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On the afternoon of June 26th, 1937 Albert Dyer lured three young girls one at a time into a ravine with the suggestion that they go hunting for rabbits and then proceeded to strangle them to death and then rape them. After taking off their shoes and neatly arranging the pairs side by side he prayed over their bodies that he be forgiven for what he had done, then returned home to his wife. The horribly mutilated bodies of the girls were found a few days later by a group of boy scouts, each found with a cord around their throat. At the scene of the crime when the bodies were discovered Dyer, who showed up wearing a W.P.A badge, began giving orders on how the victims should be removed, allegedly became hysterical, and told spectators not to smoke “out of respect for the dead.” Because of his strange behavior at the crime scene the cops turned their attention to Dyer, who eventually confessed to the murders. Doctors from both the prosecution and the defense declared him legally sane, but because of his low IQ the defense attempted to cast doubt on his mental competence, which they described as “basically the intellectual development of a ten-year-old.” Ultimately he was convicted and sentenced to death by hanging and died on September 16, 1938

LSD makes satyr lord a dead boy

I was playing a campaign with my friend and I was an insane chaotic evil satyr king. We were in a dungeon and found a barrel full of a clear suspicious liquid. Our dwarf decided to to drink some and immediately started tripping balls, he eventually wandered away yelling about things that weren’t there. Recognizing the potential of this find my friend who was a bard scoops some up in some vials to use as weapons. Meanwhile my insane character decided it would be a good idea to completely submerge himself in the barrel, needless to say he immediately died and ended up being dragged around the dungeon by the party, all the while the bard was throwing vials of LSD at enemies. My character was revived eventually, but he had been horribly mutilated by the rest of the party because they got bored.

That is my story and the morale is don’t do drugs…if your half goat.

Saved? (Closed starter)


Running for her life from a dark and hell like facility. Only with the help and sacrifice from a cell mate. But at the caught of her physical body. She no longer looked like a cute little girl she once was. But a thin, dirty, and horribly mutilated freak. Bloody ears and a bloody tail limply bounced from her head and lower back. She wanted to cry, but the sound of men shouting and dogs barking scared her enough to concentrate on running away.

She fled to the woods. Running out of breath and energy. Her body was fairly thin from lack of nutrition. Just turning to see if they were still behind her caused her to bump and fall from someone or something in front of her.

She rubbed her bloody head and began to cry. But trying to catch her breath and cry was difficult. Instead she slowly looked up not thinking it was a tree. Her sapphire blue worry filled eyes looked up at the other.

A newspaper print appealing for any information on Elizabeth Short a.k.a the Black Dahlia, who was tortured to death some time between 9pm on January 13 and 1am January 14 in 1947 Los Angeles.

Short had last been seen a week before, in the company of a red haired man. Her battered, horribly mutilated body was found dumped in a vacant lot, drained of blood, and cut in half at the waist. Cigarette burns, cuts, bruises, and lacerations by the dozen were noted during the autopsy. Short had been tortured repeatedly over the course of several days before being beaten to death with a blunt instrument.

Investigators failed to piece together Short’s final movements with accuracy. The victim followed a notoriously seedy lifestyle and had a active social life with its fair share of shady individuals. Its unknown if the killer knew Short or if he/she was a stranger. Her murder remains unsolved.

How to send cards

Ever wondered “I want to send cards to ninthsphere for him to alter but gosh I just don’t know how to package things all proper like” or even something like “Goodness, my friend needs some cards and I MUST help!”

WELL! I have the guide for you. The pictures show how to mail 2 cards but it’s the same for 1 or it could be the same for many if you have a thicker toploader/multiple toploaders.

Penny sleeve, toploader, tape, bubble mailer!

It’s really as simple as that!
Now just address it and take it to your local post office!

I’ve seen some horrible mutilations of our beloved cardboard due to this.

“Come to visit my chocolate factory. There is a 4 out of 5 chance you will be horribly mutilated and/or die while your parents look on helplessly.” I bet if Willy Wonka had put that in the invitation, no one would have come.