Evie and Ichabod.

Ichabod doesn’t try to suckle and nurse on anything else in the house - just the dogs. He has taken to Evie especially. I’m pretty sure we’re not his foster moms anymore; Evie is! She often falls asleep to him suckling on her chest, haha.

I wonder if she’s going to miss her new baby when he finally does get adopted.

blazewatergem  asked:

Hello! Is there anyway I could ask for how the Lazybones(I think this is correct ^^;) would react to their S/O being like Maximum Ride, in the sense of them having wings on their back and the whole "created/raised in a lab before escaping" thing. I really adore your blog! ^^ Hope I wasn't a bother at all.

Yes, that’s correct! And nope, not a bother at all!
And thanks my dude, that means a lot!!

Undertale!Sans aka Snas
Wings? He may be playing it off cool, but don’t be fooled; he’s very confused and bewildered and honestly a little nervous. And hearing about your past gives him chills. He’s sorry you had to go through that, but damn is he proud of you for making it out. And hey, he’s kinda “special” himself too, so you’re not alone in that department. He’s super interested in how your wings work, but he’s honestly a little nervous to ask anything, hoping it won’t make you uncomfortable. You will catch him staring at you as you stretch out and fluff your wings though, and looking away with a slightly blue face. What, you look like an angel! He can’t help it!

Underfell!Sans aka Red
Jesus, you came from that kind of place? Hearing about it brings back some bad memories of his own father, and he prays to the stars it’s not as bad as he’s imagining. And hey, so you’re a genetic freak. So what? Skeletons weren’t exactly common in the Underground, and hell, they weren’t very well-liked either, considering how similar they looked to humans. He’s kind of a genetic freak himself, long story short. He and his brother didn’t fit in very well either. So he understands that feeling. Besides all that, however, he’s really into the wings, and wants to see what kind of stuff you’re capable of! He really think it makes you look like a badass, and it’s much easier for you to blend in with monsters if you aren’t hiding your wings. 

Underswap!Papyrus aka Stretch
Whoa. Okay. Wings. Alright. He isn’t exactly sure what to say; I mean, he loves them, don’t get him wrong, but this is so different than anything he’s ever seen that he’s at a bit of a loss for words. His reaction to hearing about your past is about the same as Snas’s. He’s a little more touchy than most, though. Your wings really are gorgeous. He loves touching them, with your permission of course. Your wings inspire him, too. He dabbles a little bit in short creative writing, and he likes to write shorts about angels and birds inspired by you.

Fellswap!Papyrus aka Mutt
Oh darling… he’s a bit heartbroken to hear about where you came from. He has nothing against what you are, hell no, but hearing about that awful place almost scares him. How the hell did a beautiful angel like you get out of there? He’s very loving about the whole thing and offers you as much comfort as he can, even if you don’t necessarily need it. What else is he supposed to do? Your wings are enrapturing for him, he’s always got his eyelights on them. Please let him pet you.

Swapfell!Papyrus aka Rus
Oh, sweet. Nothing about it really fazes him; it takes a lot to really fluster this man. Hearing about your past and what exactly you are doesn’t upset him too much, but he does offer a few words of comfort. “hey, i’m not so normal myself, dove. it’s alright.” However, this dude is the most touchy with your wings. He can barely keep his hands off them, the’re like a comfort item for him. He’s always got his hands on them, with your permission. Like how someone has their arms over their partner’s shoulders in public, his are always on your back, on your wings.

fablehavenfantasy  asked:

Moar askè?? Can I get uhhhhh your favorite skele's sleepy headcanons?

Oh geez MY favorites?????

Undertale!Sans aka Snas
This boi is always sleepy. He always looks worn out and ready for a nap. And he’s already ready for that nap. He’s got pretty noticeable circles under his eyes. He’ll fall asleep anywhere; at work, at the dining room table, in the line at the store, in the tub… you’d better keep a close eye on him, and move him to the couch or a bed before he gets kinks in his bones from sleeping in weird positions. Cause he does that. He will fall asleep in weird positions. Fix him before he hurts himself.

Underfell!Sans aka Red
He’s really grumpy when he’s sleepy. Which is at least 80% of the time. You’d better learn how to put up with his complaining early. Like Snas, he can fall asleep in the strangest places in the weirdest positions, but he doesn’t let himself fall asleep as easily as he does. Coming from Underfell, he always had to be on his toes. It’s much harder for him to sleep. This poor skel is lowkey an insomniac, and needs help getting to sleep most of the time, or else he’ll stay up all through the night and only get rest through short bursts of naps for a while. Be sure to give him warm snacks and hot, sugar-free drinks before bed, with lots of cuddles included. He needs them. Oh yeah, and he snores. Get him a humidifier. 

Underfell!Papyrus aka Edge
When this edgelord is sleepy, the world will know it. He’s super cranky when he’s tired. He’s a lot snappier too, and will lash out at the little things, like a dripping water facet or a fan that’s a little too loud. The more tired he is, the louder he is. But when he finally crashes, he crashes hard. Like Pap, Edge refuses sleep a lot of the time, and only sleeps a little bit every once in a while. But sometimes, he’s too tired to carry on, and he can pass out for a good 12 hours. But don’t worry, sleeping next to this spiky boi is better than you think; he sleeps as stiff as a board; he doesn’t kick and fidget in his sleep at all, unlike the other Papyruses. He’s still makes a good pillow, though.

Underswap!Papyrus aka Stretch
Oh boy, does this man nod off. You can actually catch him bobbing his head as he tries to keep himself awake. He’s the master of falling asleep sitting up. Unlike the lazy Sanses, this Papyrus doesn’t lose sleep because of depression or nightmares (thought that’s still a factor), it’s mostly because this wacko stays up really late at night watching Adult Swim and YouTube while browsing Reddit or something. He’s a grade-A night owl. He makes chicken nuggets in the middle of the night. You’re gonna have to help him get his sleep schedule back on track. And when he sleeps, he’s going to wrap himself around you. You’re always the small spoon with him.

Fellswap!Papyrus aka Mutt
Poor Mutt has it the worst out of them all. He’s the worst insomniac out of all the skellies; he needs someone snuggling him as he sleeps for him to get a good rest. He probably also has the most noticeable rings under his eyes out of them all, too. You’re going to have to coax him into bed for a nap with comforting things, like a hot blanket fresh from the dryer, chamomile tea, a calm movie, and promise of endless snuggles. But when he’s finally asleep, he’s clingy. He’ll be attached to you all throughout the night, his face buried in your hair or neck. He won’t let go all night long. You’re his teddy bear. Here’s to hoping you don’t toss and turn too much.

Echotale!Sans aka G
G is subtle about his sleepiness. He’s got it about the same as classic Snas, but he’s way better at hiding it. However, if you’ve got a keen eye, you can see his eyelids flicker a bit and his lean on the wall a bit more slumped. He’ll deny any sleepiness he’s got, but you can tell from the slightly lower, more rumbly pitch of his voice that he’s starting to nod off. You’ll have to guide him to his bed or else he’ll fall asleep leaned on the wall. He’s a careful cuddler in his sleep too, he likes to have his arm around you in his sleep. Though he does have a minor case of light snoring. Smoking does that.

dragonangel-funandfire  asked:

Hey, I just found the 65 questions you aren't used to, and I wanted number 63 for you and for the Lazybones, please.

Well originally this was just an ask meme for me for anyone who wanted to get to know me a bit, but I’ll gladly do my best to answer it for those lazybones too!

As for my answer? Dragons all the way.

63. Which is cooler: dinosaurs or dragons?

Undertale!Sans aka Snas

Dinosaurs. I mean, they were real. Dragons weren’t. And there’s so many different kinds of dinosaurs! How many types of dragons do YOU know about? There’s only like, three, last he checked.

Underfell!Sans aka Red

Dragons. They’re feared badasses. AND they breathe fire. AND they can fly! Not many dinosaurs could fly. Hell, hardly any of them had arms long enough to do anything!

Underswap!Papyrus aka Stretch

Eh, he’s not picky. Both have their perks, their pros and cons. He leans a bit more towards dinosaurs though, but really only because of the Jurassic Park movies. 

Fellswap!Papyrus aka Mutt

Dinosaurs. Specifically the modern feathered dinosaur ideology that’s been spreading around, not the bare-skinned scaly reptile ones. They just look more aesthetically appealing to him. He really likes feathered raptors especially.

Swapfell!Papyrus aka Rus

He likes both, like Stretch. However, he likes dragons just a bit more. Yeah, dinosaurs are cool and all, but man, the word dragon just sounds cooler. Plus, dragon tattoos are awesome.

utfanficsuggestions  asked:

Swap and fellswap Papyrus finding out that their s/o is a fusion of two smaller people in a jacket?


I’m writing this under the assumption you mean S/O is actually a fusion of two shortie humans or something, Steven Universe style o3o

Underswap!Papyrus aka Stretch
Oh please, don’t tell me you thought you actually had him fooled? Okay, he wasn’t totally aware of what was going on. But he knew something was up, though he honestly never would have guessed you were a fusion. He will admit you were pretty convincing, but your slight sudden mood changes and you talking to yourself sometimes gave him some notion. When he first meets your two halves, he’s a little taken aback, but hey, the more the merrier, right? He’s eager to get to know the both of you.

Fellswap!Papyrus aka Mutt
Hopefully you broke it to him slowly or else he’s gonna be more than shocked. Sure, he was picking up on a few strange things, but he’s more strange himself, isn’t he? Fusion was completely outside his expectations. When he first meets you two, he’s nervous. Do the both of you still love him? He’ll need a little reassurance. But he’s actually kinda of excited to have two S/Os from time to time, assuming you aren’t fused almost constantly. More to love, more to hug!