mutiple screen

Yea i know im a chronic addicted B8R

I think You know your addicted like myself when you don’t care about the soreness in your PENIS anymore from prolonged hours of MASTURBATION denied of instant release and/or you may have milked your DICK out mutiple poppered loads that have soaked into the carpet, you just have to get blazed, and POPPERBATE the GREASY DONG more and more to PORN all the time! Just GOONING out to mutiple screens of PORN and ERECT COCKS as your sitting spread legged at the MASTURBATION station! Than yea you can’t get enough either! I love PENIS! I love LOTS OF PORN! Im a DICK BONE FISTER! chronic BONER meat stroker! COCK milker! PORN addict MASTURBATOR!..I can’t say it enough it’s who I am. I cant help to love these addictions that I have embraced, any and every hour I can get alone with PORN and PENIS, I take full advantage to #STROKE-EDGE-MILK-REPEAT! Without hesitation.
Yeaaa so you see i know im a chronic addicted B8R.