mutt walkies

Walkies!  With pictures, finally!

Kobe: Showing his usual enthusiasm at the start of a walkie!

Marty:  Gus is photo bombing!

Gus:  Is that a rabbit!?

These little blue trumpet flowers are starting to show up a lot!

The cacti are already starting to set buds!  See them along the top of the paddles in the picture?

This kind of cactus is also starting to set buds but they are hard to make out in this image.

Yet a third sort of cactus setting buds!

A friendly neighbor sitting out taking the sun!  His two buddies can be seen flying off.  I am sure that they think that the neighborhood going to the dogs when they will let HUMANS walk about without being on a leash!

My walkie will go to the end of this road!  It is about an even mile* each way!

* about 1.6 Km

I call these “cottage cheese plants” for a fancied resemblance to cottage cheese when in full bloom.

The same friendly desert ravens that were on my neighbor’s gate post, now up in a tree where they can keep an eye on things!

Another of the clustered cacti.  This one’s buds  show better.

Do not be fooled by the thick, fleshy looking leaves!  They are thorn tipped!

Another of the cute little blue trumpets!  Gotta learn to get these and other small stuff into better focus.

That is about it for this walkie!  Looks like the bees are going to be going into high gear this year!

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

Walkies in the desert, rather than the ridge, today!

This is the area that I chose  It is to the south and east of my house.

This is the Spanish Dagger that shows, left of center in the previous photo.

Found this late bloomer!

Kobe at the corner of the abandoned Ranch road and Normandy.  The tire tracks are on Normandy.

So much for following the road!  These were about a ¼ mile (bit less than ½ Km.) from the road!

Lovely little thing.  Has a nice little bulb.  Poisonous as all heck!

Some time back, these bushes had LITTLE TINY purple blooms!

Back on Normandy, looking back through a hole in the brush to my home.

These are the dried pods of a Spanish Dagger.

Same plant at a bit of a distance.

This is McArthur.  Technically, the big gully is McArthur.  It sort of washed out a little!

In this weather, as dry as it is, Kobe found a mud hole.



Squash blossom.  The wild ones out here are not edible.

Another, up close.

Nice ripe Yucca pods.

Nearly home!

Also, really frustrated!  Nobody to blame but ME.  Hit Save and posted this FOUR times while loading the pictures!




The recent rains have brought out a lot of mostly smaller flowers.  The common  Creosote Bush is blooming for the third time this year!

1 : Not sure what this is.  The green petals apparently are normal for it.

2 : Creosote blooms up close.

3 : Marty on the alert!

4 : Gus spotting a bunny.  In mere seconds, he was GONE!

5 : Kobe

6 : The one that I call “cottage cheese” plant.  A bit sparse for them but not usual at this season, at all.

7 & 8 : Yellow and white daisies!

9 : The road that we are walking along.  Photo-bombed by mutts!  I wanted to show how green the recent rains have made my part of the landscape.

10 : Just loved the shape of this mesquite tree’s trunk.

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

Morning Walkie!

Lovely early dawn

Gus and Marty on the front porch

And, of course, Kobe.

The sky is lightening.

Over the other way, the moon was lurking in some clouds.

It is hiding, but the sun is now up!

A prickly pear bloom.

A Spanish Dagger yucca silhouetted against the sky.

A nice little Spanish Dagger, showing the blooms admirably.

The same one, up closer.

Ochotillo just past blooming and starting to make seed pods.

Choya bloom.

Another Prickly Pear bloom.  Not fully open.

Another Spanish Dagger.  That is my place in the background.

A close up of some Spanish Dagger blooms.

Another Choya bloom, with bird’s nest.

The world behind, and home ahead!

I hope that your day started as well as mine!


The Paddle Cactus are now starting to bloom.  Those are the yellow flowers.

The purple ones are called Claret Cup cactus and are a small barrel cactus

The red one is a late one of those I started the series with

The orange thing is called an Ochotillo.  They are thorny as heck but not a cactus at all.

That last thing is a jumping choya.  So called because it has hair fine thorns that are far longer than you would expect.  If you pass near one, you will swear -  -  - That the thorns jumped at you.

I mentioned that I got new shoes?  Took them for a test Walkie!  Mutts approve!

Hey Marty!  What is that on your forehead?

Gus: “Picturesque pose?  Not on your tintype!”

Kobe: “Just try to catch me standing up!”

Still working on that focus business.

Choya bud.

An assortment of Spanish Dagger yuccas.

Another of those wild squash.  They are small and not edible.

No idea what it is, but those little fruit/berries looked awesome!

Another Spanish Dagger yucca.

Some paddle cactus blooms!

That completes this test of my new shoes!

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

Walkies with flowers, as promised.

Regretfully, a few really nice ones that I wanted to get yesterday before the camera ran out of memory, did not make it to today.

That said, here is what I did get!

Yesterday’s card test.  I told you that Kobe was laying there like a log!

You will see more of these blue ones.  This was right close to the house.

The recent rain brought out a second blooming of the creosote brush.  The small round silvery things are seed pods from the last blooming, earlier this year.

I walk past this mesquite a lot.  I always admire its seasonal changes and the ordinary mix of sheer life and starkness.

Another clump of the blue blooms … There are some little yellow ones hiding in there.

Some nice little daisies.

Still life:  Yucca with Mutt.  Kobe getting some shade.

East end view of Loki going west.  This is the stock pond dam that is the western end and turn around for the Walkie.

Marty getting a drink in the stock pond and a tiny bit of wading.

The view from the top of the dam, looking across the pond.  The small trees are mesquite.

Marty and Kobe grabbing some shade.

More of the blue flowers, there on the dam.

These are often called cottager cheese flowers.  In a good year for them they will grow in fairly large tight clumps that look like someone spilled scoops of cottage cheese on the ground.

Wrapping things up for this walkie is a nice clump of small daisies.

I hope that you enjoyed the walk and flowers as much as I did.



1 : The mountains to the south of me, in low angle sunlight

2 : Creosote bushes now have little fuzzy gray seed pods where they had those late yellow blooms.

3 : “Cottage Cheese” plants past the full, white blooms, now gone yellow but still pretty.

4 : I call these “Christmas Cactus” even though they are in no way a cactus.  The late bright red berries and those long sharp thorns are the reason for calling them that.

5 : Gus and Marty.

6 : Kobe

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

One Walkie with Mutts and blooms!

Sort of a lavender.

Just a neat snag in the flood course at the foot of my land.

Kobe doing his favorite exercise.  Sit Pups.

Marty is a genius at looking away just as the camera clicks!

Gus was frisking but not close!

Spanish Dagger Yucca and more to come!

These are starting to pop out all over.

That is about it for this walkie!  I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did!