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Someone once described this fandom as a mutual appreciation society sitting around a table all in love with each other's work and absolutely terrified to talk to one another so we all just smile and occasionally wave but don't make contact (and here I am on anon continuing the tradition). Maybe we should start a Talk To Tuesday or something where everyone sends an ask to someone they've always wanted to talk to but been too intimidated to try. I dunno. Maybe not. Just a thought.

It’s a brilliant idea, we should have a Talk to Tuesday. I’ve always been told the same. That I shouldn’t be shy and that there are people who want to to talk to me, but here we all are being shy and intimidated. I know I have people I’m too shy to bother and those I say hi to and then get shy on. So I hope someone looks at this and picks it up. Because I’m too shy to start it hahah.
'Daredevil' Stunt Double Chris Brewster on Bringing 'Impossible' Fight Scenes to Life
In Netflix and Marvel’s “Daredevil,” viewers never question the idea that a blind lawyer can go toe to toe with mobsters, assassins and crimelords with nothing but his fists -- partly due to star C...
By Laura Prudom

Charlie had a lot of praise for your performance and the way you mirrored how he stood and moved — is that how you approach every role, just studying the actor you’re doubling for?

It’s so funny because Charlie gives me so much credit, but I have to throw the credit right back to him. Normally I try to put a lot of thought into “how do you make this character come to life? How would this character move?” But Charlie is so, so, so perfect. He was the absolute best casting choice they ever could’ve gotten.

I watched him literally morph into Daredevil in front of my eyes. I can’t even put it into words. I was watching him and seeing that he is Daredevil, so it was very easy. There was no thought involved. I saw the way he moved and I’m like “that’s right, that is exactly how Daredevil has to move.” So I saw the way Charlie holds himself, the way Charlie — even when he’s interacting in a friendly manner with somebody — positions himself, and then how he holds himself while he’s in more of a combat situation. It was a very cool experience because I have become the biggest Charlie Cox fan. He is incredible.

this is a little in contiuation of my venting from yesterday, but…

I love it when it turns out that Feuilly is actually younger than Enjolras - because Enjolras can still respect the heck out of him even if Feuilly isn’t the older, more experienced worker to Enjolras’ young, fresh-faced student (as if the age distinction between worker and student meant anythin at all when one of you couldn’t even get basic education), and I actually think it adds something? Enjolras always looked younger than his age, and Feuilly older - even though he’s not quite sure, he knows enough to know at least the year he must have been born, and oh, would you look at that, that’d make him a few years younger than Enjolras. and Enjolras is flabbergasted for a moment, and mentally takes a note to up his game and do even more because Feuilly is so great he’s done so much and in so little time!! (to which Feuilly just rolls his eyes and goes ‘just go to bed Enjolras you have class tomorrow’).

Nobody would have guessed, because Feuilly had to grow up so quickly - and he shrugs it off, because it doesn’t matter at all - but from time to time he gets all earnest and excited and that’s when he looks his actual age the most.


vé’s long list of favourite pairs - modern au enjolras/feuilly (les mis)

Enjolras and Feuilly both have busy lives: between school and work, it’s a wonder they find anytime for themselves at all, much less each other. But their relationship holds on to lost weekends whenever they are both free. These are spent holding each other under and over the sheets, never going further than a chaste kiss on the lips but nevertheless intimate, warm, loving. In the morning they eat breakfast together, in Enjolras’ brightly lit apartment or in one of the multitudes of cafés between the Musain and Feuilly’s tiny rented room. Sometimes they spend hours, enjoying each other’s company in silence. Other times they talk, discuss, share, plan trips across the world they might take someday. They always drink too much coffee; they always flies too fast. At the end of the day, when Enjolras needs some time alone and Feuilly has to get ready for an early morning shift, they always part quietly without putting a word to define their relationship besides what it brings them both: comfort, respect, friendship, and love.

just imagine Enjolras making sure to get up before Feuilly every morning (that’s why he sleeps on the side of the bed that’s not facing the wall, this way he’ll always wake up when Feuilly does) to make coffee while Feuilly is in the shower, and is super careful about making the best possible coffee (he’s getting quite good!), even practicing in secret with Combeferre and Grantaire to make foam pictures (he’s got the heart and the leaf down) while Feuilly is in the shower.

and Feuilly smiles every time he sees the coffee on the table when he gets out of the bathroom and Enjolras does the happy squirmy face because he made Feuilly smile this morning!!

because with Feuilly Enjolras learns to appreciate the smaller moments in life; Enjolras tends to see things in Bigger Moments and their place in the Grand Scheme of Things, which Feuilly does too, to a certain extent, but Feuilly had nothing for so long that he knows to be grateful for the little things when he does have them. And watching him Enjolras realises how important these moments are too, and for the first time he surprises himself thinking about how nice it is to wake up to the sound of birds signing.