mutt walkies


De Writer’s Walkie ADVENTURE!

Comments from the the top down.

1. It started near the chicken run.  That little cactus had another bloom for me! 

2.  Good shot of Kobe!  Ears up and all! 

3.  Marty looking “dog tired!” 

4.  Found a bloom!  Could have floored me!  I thought that they were long past! 

5.  Marty and Kobe sharing some shade!

6.  Fossils!  The biggish one on the left is a snail.  The pale one above it to the right is an Ammonite.  Can’t Identify the far right one.

7.  Even the small clumps have blooms 

8.  A nice bunch of the blooms.

9.  Found another one fully open!

10.  Found this on the way home.  

That is it for De Writer’s Romping about in the noonday sun!

Took an Afternoon Cactus Flower Walkie!

Gus zipping past!

My front yard Ochotillo’s are blooming great.

Marty taking advantage of a little shade.

Kobe, a little behind but catching up.

My Choya is really blooming!

These paddle cactus are still only about ½ open.

Well defended!  Those thorns are sharp!

That is about it for today!

These were MINE!  ON MY PLACE!  Amazing how good that feels, to know that your place is not attached to a Land Company or some Bank!

Walkie with Cactus blooms, Mutts and a couple of fossils!

Kobe, so eager to walk long distances!  NOT.

Marty, busy ignoring the camera!  It was such a dramatic pose - - Until I clicked the shutter!

Kobe, in his more usual position! 

Gus on the go!

Cactus on my land, just starting to open for the day.

Not even open yet and already got a customer!

The IMPORTANT mutt ritual of butt sniffing!

Marty, seeking shade!

Last blooms I took  on my place!  Got a bee in the lower one!

Up on the ridge and far away, the Prickly Pears are in bloom!

The prickly pears do not have the red center in the bloom, like most of the smaller paddle cactus.

Talk about lazy!  These snails haven’t crawled away for three hundred fifty million years!  (actually, they are Ammonites, but who cares, besides me?)

See the largish bulge under the flower?  That will grow into a surprisingly big fruit called a Tuna.  They are delicious and no, I did not make up the name!

Another lazy snail!  This one actually IS a snail!

Vista from the top of the ridge, looking southwest.

If these look to be a different color, they ARE!

A close up of the flower, showing a whole different structure than the others!

Just thought that these made a spectacular pair!

These are back on my place, all opened up now!

I hope that you enjoyed my walkie as much as I did!

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

De Writer is here by noon, about!

What can get him here without

Another vast REAL LIFE issue?

THE WEEKEND has torn RL’s tissue!

I got the mutts walkied and the birds fed

And my chickens are not dead!

All is well and going as it should

And I even feel pretty good!

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~