i feel a lot of kinship with folks with DID or multiples and it’s been really good for me recently hearing about other peoples’ experiencing co-existing and sharing body/headspace. 

I dunno i’ve been thinking a lot about first person pronouns and l like using *I* when talking about my consciousness to decisions that i’m making because even though i share this body with a monster alien creature thing, we don’t directly share thoughts and it can’t control my body or my decisions. (ie. “I’m hungry”, “I have a paper to finish”, “I’m really sad”)

But i’ve been thinking about using *we* more when referring to things we do an unit. (“we went to the store”, “our body itches”, “we’re coming over right now”) and that feels really good and really right. does anyone else feel this?

January, 1990  -  Canaima, Venezuela.


Some photographs have been confirming mutiple witness UFO visual observations. This particular picture has also another interest: it shows seemingly the same type of UFO than those seen on the controversial photographs at Gulfe Breeze, USA, by Ed Walters.


This photograph has been taken at Canaima, Venezuela, in January 1990. Just after the photograph was taken, the object became orange and luminous and shot upwards in the sky.

Source / Credit: UFOs at Close Sight (Patrick Gross) Original source webpage / article

When Bill revealed that he uses images of himself as peepholes a bunch of pictures started circulating of the tapestry and carpet etc., other places he’s been watching from. And while that’s all very cool, I think my personal favorite thing is that Dipper drew mutiple pictures of Bill  and essentially accidentally helped a demon spy on him. 

i’m contemplating my mutiple personality performance piece
i’m contemplating buying some new wigs
i’m contemplating why my cat is so fat
i’m contemplating why i can’t quit my job
i’m contemplating the pain in my neck
i’m contemplating why scully and mulder haven’t kissed yet

Insane Idea Time! 
So the Newest Haikyuu lottery is coming out beginning of May. Basically, I work at 7-11 so I can do the insanity that is “hey boss, can you order this for me? I’ll buy the whole thing” So if I can find enough people who are interested I’d be willing to do that. 
Basically I’d be doing 1200 yen a try which will include non-tracked 2-3 week shipping to you.  If you would like tracking/faster shipping, I can calculate exactly how much more it will be once I work out who will get what prize/s. 

What I would need from you: 

Your top 5 prizes you would like (if there is mutiple versions of the prize [like the towels and keychains/figures] then which version you would like [top 3 of each please])

1: Prize A 
2. Prize B
3. Prize C (all these posters come together)
4. Prize D (Hinata,  Kuro, Kenma)
5. Prize I (Hinata, Suga, Oikawa)

What I’m going to do for deciding who gets what: I will write out the name of everyone who wants one (lets use A for example) and put that username in a hat. I will draw a single username out of the hat and that person gets the prize. If that was the only one they paid for they will no longer get anymore but if they wanted more than one prize the next prize they can get is only 3-5 out of their wish list (so NO ONE will get A and B together because that’s insane luck and not very nice to everyone) [and hey this is a better deal than if you were drawing randomly at the store] 

Sadly someone will probably end up with something they didn’t want but it’s all going to be luck of the draw. These things are made where the top three prizes will only have 1-2 where H or G will have 14-20 
 There are roughly 80 prizes each time and I would like 5 so I need at least 60 “draw” interest (ex: 30 people who want 2 tries) 
if you’re interested send me fanmail, ask, or an email to <- also my paypal where I will be asking you to pay (you will be paying paypal fees too because as it is the drawing is 620 a try and what I guessed for shipping (500grams to USA) is 580. The extra 100yen is for me to carry all this stuff home, repackage, send, plus anyone who gets higher than D is gonna need more shipping etc. 

The last one would be separate if I do this. 5000yen for it with the non tracked 2-3 week shipping just because it’s extremely rare.

For a better look at the prizes look here:

If you’re interested please shoot me a line! I’ll probably want to know around the 25th so I can give my boss at least a week to order things! 


Suggested Nicknames:

  • Handyworks
  • Palm (palm of your hand)
  • Slapstick
  • Kong
  • Slaps
  • Hi-5
  • Tarzan
  • Link (if it has Skill Link)
  • Happyfist
  • Spidermonkey (he has mutiple hands! >: 1
  • Bananas (as in crazy @_@)
  • Knuckles

Ambipom Facts:

  1. To eat, it deftly shucks nuts with its two tails. It rarely uses its arms now.
  2. They work in large colonies and make rings by linking their tails, apparently in friendship.
  3. Split into two, the tails are so adept at handling and doing things, Ambipom rarely uses its hands.
  4. It is very difficult to dodge the consecutive strikes of its two tails.


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captorlost-hismind asked:

Haha. That'll be a challenge, I've never been the best at drawing mutiple people in one spot considering I change my art style a lot. But I'll try my best! :> Question, is it human! Stuck? I just want to make sure so I don't frick it up somehow.

Lololol don’t worry about it! You’ll do fine either way! And nah, just regular homestuck :)

basexmvnt asked:

I've seen some of your tattoos mutiple times. Especially tha dagger and let me tell you, even if you had an artist make it for you and claim it to be original, it isn't. Im not trying to be rude or anything. Just stating something.

you even know you’re starting shit this is hilarious. fuck off lmfao

obviously its traditional style and there’s 3million daggers but when someone gets the exact same words/font/colors/hilt and everything and they admit they got it that’s fuckec up. DO NOT STEAL TATTOOS FROM ONLINE.

My friend Cassie has been fighting a variety of stomach problems for over a year. . Her symtpoms included fevers, nausea, vomiting blood, passing out, multiple ulcers and internal bleeding. Cassie was treated for GERD, HIV, AIDS, IBD, Colon Cancer and Celiac Disease, but all of the results came back negative. It was finally discovered that the root of the cause was H. Pylori, a rare stomach bacteria.  Her treatments included endoscopies, colonoscopies, blood tests, stool tests, ultrasounds, and intaking clarithromycin, bismuth subsalicylate and the same amount of antibiotics perscribed to anthrax patients as well as mutiple trips to the ER when her symtpoms became so severe we feared for her life.

Now Cassie is on the upswing, but all of these treatments have put her into some debt. Cassie, a working college student and author, was only able to pay for a portion of this and with her father’s business ventures going under, parents couldn’t cover quite everything. Please help Cassie with anything you can, whether it $100 or $5 doesn’t matter, we will take all we can get!

anonymous asked:

If seen mutiple pictures with people in their ponds. How is this accomplished?

I’m betting people are using the net glitch to get in the ponds! To trap villagers in the ponds, I believe they are placing pitfalls right on the edge of the pond and then pushing the villagers into them. When the villager gets out of it, they often glitch into the pond instead of on land (but someone can correct me if there is another way to get them stuck there!)

Hope that helps, Anon!

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VIDEO: Soul Singer Percy Sledge Dies at 73

Soulful musician Percy Sledge has passed away at his home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the age of 73. Officials are reporting Percy Sledge died of natural causes while under hospice care. The singer is best known for his iconic love song “When a Man Loves a Woman.” The love song was on Percy’s debut album and shot the singer to instant stardom. The award winning Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musician had mutiple hits and was a fixture in the music industry.

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