Summaries for the 4 Final HACF Episodes

Episode 7 - The Threshold: Joe and Ryan deal with the consequences of Joe’s decision. Meanwhile, Cameron and Donna fight about the future; and Gordon has a crisis of conscience.

Episode 8 - You Are Not Safe: Donna, Bos and Diane go on the road to build support for Mutiny. Meanwhile, everyone else anxiously awaits the big day; and Joe asks Cam for a favor.

Episode 9 - NIM: Donna envisions a new future for the Internet and attempts to bring everyone together at Comdex. Meanwhile, Gordon takes on a strong-willed Joanie.

Episode 10 - NeXT: In the third-season finale, Donna’s vision creates a spirited discussion about the next big thing and how to achieve it, but the end result may not make everyone happy.

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hi i just got home from a wedding and it was such a fun night it was v punk and there was pizza and an open bar … i work in the morn rip … also am unexpectedly seeing pierce the veil & neck deep tomorrow at texas mutiny !!! ( like a7x and other dad rock™ bands ) so i won’t be on the dash ~

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