mutual friends set

if you’re struggling for AU ideas take a look-see at this list i wrote for my friend who dubbed it “better than the 10 commandments" 

1)     Coffee shop AU

i)       Barista and person who has a ridiculous coffee order

ii)      I’m worried about your coffee dependency

iii)     you accidentally poured boiling hot coffee over me so you’re responsible for taking me to A&E

iv)     you give me a different fake name every time you come into starbucks and I just want to know your real name bc ur cute but here I am scrawling “batman” onto your stupid cappuccino

2)      Flower shop AU

i)       You buy a weird amount of flowers and I’m concerned as to why

ii)      I’m allergic to flowers but I work in a flower shop – you’re a customer who’s very confused as to why I’d do that

iii)     (this is also a good way to incorporate flower meanings eg, buying certain colours/types for person to represent feelings etc.)

3)      Library AU

i)       You’re overdue on this book and I want it so I’m tracking u the fuck down

ii)      I work in the library and I’m a little concerned for your health bc you never stop studying

iii)     The library’s pretty empty save for you and me and OH that couple making out loudly in the shelves somewhere

4)      Awful first time meeting

i)       I accidentally punched you in the face when I was too overexcited about something

ii)      I thought you were my friend who’s just done something awful to me (read: cut my hair while I slept, dyed all of my clothes pink, etc. etc.) because you look similar from behind so I stormed up to you and shoved you from behind while calling you an asshole

iii)     You get the gist to this one

iv)     Oooh when you told me your name I thought you were joking because it’s fucking awful and I made a joke about it and things got awkward real fucking fast (perfect for a Hannibal au just saying)

5)      Weird places to meet/awkward meetings in general

i)       We live in the same block of flats but haven’t ever talked and Sunday morning we were both doing the walk of shame and had to stand in the lift together

ii)      “okay I know that being in the woods at 2am is a weird thing to be doing but my friend called me and- wait, why are you in the woods at 2am, fuck I’m going to die aren’t I?”

iii)     A personal favourite of mine – first day at a new job and oh fuck my boss is the person I drunkenly hooked up with last weekend/night

iv)     We keep accidentally running into each other I’m not a stalker I swear

v)      You live across from me in our apartments and we smile when we see each other but we don’t really know each other and oh you’re the stripper at my friend’s stag do/hen night fuck this is really uncomfortable

vi)     “My shower’s broken but I’ve got a date tonight could I possibly use your shower please?” “Oh sure (neighbour that I’ve been crushing on for the past six months) of course you can use my shower to get ready for your date (fuck fuck fuck)”

6)      Friends to romance – pining and all that wonderful shit

i)       You’ve got a date tonight and you asked for advice on what to wear but I’m so in love with you and damn you look good in the outfit I picked out for you

ii)      I really like you but you’re my best friend’s ex

iii)     You’ve liked me for ages and were really obvious about it and I didn’t like all the attention but now you’re over me I really miss it and fuck I think I like you too?

iv)     Somewhere along the way of getting into bar fights together, staying up all night with movie marathons, other friendship things, I’ve fallen in love with you but oh my god this could ruin EVERYTHING

v)      Friends with benefits oh wait I like you


i)       It’s my highschool reunion and I need a hot date so I can rub it in the faces of the people who hated me

ii)      My homophobic parents are coming to visit will you pretend to date me as an extra “fuck you”?

iii)     There’s a person who won’t stop bugging me will you pretend to be my partner so that they’ll fuck off?

iv)     I told my sister I have a boyfriend so she’d stop trying to set me up with people but now she’s coming to visit and I’m in too deep I need a fake boyf ASAP

8)      Soulmate aus

i)       The first words your true love(s) will say to you are tattooed on you and why the fuck are their first words something really ridiculous like ‘I’ll pay you a tenner to punch me in the face’ or ‘quick what’s your favourite animal’ or ‘fucking shit hell holy fuck wow oh my god jesus h Christ fuck me’ etc. or even worse a really ridiculous song lyric like  the opening lines of uptown funk or a high school musical song or smthing did you have to serenade me the first time you saw me asshole?

ii)      You get an ‘impression’ of your soulmate when you turn 18 or something but all I got was a strong smell of bananas or an overwhelming feeling that Thatcher was a good prime minister or an image in my mind of a fucking unicorn

iii)     The more ridiculous the better actually

iv)     Something like whenever your soulmate sings a duet you can’t help but join in and my fucking soulmate is in a goddamn band but I can’t sing for shit

v)      Or maybe something like soulmates always sneeze at the same time and I cant be sure but me and this kid in my French class just sneezed at the same time are we soulmates or was it a coincidence (proceed w character trying to make themselves sneeze around said person to see what’s what)

9)      Alternate universes for real

i)       Mermaids

ii)      Siren and asexual pirate who doesn’t understand why all his crew are losing their shit that person has a nice voice sure but what the fuck is happening

iii)     Hogwarts

iv)     We live in a world where the greek gods are real and you went and got yourself cursed and now I have to go on a fucking quest to sort this shit out why do I love you again?

v)      Pacific rim au (either they’re drift compatible or one of them is a ranger and the other stresses constantly bc what if they die yes I have read a fic like this no I didn’t come up with this one but it’s fucking good) (also if you haven’t seen that film go watch it now)

vi)     Literally any movie or book universe you like tbh just go for it

10)   Other aus that I like

i)       I wanted to go on the ferris wheel but there has to be two people to a cart come on random person let’s go oh wait are we stuck at the top? Fuck

ii)      We work in the same office and you have a goddamn squeaky chair and you wONT FUCKING STOP SQUEAKING IT BECAUSE YOU KNOW IT ANNOYS ME

iii)     Our mutual friend set us up on a blind date and I thought I’d hate it but you’re actually… kind of funny? But because I expected to hate it in no way am I going to let you change my mind just because you’re gorgeous and funny and intelligent oh no my friend is not winning this

iv)     It started to snow and I’m the only one of our friends who would go outside with you – I soon found out why none of the others would go out in the snow with you (this works best if they’re new friends who don’t know each other all that well) when you shoved a handful of snow down my back and declared snow war

v)      It’s nowhere near Christmas it’s literally still November would you calm down about Christmas wait no why are you getting the tree out no stop please stop (if you do this pre-relationship you can have the grouchy one secretly finding the other’s excitement endearing and falling in love with them actually that works for established relationship too)

vi)     Current partner got a new job in America (or other country far away) and we’re getting by on skype calls and emails but it’s not easy and then I met someone new (can be poly or can be finding the OTP person)

vii)   You want us both to get in shape and I hate working out/running but your ass looks really good in shorts oh the things I do for my friends and their nice asses

viii)  Carrying on from 10.vii. you’ve caught me checking you out in what I thought was a subtle way too many times and now you’re calling me out on it what do I do???

ix)     You’re an actor/other famous person that I really admire and I just saw you in the street and as I was debating whether or not to say hi you came up to me and started flirting what do I do??

x)      You were waving at your friend behind me but I got confused and waved back at you and now I’m dying of embarrassment but you think it’s cute

xi)     I sat down in the wrong class and I’m panicking but don’t want to get up and leave because the class has started and you think it’s hilarious and shut up you dumb fuck you don’t know me aahhh

xii)   I’m a waiter at this wedding and you’re a drunk guest who will not stop hitting on me please I’m trying to work no I can’t dance with you omg let me find you some water

xiii)  Our best friends are that awful ‘cute’ couple that make-out in public and call each other “sweetie” and “sugar” and “babe” and god they’re awful let’s talk about how awful they are – develops into “shit we’re the awful couple now”

xiv)  You pissed me off in class so I threw a book at your head and now I’m in detention and jesus fuck I hate you so much and the teacher made me apologise and wait you’re cuter up close and the way you talk is kind of nice actually oh fuck no

Okay I could go on forever but this is over 1,500 words of auing already I have too many ideas christ

send me some to @theskyis-forever with a pairing for me to write :)

Prompt: “That’s irrational.”

When you first heard the album, sitting with Harry in your backyard, Carolina was one of your favorites. It was catchy and it had good lyrics. It didn’t cross your mind that the song was written about someone else. But when Harry went on Nicks radio show and told the story of the song and who it was about, a wave of anger couldn’t help but overcome you. Each and every time you had the album on shuffle, you skipped it faster than you could blink. When it came on the radio you turned it down. If Harry started singing it, you left the room. You came to hate the song. Hearing your love of 3 years sing about how another girl “feels so good” and is “all i think about” didn’t exactly put you in a position to fawn all over the song. This is what you were trying to explain to Harry when he confronted you about your obvious dislike for the song. 

“I know you don’t like Carolina. Why? You liked it when you first heard it, didn’t you? It was one of your favorites actually. What changed?” He asked you, when he stepped out of the shower, sitting next to you on the bed. 

“Nothing changed. I like the song, its good.” you said coldly. 

“Then why do you go out of your way to not listen to it, and when you have to, you cringe down to the last second?” His voice was angry mixed with a bit of sadness. He wasn’t yelling…yet. You knew your opinion mattered a lot to Harry. And although you didn’t like the song, you figured he deserved the truth. 

“Fine Harry. You wanna know why I don’t like the damn song?” you said and he looked at you expectantly. 

“It’s blatantly about another girl. You’re one of the most private people I know. You wouldn’t go out of your way to put the girls name in the song, put it on the album and sing it on national TV if it didn’t mean a lot to you. So excuse me if I don’t want to listen to my boyfriend sing about how another girl is all he thinks about.” you said getting more and more angry with each word that you said. Harry looked at you and didn’t say anything, so you continued. 

“Harry that song makes me look like a fucking joke. And I know its your music and you have the right to write about anything you want to. But every time I look at you, I see you and her. Every time I hear that song, I think of you and her. And if she means that much to you, then why am I here?”

“Babe…you’re over reacting. Its just a song.” Harry said tears welling up in his eyes, and it was then that you realized that you were crying as well. “I can promise you that she doesn’t mean as much to me as you do. Tell me what I can do to fix this. A song isn’t worth loosing you. I swear, she meant something to me a while ago. And she’ll always mean something to me in the way of a friend. But you…I can’t live without you.”

Now you were full on sobbing, “Then why’d you write the song? Its not a sin for me to be upset about the song. And it’s not even the fact that you wrote the song, it’s the fact that you took the time to expose the girl and make it very clear that it was about her.”

“So you don’t want me to write about other girls and life experiences? That’s irrational. I’m always going to write songs about my life experiences. If you cant handle that, when we can end this.” he said angrily. He immediately regretted saying it when you got up and stormed out of the room. 

“I don’t know what to do Gem. She won’t talk to me, she won’t look at me, she won’t let me touch her. I don’t sleep in the same bed as her anymore, she sleeps in the guest house. Not even in the guest room, the guest house. I feel like I’m losing her, and that can’t happen.” he said on the verge of tears as he spoke to his sister on the phone. 

“How long has this been going on?” she asked him carefully. 

He let out a long sigh, “about 4 days.”

“Honestly, she probably shut down because she feels like you haven’t acknowledged the fact that she’s hurt. Weather you feel like you did something wrong or not, she needs to know that you know and care that she’s hurting. If you haven’t made an effort to apologize to her, she won’t know that. Especially if you aren’t talking. And Harry, you have to admit, if the roles were reversed, you’d be pretty angry, too. I think you both need to talk because it sounds like to me, this argument is a two way street.”

He made his way down the small pathway to the guest house where you’ve been staying for the greater part of a week. You didn’t want to see him, hear his voice, speak to him or anything else. You knew you were overreacting just a little bit, but in your mind, you still had the right to be upset. He rang the doorbell and you automatically knew who it was. It was the first time he had been over since you left the main house. 

“Love, baby, princess…let me in. Please?” and there was something in his voice that you couldn’t ignore, even if you wanted to. You made your way over to the door, and before you could even get it all the way open, Harry pushed himself inside and wrapped his arms around you. You tensed up at first, but then relaxed into this chest, realizing you missed him. You stood there, in the doorway hugging for a long time, the first connection you’ve had with him in days. 

“Let’s talk, yeah?” he asked you sweetly, kissing your nose. You nodded and lead him over to the kitchen table. You sat, not saying anything to each other before he said,

“I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. When I wrote that song, I wasn’t thinking. I met Townes-”

“Don’t say her name.”

“I met her a few years back. It was just before I met you. We had a few mutual friends and they set us up on a blind date. And I’m not going to lie, I had a lot of fun that night. But she was missing something, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Plus the tour was about to start, so even just after one date, I broke it off.” He explained and you listened intently. “We remained in touch after that and I occasionally still talk to her. But I swear, she’s just a friend. She doesn’t mean nearly as much to me as you do. And when I said she was all I think about, its just a lyric. I don’t mean that literally. I deeply apologize if I made you question my love for you. That was never my intension. Its just a bloody song love. And yes it means something to me. Each and every one of my songs means something to me. But you…I could never express in words what you mean to me. I wrote countless songs about you- so, so many. But none of them bring you justice. You’re just that precious to me.” he said with a dimpled grin and a squeeze of your hand. 

“I’m sorry too H. I overreacted. I shouldn’t have been so jealous. And your music is your music, and I don’t have the right to question your creativity. I’m sure she is a nice girl. She should be flattered. But can I ask you something. Obviously you don’t have to answer.”

“What do you want to know, my lovely?” 

“Is there a song about me on your album.”

He looked at you with a devilish smirk and a gleam in his eye,

“Oh love, don’t you know you’re my only angel?”

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What the Hell is a Stiles?

Sterek, T, 2K, Blind Date AU

Saw the prompt from this post that someone reblogged. (Take a look at the list, there are so many good ideas!)

Our mutual friend set us up on a blind date and I thought I’d hate it but you’re actually… kind of funny? But because I expected to hate it in no way am I going to let you change my mind just because you’re gorgeous and funny and intelligent oh no my friend is not winning this

“No,” Derek says easily, without even looking up from his book. Erica groans and flops into the chair opposite him, nearly upsetting his mug of hot chocolate.

“Seriously?” she says, bracing both elbows on the table and leaning toward him. “At least hear me out.”


“He’s cute, Der! I think you’d really like him.”

“Absolutely not. You have a terrible track record with set-ups.”

Erica has the decency to wince, at least, and drop her gaze from Derek’s. “But you’re a catch, Der, and you deserve someone who can make you happy. And since you don’t want to date me—”

“You don’t want to date me, either,” he reminds her, but she just rolls her eyes.

“Yeah, whatever. But seriously. You’re great.”

“I thought I was grumpy and terrible with people?” he asks, parroting her words from after the last failed date, and she huffs.

“Please?” she wheedles, poking her lower lips out a bit. “For me. If it goes badly, I’ll never try to set you up again.”

Derek sighs. Fuck.

His facial expressions must be more transparent than he thinks because Erica’s eyes light up. “Oh my god, you’re gonna say yes.”

Derek scowls at her. “Just coffee,” he says firmly. At least that way, he can get it in a to-go cup and make a neat escape after five minutes if he needs to. “No dinner, no movie, no activities.”

“Fine,” she says quickly, digging in her jeans pocket for her phone. “You got it.”

“This is not gonna end well,” he warns her, but she just waves her hand without looking up from her phone.

“Have some faith, Der,” she says, patting him on the hand absently while she pushes her chair back and stands up. “I can’t wait to tell Stiles.”

Derek blinks, watching Erica walk away. 

“Wait, what the hell is a Stiles?” he calls after her.

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anonymous asked:

any fics where Jily is being shipped by family/friends/fans/ECT.

Here are a bunch, and I think we haven’t recommended the first one before!

Title: Snap Me That
Author: wearingaberetinparis
Rating: Not rated
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: University AU

Title: Shipped by the Public
Author: doopilydo
Rating: Not rated
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: Prince James and Princess Lily are shipped hardcore by the people. They’ve never met. The strength of the will of the public brings them together. 

Title: Undercover
Author: thequibblah
Rating: K
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,861
Summary: “Who said we had to be subtle? It’s not like either of us works for MI6.” “You won’t fool me into snapping into spy mode by bringing it up!” “Are you asking me to step up my game?” “Prick,” Lily says through gritted teeth. “Challenge accepted.” Muggle spies-posing-as-high-school-teachers AU. 

Title: Untitled
Author: thornfield13713
Rating: Not rated
Genre(s): Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: It is a truth universally acknowledged that Professor Evans and Professor Potter are the one true OTP of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However little known the feelings or views of the professors may be to the student body of Hogwarts at large, this truth is so well fixed in the minds of their students that it is considered almost sacrilegious to ship either Professor Evans or Professor Potter with anyone but each other.

Title: Blind Dating
Author: MPPmaraudergirl
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~16,000
Summary: Jily Muggle AU: After being set up on a blind date neither agreed to, Lily and James decide that fake dating and staging a horrendous breakup would be the perfect pay-back for their friends’ scheme. But after a while, who can say what’s real and what’s fake?

Title: Untitled
Author: fetchalgernon
Rating: K
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count:~
Summary:“our asshole mutual friends set us up on a blind date and didn’t tell us it was a blind date, so instead of getting to know each other we spent the entire ‘date’ scheming against them and decided an awesome way to get back at them would be to pretend to date and then have a horrendous breakup but now that we’re two months into this charade we’re not sure what’s real and what’s fake anymore” AU

Title: Untitled
Romance, Humour
Word Count:
19. Our Grandmother’s are trying to set us up AU

Title: Christmas Lights
Not rated
Romance, Humour
Word Count:
Got stuck on the roof putting up Christmas lights AU

Title: Meeting the Marauders 
Author: PoppyPotter
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 10
Word Count: 49,864
Summary: Or how Mr Evans was forced to spend Christmas with four raving lunatics, had his life turned upside down and was forced to make his precious daughter go on a date.

Title: Give Me Some Time
Author: takeharryandgo
Rating: Not rated
Genre(s): Romance, Humour, Muggle AU, Modern AU
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: Modern AU. I got the idea from one of those posts with multiple AU prompts–hope you enjoy my version of rockstar/groupie (+coffee shop ;))

Title: A Dying Wish
Author: pupparoux
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 15
Word Count: 47,781
Summary: Lily Evan’s grandmother wants only one thing from Lily before she dies…she wants to meet Lily’s boyfriend. So Lily rises to the occasion, and who does she bring? Why none other than our favorite… James Potter.

Title: Arm Candy
Chie (Chierafied)
Celebrity AU, Muggle AU, Humour
Word Count:
“I really don’t need a date,” Lily had protested to her agent from the start, biting out the words from between her gritted teeth. “It’s the twenty-first century. My value should be determined by my performance, not by my ability to land a man.”  But Mary, stubborn as she was, had not come around. “You’re getting an award, Lily, you can’t well go to the ceremony alone.”

Title: #Jily
Author: Chie (Chierafied)
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,991
Summary: Twitter seemed awash with the hashtag Jily. Lily blinked at in confusion, until she realised it was one of those silly couple monikers people had bestowed on her and Potter. …Though there was a small dissenting crowd following a tweet from Potter’s bandmate Sirius Black: Jily? Hah! More like LAMES.

Title: Key Limes
Author: cgner
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 24,695
Summary: In which Academy Award winner Lily Evans discovers the periphery of internet fandom and the existence of Prince James’s gold star system.

Title: Upside Down
Romance, Drama
Word Count:
Lily’s pop star career seems to be hitting a rut, until her publicity team comes up with the perfect plan- a fake relationship with James Potter, frontman of the hot new boyband The Marauders. Lily’s less than enthused- last time she and James were in the same room together, there was vomit involved, all over her nicest pair of shoes. After a few dates, however, lines begin to blur, and suddenly things between them don’t seem to be just PR anymore…

Title: Sovereign Affairs
Author: BookWorm77071  
Rating: T
Genre(s): Family, Romance
Chapters: 20
Word Count: 57,543
Summary: Modern Jily AU for the Jily Royalty Fest. Lily is the illegitimate sister of Duke Sirius and Prince Regulus, and is summoned to the Slytherin Palace to take her place by Prince Orion on his deathbed. With the help of her new friends, Lily learns what it means to be a Princess, and just what it is that makes a family.

The Flyer

How one flyer changes Darren’s life.

a/n: this is the first time in over a year that I have written cc. So…Hi.  It’s good to be back.


Inspired by this post

For four weeks the flyer has gotten his attention every time he walks down the sidewalk in front of his apartments.  And every time he passes the lightpost it’s taped to it makes him smile.

Perhaps finding amusement in a flyer for a lost pet is wrong.  But it’s hard not to feel that when he sees this flyer everyday.  From the description: I lost my fucking cat.  His name is Brian but he’s a bitch and doesn’t respond to it but I love him and still want him back.  To the picture of said lost cat.  The cat, Brian, in the picture wears a look that says I will kill you.  At the bottom is the amount willing to be paid if Brian is returned and a number.

He’s never given much thought to the flyer after he walks by it.  But today is different.  Today he stops and stands there staring at the flyer, the corner of his mouth turned up in an amused smile as reads the flyer for the hundredth time.  The picture of Brian staring daggers at him.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do first meeting aus? Thanks :)

  • You’re a stranger all dressed up and lookin’ fine and I literally just rolled out of bed and rocked up why do I do this to myself I can’t get your number looking like this
  • Oh the clichéd bump-into-one-another-and-one-drops-there-stuff-while-the-other-helps-them-pick-it-up
  • You’re really attractive and I’ve accidentally been staring at you from across the room and oh god you saw and now you’re coming over oh no
  • I sit at the front of the class, you sit at the back, we’ve never spoken but the teacher just paired us together for this project so hi?
  • I just got fired and stormed out of the building and crashed into you I’m so sorr- wait YOU’RE THE ONE TAKING MY JOB? ARE YOU KIDDING RIGHT NOW YOU KNOW WHAT NO I’M NOT SORRY FUCK YOU wait no nvrmind i’m sorry you look both pissed and upset sorry
  • We have a mutual friend that set us up on a blind date
AU prompts
  • “We both take the metro (or train/shuttle/bus) often and see each other there all the time, we keep staring at each other but have never actually talked, and it’s getting weird” au
  • “Whenever I get coffee at your Starbucks you spell my name wrong and it’s turned into a challenge to see how wrong you can get it” au
  • “Your mail keeps coming to my address which is really weird since they’re nothing alike, but it turns out our mutual friend who wants to set us up keeps switching the mail on purpose” au
  • “We’re watching my favourite movie in class and this asshole keeps talkin- woah hello, you’re really cute, what was I saying??” au
  • “Your cat and my dog are totally in love, and I think it’s so cute until I realise that it’s your pet, because we kind of hate each other” au
  • “Who the fuck keeps buying all of my favourite junk food from the local super market” au
  • “Cute and talkative taxi driver” au
  • “You’re always the most spirited person during Spirit Week and I really want to beat you this year” au
  • “Why is the love of my life wearing that ridiculous costume to school, it’s not even Halloween, what the actual fuck” au
  • “I always see you at my sporting events cheering really loudly and you don’t know this but the entire team loves you for it” au
  • “It’s exam seasons and I just found you trying to drown yourself in a bowl of ramen noodles” au
  • “We’re camp counsellors at a really cool camp, but the rivalry between our cabins is sort of famous, and now we might get fired because the manager caught us racing toddlers” au
  • “I’m a waiter/waitress and you always sit in my section. I really like you and i thought you liked me back until you walked in here with a date, w h o o p s would you look at that I keep spilling stuff on them” au
  • Another waiter/waitress one: “You always come to this place and never talk much, but now these two assholes are harassing me and you step in and defend me” au
  • “You’re really passionate about Harry Potter and I tell you I’ve never even watched the movies so now we’re going back to your house for a movie marathon and you’re on a rant and I don’t know what I said” au
Revenge, Interrupted (Steroline Fanfiction) - Chapter 1

Fake Dating AU.

Prompt: “Our asshole mutual friends set us up on a blind date and didn’t tell us it was a blind date, so instead of getting to know each other we spent the entire ‘date’ scheming against them and decided an awesome way to get back at them would be to pretend to date and then have a horrendous breakup but now that we’re two months into this charade we’re not sure what’s real and what’s fake anymore” AU (credit)

Setting: This is a human AU, basically they’ve just graduated college and moved to the same city. Bonnie, Elena and Damon went to the same college and Caroline went to a different one and has never met Stefan or Damon, until now!

Ships: Steroline, Bonenzo and Delena (I don’t ship DE but this is an AU so they’re fine here I promise)

A/N: This is going to be super cliche and fluffy but I think our fandom needs that right now! This is also my first non angst fic and my first complete AU fic, I hope you guys like it.


[Ch 2] [Ch 3] [Ch 4] [Ch 5] [Ch 6] [Ch 7] [Ch 8] [Ch 9] [Ch 10]

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Fics where all of Jily's friends are annoyed at how nauseatingly cute they are? Preferably fics that haven't been rec'd yet, since I've literally read every single rec on this site lol (But I'm up for re-reads if you can't find any).

These are the best we can think of at the moment.  Any suggestions?

Title: The One Where No Interference Happens, For Certain
Author: ShowMeAHero
Rating: T
Genre(s): Friendship , Humor
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,458
Summary: James and Lily go on their first date. The Marauders can’t not at least try to watch.

Title: You and Me Both, Kid
Author: twilightstargazer
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humor
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 6,000
Summary: Because standing in front of him with her green eyes blown wide and mouth shaped in a small ‘o’ is Lily Evans and James is just about hoping that the ground would open up beneath his feet and swallow him whole.

Title: Blind Dating
Author: MPPmaraudergirl
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~16,000
Summary: Jily Muggle AU: After being set up on a blind date neither agreed to, Lily and James decide that fake dating and staging a horrendous breakup would be the perfect pay-back for their friends’ scheme. But after a while, who can say what’s real and what’s fake?

Title: Untitled
Author: fetchalgernon
Rating: K
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count:~
Summary:“our asshole mutual friends set us up on a blind date and didn’t tell us it was a blind date, so instead of getting to know each other we spent the entire ‘date’ scheming against them and decided an awesome way to get back at them would be to pretend to date and then have a horrendous breakup but now that we’re two months into this charade we’re not sure what’s real and what’s fake anymore” AU

Title: Eight Days
Author: BeeDaily
Rating: Mature
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 6 [WIP]
Word Count: 21,677
Summary: During a week-long exhibition, professional Quidditch player James Potter encounters Lily Evans, Junior Quidditch Correspondent for the Daily Prophet.


Prompt: Can I request Hal Jordan and the reader on date but it gets interrupted by other lanterns

Hi, okay, I’m not that read up on the Lanterns, I mean, I used to watch that cartoon network show and a few movies. So, I’m gonna try my best.

Y/N=Your name

Y/F/IC= your favorite Ice Cream


Pairing: Hal X OC

Word Count: 1,053

At first, you were nervous, the rumors that you had heard while working on the Air Force base along side the two. Your mutual friend, Carol, had set the two of you up on a blind-date, saying that she’d bring him to your station after work.  You had never met him before today, but he seemed to be nice. The pick-up line he had used while meeting you as Carol introduced you was cheesy, but it still made you blush, “I’m sorry, I don’t think we’ve met. I wouldn’t forget a pretty face like that.”

“Hal,” Carol groaned as the two of you shook hands, “You’re going to scare her away- and you just met.”

“it’s fine Carol,” you chuckled, “It’s kinda cute.”

“Don’t encourage him Y/N. It’ll be bad for you.”

Hal rolled his eyes at Carol before he motioned for her to scat, “now you’re going to scare her away. Come on Y/N, I know a great place to grab a bit to eat.”

“Perfect,” you said, grabbing your purse off of the counter and waving to Carol, “See you tomorrow.”

“See you then,” She smiled, leaning against the counter and watching the two of you leave, patting herself on the bak and already planning your wedding… probably.

“So Y/N,” Hal smiled down at you as you walked, “Carol talked quite a bit about you, but I’d like to hear it from you…”

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thank you so much for making this blog omg T_T can i request what it would be like on a blind date with the boys?

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A mutual friend set the two of you up, seeing that neither of you would have much hope in the dating world. Let alone any hope for marriage. And honestly, Ryosuke was going through a lonely period and trusted this particular friend. Surely they were familiar with you and knew you weren’t just trying to land a date with Yamada Ryosuke, the idol. During the first half of the date, anxiety and shyness was getting the best of him and it had been hard pulling more than a sentence from the man. A little more into it, however, and he was able to be himself more.

Maybe this could actually blossom into something.

Originally posted by coffingrover


He’s honestly apprehensive and would’ve have even went if he didn’t owe his friend a favor. Who does blind dates anymore? Do they even work? Thinking on it, it probably works more than online dating. Maybe. Either way, he begrudgingly went with no expectations in his mind. Upon the date, Yuto was actually a little surprised to find that you were attractive and he’s a little dumbstruck to be honest. Why do you need help finding love? And, that was the first thing he said to you as well – before apologizing for the poor choice of words. By the end, he hardly wants to admit that his friend might’ve actually helped him a lot. Though the date might’ve been set up, the feelings he’s starting to develop for you are natural.

Originally posted by saffyopal


It wasn’t actually a blind date, but a small group gathering that a friend set up. Chinen would’ve never went for a blind date with a random stranger, mutual friend or not, so the friend pulled strings and invited you both to a video game night at their home. Bonding over video games is much easier than bonding over a quiet dinner and having nothing to talk about. Little by little, Chinen opens up to you and becomes friendlier throughout the night. The friend conveniently steps out to get some snacks and leaves the two of you alone, still playing games together. By the end of the night, you may not have a date right away but you have Chinen’s email and his interest gotten.

Originally posted by 4clover96


Well, why not? He decided to give his friend the benefit of the doubt and go on the date. He had been a bit too anxious to put himself out there, so this would be a nice change. He went into it lightheartedly and the date went pretty smoothly. He’s actually glad that he went through with it, you’re a really interesting person!

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EXCLUSIVE: Torrey DeVitto and 'Dancing With the Stars' Pro Artem Chigvintsev Split

Torrey DeVitto and Artem Chigvintsev have called it quits.

After nearly a year together, the Chicago Med actress and the Dancing With the Stars pro have split, ET can confirm.

WATCH: Torrey DeVitto Blushes Over Boyfriend Artem Chigvintsev

A source close to Chigvintsev told ET on Wednesday that the reason for the breakup was “nothing dramatic.”

“Torrey broke up with him about a month or two ago, and Artem is pretty bummed about it,” the source said. “Torrey was over the relationship and the distance was a lot for them to handle. She has been in Chicago filming Chicago Med while Artem is in Los Angeles for Dancing. Distance was a main factor.”

RELATED: Torrey DeVitto Is Dating ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Pro Artem Chigvintsev

While it appears DeVitto has deleted almost all of her pics of her and her former beau on Instagram, Chigvintsev’s account still features snaps of the two, the last being a selfie that was posted on March 6.

#bnpShowdown 10th anniversary

A post shared by Artem (@theartemc) on Mar 6, 2017 at 5:08pm PST

DeVitto, 32, and Chigvintsev, 34, started dating last May after mutual friends set them up on a blind date.

“It’s all very brand new,” a source close to DeVitto said at the time. “They’re having fun.”

-Reporting by Jennifer Peros & Darla Murray

WATCH: 'Dancing With the Stars’ Week 8 Dance Recap: Best Lifts, Kicks, Tricks and Flips!

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so my boyfriend and I have a mutual friend who set us up and we fucked in our friends bed. I also gave him head on the trampoline. and then we fucked in his brothers car. it was so fucking hot omg


Our asshole mutual friends set us up on a blind date and didn’t tell us it was a blind date, so instead of getting to know each other we spent the entire ‘date’ scheming against them and decided an awesome way to get back at them would be to pretend to date and then have a horrendous breakup but now that we’re two months into this charade we’re not sure what’s real and what’s fake anymore AU
Mutual Friends

So as Christians, we’re supposed to only date other Christians and make sure to be “equally yoked” with our spouse.
What does that even mean? We’re supposed to make our eggs the same way? Naw. 

I’ve dated a few guys in my short twenty two years on this earth. Some most of them have not been Christians and the others haven’t been as strong in their faith. But, about 34% of guys I’ve dated have played the God card on me to get out of a relationship (which PS that freaking sucks and I think is total BS).

I’ve thought a lot that maybe having God as the center of a relationship isn’t thaaaaat important. Like, I could totally pursue God and date someone who isn’t. It was pretty much just a technicality and I could totally skip out on it.

But falling in love with the Creator of the Universe has so completely soaked my life that I can’t just leave that part out. God is woven into in my life that I can’t really not talk about Him or live a life without Him.
***side note - that’s definitely NOT me saying that I am a super Christian. I most definitely am not. I’m actually not a walking model of a Proverbs 31 Woman and I’m a hot mess that totally operates and relies on the grace of God to get me through every day***

What I mean by that is that God has impacted my life in such a way that I can’t help but talk about it. I can’t help but wonder about Him and I can’t help but to continue to learn about Him and worship him.

I think when we have God in the context of a dating relationship it’s like having a mutual friend. I know who God is, I’ve been friends with him for a while now. And the person I’d date knows who God is because they’ve been friends for a while. And we don’t know God in the same way, but we both know God. But we can talk for hours about things that we’ve learned from this mutual friend and we can share our experiences and our relationships with this mutual friend. And we can hangout with this friend together. 

But without knowing that mutual friend? In my experience, it’s like I can’t be fully myself with the person I’m dating - I don’t know what to talk about. There’s not a common platform, there’s no commonality in the way that we see the world, the same beliefs don’t shape the way we see things. I can’t talk about this mutual friend because the person I’m dating maybe hasn’t even met this friend yet. 

I’m just waiting for this mutual friend to set me up with the love of my life. Because that’s what mutual friends do, right? They know their friends so well that they have the ability to say, “I think you would be great for this person!”. 

-31Women (Emma)

Dressed To Be || Jungkook


Summary:  Cosplay!AU. It happens at every convention, and you don’t know if its fate or luck, but you always end up in compromising positions with a guy who always seems to be your unintentional partner in crime. 

Word Count: 1,257

A/N: Thank you very much for requesting Anon dearest, and I’m so glad you love my scenarios - and am so sorry that you had to wait so long for this even though you were one of my first requesters! I hope you enjoy it, also requests are opening soon so keep an eye out!

You adjusted the wig you wore, fixing the bangs so they settled perfectly over your forehead. You moved out of the way, providing more room for another person to fix their makeup in the public bathroom you had found solace in. The moment you retreated from the bathroom, you were flocked by a few fans, smiling at you warmly as they held cameras against their bodies in an attempt to shield their equipment.

You moved away from the toilets towards an open spot near the large windows of the arena’s foyer, posing in front of the fans as they set up their cameras to take photos of your costume.

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An imagine where Y/N is going on a date and Josh is rude to the guy because he's jealous. The date ends up being terrible and Y/N comes back all upset and Josh is there and comforts her. Then they kiss and end up admitting their feelings?

Yay, thanks for requesting! I had a lot of fun writing this, and I hope it’s what you wanted.

Bad Date (A Josh Dun Imagine)

Trigger Warnings: Language

You studied yourself in the smudgy bathroom mirror, trying to smooth down your wild hair. You wanted this date to go perfectly. You had a stroke of bad luck when it came to first dates, but you had a feeling tonight was going to be different.

Stepping back to look at your reflection, you had to admit, you looked pretty good. Your white sweater hung effortlessly across your shoulders, accented by the gold necklace you got for your birthday. You carefully applied a layer of lipstick to top it all off.

Tapping your fingers nervously on the counter, you glanced at the clock. Thomas wasn’t coming to pick you up for another half hour, but you could already feel the nerves beginning to bubble up in your stomach.

“Relax.” You told yourself. “It’s just a date.”

Your mini pep-talk was interrupted by a sudden buzzing in your pocket. Josh was calling. Glad for something to distract you from the butterflies, you picked up the phone.


“Hey.” Josh’s voice crackled through the line. “You left your jacket at my house the other day. Can I swing by and drop it off?”

“Yeah, sure.” You replied.

“Okay, cool. Be there in 20. Also, do you want to go see a movie later?”

“No good. I have a date tonight.”

“Oh.” There was a pause. “Okay.”

“But we can totally reschedule.”  You sputtered, feeling bad that you let him down. “Are you free Sunday?”

“Yeah,” He chuckled weakly through the receiver. “Sunday it is. Be there soon with the jacket.”

The line went dead, and you went back to fiddling with your hair, hoping that Josh wasn’t upset.

Roughly twenty minutes later, you heard the familiar knock on the door. You swung it open, revealing your best friend, clad in a black hoodie and jeans.

“Hey Josh.”

Instead of a reply, His dark eyes grew wide when he saw you. “Wow.” He breathed. “You look…wow”

“Do you think the lipstick is too much?” You questioned, suddenly self-conscious of your outfit.

“No! No, you look great.” He assured you, a hint of embarrassment in his voice. “What time is your date?”

“Thomas should be here to pick me up any minute.” You replied, playing with the sleeve of your sweater. “Thanks for bringing my jacket.”

Josh looked down at his shoes. “Where did you meet him?”

“A mutual friend set us up. I actually haven’t met him yet; I’m hoping to make a good first impression.”

“I can see that.” Josh mumbled, casting a quick glance at your outfit again.

Ignoring his comment, you ushered him out the door and onto the porch. “You should probably get going. Thomas is going to be here any minute.”

Almost as if on cue, a sleek black car pulled into your driveway next to Josh’s beat up sedan. You watched as a tall, twenty-something man emerged from the driver’s seat, clad in a button down top and sunglasses. His hair was styled into a perfect wave, and when he saw you he flashed an award-award winning smile. You felt your cheeks growing warm, and quickly dashed down the steps to meet him.

“Hi.” You greeted him breathlessly, trying your best not to show how flustered you were.

“Hey.” He beamed, the corners of his lips rising up into a smile. He tucked his arm around your shoulder, leading you toward the passenger door of the sports car. “You ready?”

Before you could reply, Josh had sauntered down the porch steps and stood directly in front of your date. He looked Thomas over and scoffed. “You look like you stepped straight out a fraternity.”

You felt your face flush, and gave Josh a don’t-you-dare-ruin-this-for-me glare.

Thomas didn’t seem to mind the snarky comment. “Ha. Well, I was in a fraternity in college. Cornell, actually. But that was years ago.”

Josh didn’t respond, but instead gave Thomas the dirtiest look he could before heading back to the porch.

You made a mental note to lecture Josh when you got home as Thomas opened the car door and you slipped inside.

“What’s up with your brother?” Thomas asked nonchalantly, hopping into the driver’s seat and putting the keys in the ignition.

“Josh? He’s not my brother.” You laughed at the thought. “We’re just friends. We’ve known each other since middle school.”

Thomas gripped the wheel tightly as he backed out of the driveway, his voice dropping. “So, are you two dating or something?”

“No! No, We…we’re just good friends. I’m sorry, I don’t know what go into him. He’s normally super sweet.” You picked at your nails uncomfortably and tried to steer the subject away from Josh. “So, where are we going?”

“I thought we could try that new Italian place downtown. I hear they have great pizza.”


The restaurant turned out to more than just a cozy little Italian place. Candles and rose petals accented every table, and the dim lights and soft music gave off a swanky, romantic vibe. All the waiters were dressed in black and white uniforms, and the tables were filled with fancy-looking couples in black attire. You looked down at your sweater and jeans and suddenly felt very underdressed for the occasion.

“Like it?” Thomas asked, pulling your seat out for you with a charming grin.

“Yeah,” You sat down and he pushed your chair in. “I just didn’t expect anything this fancy on our first date.”

“What can I say,” He winked, sitting down opposite you. “I’m a man of surprises.”

You decided to split a pizza, and Thomas ordered a bottle of red wine for the two of you. When the waiter left, Thomas turned to you, smiling, and you noticed he had slight little dimples.

“So,” He began. “Where should we start?”

The conversation went quite well. You told him about your family and he told you about his job. Apparently, he was a lawyer, and a good one at that. He had graduated top of his class in college, and worked for a prestigious law firm in the city. He was charming and funny, not to mention he had a great taste in movies. You couldn’t believe how well the date was going. Maybe you weren’t cursed with relationships after all.

As you chatted over your pizza, the conversation casually turned to music.

“Do you play any instruments?” You asked Thomas across the table.

“I play drums. I’m not bad actually,” He boasted. “I have a good sense of rhythm.”

“That’s funny, my friend Josh plays the drums too. He’s in a band actually. Ever heard of Twenty One Pilots?”

Thomas tapped his fork against the table and stared down at his pizza. “Nope.”

“They’re pretty good, you should check them out sometime.”

“Can we stop talking about Josh?” Thomas asked you, his voice sharp.

His sudden change in mood startled you and you froze. “What?”

“It seems like he’s all you ever want to talk about. Josh this, Josh that. Don’t tell me there’s nothing going on between you two.” His bitter words cut into you like knives. “You know what? Do me a favor. Next time, don’t go out with someone and make them think that things could work. The only relationship you want is one with your precious little Josh.”

“Thomas…” You whispered, fighting back the hot tears forming in your eyes. “I really like you.”

“Apparently not. All you want to do is talk about Josh.” He hissed. “I don’t know why I thought this would work out.”

Grabbing your purse, you hurried off toward the bathroom, biting your tongue to keep the tears from flowing, but Thomas wasn’t done. He turned toward you and issued final blow.

“Bitch.” He called after you loudly. “No wonder you can’t keep a guy.”

That was it. A loud gasp escaped your lips as you pushed open the bathroom door, tears falling freely. You thrust yourself into the nearest empty stall and sat down, sobbing. Everything had been going so well. Why did you have to go and ruin it?

Pulling your cell phone out of your purse, you dialed Josh’s number and waited, listening to your own ragged breathing in the silent bathroom.

He picked up on the second ring. “Hello?”

“Josh.” You choked. “I need you to pick me up right now.”

He immediately understood what had happened. “Hang in there, I’m on my way.”

Never had you been more relieved to see Josh’s old, beat-up car than when it pulled up in front of the restaurant. You climbed into the passenger’s seat, avoiding eye contact, and wiped your nose on your sleeve. Josh started the car and you sat in uncomfortable silence for a while as he headed back toward your house.

Josh finally cleared his throat, breaking the awkward silence. “I take it things didn’t go well.” His voice was soft and full of concern.

You stared down at your lap. “He called me a bitch and caused a scene in the restaurant.” You whispered your voice hoarse from crying.

Josh didn’t reply for a moment, but gripped the steering wheel tightly, his knuckles turning white. “What a douche.”

“Thanks for picking me up.” You sniffled.

He nodded. “I’m sorry it had to be under these circumstances.”

The rest of the drive was quiet, but no so much awkward, just peaceful.

The moon cast a soft glow across your street as Josh pulled into the driveway. He cut the engine, and everything went silent.

“Josh?” You asked, your voice barely above a whisper.

He turned his head toward you, eyes full of worry.

You looked down at your white sleeve, now smeared black with makeup. “Do you think it’s my fault I can’t get into a good relationship?”

“No.” he breathed. “You’re funny and sweet and- and beautiful. You’re too good for all those idiots that broke your heart. You’ll find the right person, I’m sure of it.”

You looked up at him for the first time since he picked you up. “Do you really mean that?”

“I’ve never meant anything more in my entire life.”

A feeling came over you then; a feeling you had never felt before. In that moment, you felt sure that everything was going to be okay, that you were invincible. Before you could stop yourself, you had your arms around Josh’s neck, your lips pressed against his. You felt him melt against you and you pulled him closer. He was so warm and soft that you never wanted to let him go.

This–you realized–this is what you wanted. Not some prissy frat boy. You wanted Josh.

When you finally let go, you were both breathing heavy. All the pain of the last few hours had been forgotten.

Josh looked up at you, his eyes bright, grinning from ear to ear. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

You couldn’t contain the shy smile that crept onto your face. “Me too.”