mutiple sclerosis

How often you can hit combo like this in one conversation?

“You’re an inspiration”

“People like you remind me why we should be grateful for being healthy”

“Positive thinking is best way to recovery”

“I’m not sure if you can do [insert activity]”

“Have you tried homeopathic remedies?”

Apologies, I need to rant somewhere.
So my sister woke up with pins and needles all down her left side on my 18th birthday. 2 weeks later, a week exactly before her 20th birthday she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. My birthday marks the day she woke up with it.
Anyway, the other day a teacher asked about it and when I answered him with “oh no, she’ll just go down hill from here” and only then did it occur to me that she’ll do just that. She’ll go down hill for the rest of her life. After ongoing rehab and weekly physio, she’s fine for now but yeah that’s only temporary till the next attack hits. Anyway, ever since then it’s been haunting me, I keep replaying in my head when she cried in Dad’s arms wanting to go home. I keep thinking of all our plans that’ll never happen, we were meant to go on road trips, then when I got my license she lost hers. We can’t travel as she has to be here every month to get the fucking needle. Every month for the rest of her life.

I can’t even be bothered concluding this, I just needed to let it out.
My heart goes out to all those affected by MS.