T) 3.5k

Shiro is a romantic catastrophe, even with an excellent wingman like Pidge.

Pining Shiro is the best.

crash collide into space by ohmygodwhy (T) 2.6k

Shiro’s gone and all he has left of him are a shitty couch and a few pictures on his phone and dog tags that he’s afraid to touch because touching them feels like accepting the fact that Shiro will never touch them again. If he holds them for long enough any traces of Shiro’s touch will be wiped away and replaced, like they were never there to begin with, like Shiro was never there to begin with.

They deserve to be happy together goddamnit.

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#its true the blues liked the reds long before the feeling was mutual#especially church and tucker

Eeeeehhhh new post cause I don’t wanna hijack the post these were left on but I don’t agree with these tags and wanted to make a post about it. No they didn’t get along as smoothly as they do in the later seasons, but just off the top of my head:

  • Season 2: Lopez immediately hits it off with Sheila
  • Season 2: Donut and Caboose become fast friends, even though Donut had been taken prisoner by the blues at the time.
  • Season 3: Sarge shows a soft spot for Caboose after Battle creek; let’s him press the button to activate the hidden microphone (“what a little rascal”).
  • Reconstruction: Grif urges Caboose to “keep going, dont worry about us” as their jeep is hit by the “emp” and stalls.
  • Relocated: Donut treks accross the desert to Valhalla by himself, nearly dying of dehydration to get help for Tucker.
  • Recreation: Grif and Sarge both accompany Caboose on his mission to rescue Tucker (admittedly they had their own motivations for doing this as well but its worth mentioning they agreed to help a blue to rescue another blue).
  • Revelation: Church and Grif casually greet each other (“Hey Grif,” “Hey, what’s up man?”).
  • Revelation: Sarge, Grif, and Simmons all go with Caboose and Tucker to rescue Church and Tex from the Meta, even though statistically they expected to die doing it.

So like, the Reds have liked the Blues, at least some of the time, since SUPER early in the series, just as the Blues liked them. Honestly these losers are all so bad at disliking the other team, it’s almost easy to forget they were supposed to be fighting each other.


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being archie andrew's twin sister would include...

- can you imagine the power of the andrews’ twins

- you and archie would be two peas in a pod

- one would never be seen without the other

- when betty confessed her feelings to archie and he blew her down, you’d be slapping his arm and shouting at him

- “she loves you, archibald! the least you could’ve done was let her down easy!”

- you two never fought for long, because you ended up in his room with hot chocolate while he was writing his songs

- speaking of which, you helped him with that. you were good friends with the pussycats and knew a thing or two about music

- a lot his songs would somehow pertain to you, whether he throw in something about lavenders (your favorite flower) or a red sweater

- everyone knew not to mess with you, because hell hath no fury like the females of the andrews family

- even cheryl and jason wouldn’t mess with you, because all redheads had a mutual understanding, especially twins

- you never had a boyfriend because of your brother

- one time reggie started flirting with you, and he ended up with a broken nose and a black eye because of your brother

- you were the one who found out about ms. grundy and archie last

- you ignored your brother for like a month.

- when jughead moved in with you guys, you two grew really close

- except (as usual) archie would swoop in and take jughead away from you

- and when your guys’ mom came back from chicago, you refused to talk to her and locked yourself in your room

- archie had to come in and talk to you for a least an hour before you came out

- in all honesty, you could relate to cheryl when she said that her brother was her soulmate

- you loved archie more than yourself

- and he was the same.

- but for real don’t mess with these twins. they’ll fuck you up princess

Black people having a conversation with other black people: man it would’ve been so cool if they had cast Belle as a black actress because she’s French and being French AND black isn’t mutually exclusive??? Especially since the storyline would support it.
@lasciate-ogne-speranza-voi-ch-i : bUt BeLlE wAs WhItE!!1!!1! cAn’T yOu NiGgErS rEaD?!

anyway brooklyn 99′s blatant and disgusting fatphobia is not excusable or acceptable, and it’s super disappointing so many leftist, progressive, liberal, feminist people told me b99 was a good show. “it’s diverse” “it doesn’t make jokes about marginalised people” “it cares about social justice”


our deaths are literal jokes to you. i can’t believe so many people and mutuals especially stan this show. it’s so nice to know fatphobia doesn’t fucking matter to you bec omg jake and amy are so cute

go fuck yourselves.