First night with this intrepid fwump-plushie in the house. Glomping of boyfriend pic to show true size of puppy. Already 40 pounds at less than 5 months old! Gonna be huuuuuge. He wants always to be touching us - so much so that lying on my feet almost outweighed the desire for kibble.

Started clicker-association right away, and he’s a smart boy. He came to us knowing “sit”, and I started enforcing “go home” for going into his crate. He knows the command after just a few goes (but hasn’t yet learned to -stay- in there lol).

SSS - The soul's programme - Everlark fic (sneak peak)

“Thanks Mutt” I force out, smiling stiffly.

I wonder who made that one up. It must be someone down at the office or maybe HQ. Those imbeciles are always up to something and messing with the programming. I guess entertainment has gotten bleak. Perhaps their only source of enjoyment is just sitting around their lavish hotel rooms observing CCTV.

My gaze flicks towards the ceiling for the curved dome or small red light of a recorder. An uneasiness settles in my stomach. I tug my jacket’s collar up higher.