• You: Yurio has too much screen time
  • Me, an intellectual: Yurio is the third core character of the series, shown both by his inclusion in the opening credits and by the fact that he and Yuri share the same name in a thematic break from the One Steve Limit, because they are both Yuris On Ice
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i don’t think people give suho enough credit for supporting yixing like ik all of you consider bbh to be the leader of all xingmis (and im sure he is a supportive xingmi i just dont know if he’s the alpha xingmi everyone claims him to be lol) but suho is also such a xingmi n a supportive husband im totally not being biased like there’s so much evidence of suho supporting him but everyone just pretends that it doesnt exist???? OKAY *AHEM* monodrama: suho was one of the only members who gave him feedback (yixing said so himself…… he was like /ohhh the members didnt say much about monodrama…… OH EXCEPT JUNMYEON blah blah blah///) UM also the recent phone call??? sulay calls each other like???? they keep in touch tgt ?? despite being away for so many months like suho probably always wants to know if yixing is doing okay and always wants to talk to him like that january 2016 vapp of suho calling yixing and yx not answering made suho so sad looking like???? anyway tl;dr suho is really supportive of yixing… don’t ignore it :\


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the next time some of you white rp’ers wanna whine and complain that the rpc is too mean to you and why do all the people of color in the community say we hate white ppl….look at that series of bullshit right there. all of it. i have never seen somebody go to such LENGTHS to degrade people of color in a community of FICTIONAL WRITING. 

alivefor-top  asked:

Do you have any new mutual pining fics? I've been through the tag (and thank you so much for running this blog <3)

here’s some of the newer ones on AO3, i’m not sure if we’ve posted them before -Madi

Fathomable by madspace (1/1 | 7864 | Teen and Up)

Joshua didn’t expect to fall in love with his new school or the boy that came along with it.

We Could Feel This Quiet With Each Other by nodunintended (3/3 | 38584 | Mature)

“Can… Can you talk slower?”

Does this guy need a hearing aid or something?

“I asked,” Tyler spoke mockingly slow, “if you’re deaf.”

Josh raised an eyebrow and stood up from his seat, only being an inch taller than Tyler, yet more intimidating somehow. He squinted his eyes as he looked down at Tyler, “If you’d really like to know, I am. I wear earbuds all the time so people like you won’t talk to me, because if I don’t and they talk to me, and I don’t answer them, they get all pissy, just like you.”

Talking To The Moon. by MediocreAtBest (1/1 | 1107 | Not Rated)

Tyler doesn’t get asked to his prom but his best friend (and love of his life) Joshua Dun is always there to save the day.

Don’t Leave Me Alone by theother19pilots (1/1 | 1407 | Not Rated)

They’re both sad and they both wanna be sad together but they both don’t wanna admit it.

They’re both stubborn.

When The Truth Comes Out by Kewlmint34 (4/4 | 7605 | Explicit)

Josh has been Tyler’s friend-Best friend-for years now, he can’t count how many times they have joked about being together. What Tyler doesn’t realize, is Josh has never been joking. Tonight is the night when Josh can’t help himself anymore…

The Way He Looks by orphan_account (1/1 | 3042 | Not Rated)

The hoodie was gone.

anonymous asked:

This is really just a badly-concealed request for recs, but: top 5 Loki/Clint fics?

Why conceal it at all? I’m happy to offer recs (whenever I’ve read things for the pairing). 

I’ll refrain from including my own stuff here, but I have a few.

1. Screaming Mute and Seeing Blind by Nonymos. This fic is like candy for me. It’s fucked up and has a lot of Loki whump, which are two things that I love, especially in a Clint/Loki fic. The set up is basically that Loki ends up tethered to Clint as his punishment, which obviously Clint is not completely down with. Things go really south when SHIELD implodes.

2. it was his lode, his lord, his appointed star by tigriswolf. This is the first fic in a series, but it’s probably my favorite. Loki steps in when Clint’s being tortured and rescues him. But it’s not actually as nice as that sounds. 

3. This Is How by FelicityGS. This fic was written for me and I love it, so maybe that’s cheating but whatever. It’s basically a scenario where a pre-Thor Loki runs into a post-Avengers Clint, and things go from there.

4. Iteration series by squintly. Another series, and this one has a Loki who has been through a number of time loops and is super fucked up by them, and a Clint who ends up being on his side. 

5. An Eye for an Eye by Mikkeneko. A fic that is really mostly about Clint in the aftermath of the Avengers - Loki only comes in at the end, but it’s a lot of really good Clint characterization and the complicated aftermath of his feelings about Loki and what Loki did to him. 

Bonus: sleep with fists closed, and shoot straight by whatimages is technically Natasha/Clint/Loki and it’s the only one I’ve found that I like, so you should check that out too.

Also extra thank you for this ask because it made me go through the Clint/Loki tag and now I have a whole bunch of new fic on my to read list. (I mean, I may not end up liking it, I’m really picky when it comes to Clint/Loki fic, but…it’s there.)