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You and your mutuals all seem so cool... Would you do the mutuals/friends as aesthetics thing?? (And I'm hoping you upload more of your art!! It's so unique and gorgeous!)

Oh, thank you so much! I’m flattered by your words, I’m glad you like my art!

And well, I’m very very bad at being poetic and imagining things, but I’ll try to do justice to some of my mutuals:

@featherless-icarus Flowers tucked into pockets of a denim jacket, bright watercolors splashed on a white blank page. Cuddling with your dogs after a busy morning, watching people walk around with the ghost of a smile, letting your hands be warmed by a cup of tea.

@saint-rouge The aroma of ancient books that the bookstores have, walking through cathedrals, in silence, only illuminated by the light of the candles.The atmosphere left by a rainy afternoon, drinking wine while reading a Greek classic.

@doriangray The pale moon seen through the woods at night, silence only broken by the muffled sound of music coming from an adjoining room. The static after an afternoon of protest, a faint smile at the end of the day, the smell of red wine and old wood.

@lif-yeah Dark lipstick stains, dry on never-sent love letters,studying inside a coffeeshop in the mornings, blatantly staring at recently bought books you keep inside your bag. The remains of Chinese ink, left in a long forgotten glass that you keep next to your flowers.

@montparnassee Tired sighs at night, long stares at the deserted streets, drinking slowly, coffee in the mornings with your cat on your lap. Dark clothes and dark intentions, red lipstick purposely left on wine glasses, not knowing what shirt to choose. 

@petalproufaerie Long walks through the forest, feeling with the tip of your fingers the texture of the wood. Wearing flowers in your hair like any other complement, loose blouses made of soft fabric. Loosing yourself to the feeling, sitting next to the fire, a cat twining its legs with threads of different colors.

@dianysus Soft warm sweaters over shirts, reading a book, distracted by the constant muffled sound of cars outside the house. Dancing slowly around the living room, occasionally drinking from a mug full of tea. Fresh flowers always around, as If they magically appeared. Soft smiling at strangers.

@violetmorbidity Skipping work to be able to message all your friends, mixing black lipstick and a flower crown, the lovely view of the calm field. A floaty dress flying, illuminated by the lonely street lights at dawn. Reading in secret, stopping exciting sounds with contained smiles.

@patron–minette Feet hurting after an evening full of dance, wolfish smile at all times, Gothic books stacked next to not-at-all real human skulls. Drinking your third cup of coffee, trying not to fall asleep. Finding spiders between your elegant shirts, having portraits of people you never knew hung in your hall, always observant.

Mutuals as aesthetic of fictional characters part ii // (part i)

@xshayarsha // A very powerful being identified with the Greek Hecate. She arouses fear, but also respect, thanks to which ordinary people treat her like a real goddess. Usually seen in the company of a black cat. She speaks in a mysterious way and her wisdom is always reflected in her eyes. Genre: fantasy. 

@nehmesis // She charms with her poems that reach the heart of the main character. Seen from his perspective, she seems unreal, like an idealized version of his own feelings. Beautiful femme fatale dressed in a long coat, she floats through the hallways of the university like a ghost. She always has a leather-bound journal in which she writes her thoughts. Genre: dark academia.

@lanternheart // Elf living in a wooden house at the edge of the forest. He spends a lot of his time searching for herbs which he then dries and uses for small spells. Always greets tired travelers with nice words and warm meal - he likes to listen to stories about their adventures. Dreams about long journeys. Genre: fantasy.

@zrobilem-herbate // Misunderstood character, mistakenly perceived as a villain of his story. He prefers the company of books rather than people, from the perspective of others he seems to be a complicated mystery. Connected with the tragedy that affected the lives of many people; at the end of the novel, it turns out that despite the accusations, he tried to prevent these events. Genre: gothic novel.

@petitecle // A young and delicate girl, lost in modernity because of her passion for more romantic times. In her room she holds a stack of letters bound with a pink ribbon. Lives in a historic house filled with candles and soothing piano sounds. Others call her the daughter of Aphrodite and maybe they’re right…? Genre: belles lettres.

hey hewwo im gna be doing mbs during the week so moots bls rb this post with what kind of mb u want!! whether it be for ur name, ur aes, ur archive, ur bias, a certain theme, whatever!!! ill be doing the mbs on my side blob @6loodmoon so ye!!

Use 9 pictures you already have on your phone to describe yourself!

uhh yeah the last pic was me saving tons of jk hip thrusting gifs,,, if anyone wants to have my collection hmu iss good stuff ;)

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Mutuals as aesthetic of fictional characters?

@achlless // A boy with a gentle smile, always sleepy and ready to help you, even if this means showing you memes until you finally laugh. He probably has two different socks today but that’s why everyone around him feels at home. It is very likely that he will send a link to the youtube video in the middle of the night. In each description of the group scene he stands on the side and plays with his friend’s dog. Genre: young adult.

@bashfulstars // Friend of the main character (so much liked by readers that probably in the future she will become the main character in her own book). Always ready to prevent any crises, but at the same time approaches them with humor so that even the end of the world looks cheerful. Sometimes says things that are unrelated to the subject, which makes people look at her with confusion. Genre: young adult.

@stabernatty // Wine dad, with him no one ever feels bored. Probably gets crazy and dangerous ideas every five minutes, but thanks to this, characters of the story are experiencing adventures worth describing. In every scene he appears with an enigmatic facial expression and a cigarette between his fingers. Genre: dark academia. 

@saint-rouge // Always elegant and polite, has a rich vocabulary. He loves to surround himself with old objects and, to be honest, his soul seems very old. Tragic lover: I see a scene in which the main character slides their fingers over the love letter that they once received from him. He dies young in the name of what he loves and what he believes in. Genre: gothic novel.

@dianysus // A young vampire who is experiencing the world from a new perspective. While traveling he enters a world full of intrigue, secrets and mythical creatures because of which he gets in trouble. Genre: fantasy.

@voltaiire // A student in an old university filled with memories of past generations. Cites her favorite authors, always has a book in hand, even if she knows that she will not have time to read. Quiet, often seems absent. If she’s not in the dorm, others are always looking for her in a nearby museum -  she talks very beautifully about the paintings hanging there. Genre: dark academia.

Tag game!

I was tagged by the ever-wonderful @peter-prkers (lysm Sanna xoxo)

Rules: 15 questions, 15 mutuals

1. Are you named after anyone?

Not my first name, but my middle name (Thérèse) is half-named after my mum

2. When is the last time you cried?

I think it was last Wednesday (Red Hood just GOT to me) but I am known for crying very easily so by the time anyone reads this I’d bet it’ll be more recent 😂

3. Do you have kids?

I am but a child myself so no I do not

4. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Unsuccessfully, but yes

5. What’s the first thing you notice about people?

Physical-wise, probably eyes, personality-wise probably like how talkative they are?

6. What’s your eye colour?


7. Scary movies or happy endings? Happy endings all the way (irl friends can confirm that I do NOT deal well with scary movies)

8. Any special talents?

Emmm what counts as special? 😂 I mean I’m sort of musical so I guess that?

9. Where were you born?

Southern General Hospital, Glasgow, Scotland

10. What are your hobbies?

Reading (books of both the book and comic variety), music (particularly musical theatre), wasting all my time on tumblr

11. Do you have any pets?

I do not and this is very sad however I plan to have All Of the Cats as soon as possible

12. What sports do you play/have you played?

Used to play netball and hockey and I did ballet for twelve years

13. How tall are you?

5ft2 and mad about it 😠

14. Favourite subject in school?

It was chemistry (and now I feel ancient again because I don’t go to school anymore)

15. Dream job?

Doctor (and I’m ON MY WAY to it 😍🎉)

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OkiE so ig you just answer the 21 questions I’m sure that information was absolutely necessary


Nickname(s):soph, spoop/spoopy, sophie-chan(used by my Japanese family), chophie(thAnks chabrina)



Height:5’1/4 (yEs it has to be exact)


Favorite band/soloist: nct, straykids, seventeen,(g)-idle, dean,Billie eilish,p!atd

Song stuck in my head: I’m not sorry-dean

Last movie i saw:Ant-man and the wasp

Last thing I googled:I think it was the boyz members

other blogs:none

do i get asks: nope unless Sabrina’s amazing commentary count(feel free to send some aSks)

why i chose this url: at the time jiSuNg was my bias (but i might change my url)

following: like 200 or smthn

Amount of sleep I get: 6-8 hours

lucky number:12?

what im wearing: a black hoodie and jeans

dream job: anesthesiologists

dream trip: Hell Japan w/ my friends and family

favorite food: anything with kimchi

instruments: the violin for 3 years

favorite song: I’m not sorry-dean

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