Danny Rolling was executed on 25 October, 2006, for the brutal murders of five college students. He was a particularly sadistic serial killer, often posing his victims in provocative stances after raping and mutilating their bodies. He sliced off the nipples of one victim and placed them beside her. He mounted another victim’s decapitated head on the bookcase to morbidly greet whoever discovered her. Another victim was sliced open from the pubic area up to her chest. Shorty before his execution, he handed his spiritual a handwritten confession in which he admitted to stabbing to death 55-year-old William Grisson, his 24-year-old daughter Julie and his 8-year-old grandson Sean, as they got ready for dinner on 4 November, 1989 - “I witnessed his execution and it was nothing he put his victims through,” said Julie’s mother.

Serial killer Albert Fish was a confessed sexual predator and cannibal, but the activity he enjoyed indulging in the most was sexual masochism: Fish would hurt himself in a variety of ways to become aroused, and often could only reach orgasm while suffering extreme pain.

Fish explained to police after he was arrested for the murder of Grace Budd that he became fixated on pain as a young boy; he grew up in a harsh orphanage where the caregivers would hit naughty children with paddles while the others sat in a circle and watched. Fish would become aroused at the sight and sound of the beatings, and noted how the nurses seemed to enjoy administering this pubishment.

As an adult Fish fathered six children (whom he never abused), but continued to hurt himself in his restless search for pleasure. He would stick the stem of a rose up the shaft of his penis and masturbate to the image in the mirror. He would beat himself with paddles stuck with nails. He shoved cotton wool into his urethra and set it alight with lighter fluid.

Most disturbingly, Fish would take long carpet needles, shove them into the flesh behind his scrotum, and acheive orgasm whenever he felt the needles move inside his pelvis. Perhaps unsurprisingly, sticking needles into his genitals caused him a number of health problems, and an x-ray of Fish’s pelvis while he was on Death Row revealed over thirty needles nestled in his scrotum. The presence of so much metal in his body apparentely caused the electric chair to short-circuit when Fish was being put to death.

While Katherine Knight was 45 years old when she committed murder, there had been a long history of serious warning signs that were consistent throughout her life. 

From childhood she would bully children in her school, and was able to change her behaviour at the drop of the hat in order to fool teachers into believing she was a well mannered child. Her first romantic relationship, and all her subsequent relationships, was viciously physically abusive. Her first husband was tormented and subjected to brutal assaults. On their wedding night she attempted to strangle him, on another occasion she burned all of his clothes, and there was also an incident where she struck him over the head with a large frying pan, causing massive skull fractures that required emergency medical attention. Again she used her charm to get out of any form of trouble with the authorities, convincing her husband repeatedly to drop charges against her. 

It was during her first marriage that she was also detained in psychiatric institutions on more than one occasion. The first incident that prompted her detention was an episode of ‘post-natal depression’ that led her to violently throw the pram with her newborn in it from side to side. She spent several weeks in hospital and on her release she left her baby deliberately on the train tracks when a train was due, stole an axe, went into town and started to threaten to kill members of the public. Thankfully her infant daughter was discovered on the train line before she could be harmed, and once again Katherine was detained in hospital. Her final period of institutionalisation was immediately after she was discharged, as she left the hospital, slashed a woman’s face with a knife and held a young boy hostage in a service station. 

While all of her relationships were marked with her extreme temperament and propensity for violence, her final partner John Price would experience the worst of it. The whole relationship had been abusive, with him leaving Knight after she stabbed him in the chest. He put a restraining order out against her, but warned his coworkers if he went missing chances were he was murdered by Knight. 

Whenever Price didn’t leave for work the day after the restraining order was issued, his neighbours grew concerned and inspected the home, on seeing blood stains through the window they called the police. Police entered Price’s home to find his dead body and an unconscious Knight, lying next to him having overdosed on medication. She had stabbed Price while he was sleeping, but this did not kill him - he woke, and ran from her. There was evidence he made it to the door, but fell, and was dragged back into the home where he bled to death. The autopsy revealed that he been stabbed 37 times. Knight then proceeded to skin his dead body, hanging his skin from a meat hook. She decapitated price, and proceeded to cook a full meal using portions of his body. She set the dinner table with a note next to the plates - each note had a name of one of Price’s children on them. 

While Knight initially pled not guilty to the murder, with her defence citing mental illness - specifically dissociation and amnesia - she changed her plea and pled guilty, all the while refusing to take any form of responsibility for the brutal killing and mutilation. She was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole - she was the first woman in Australian history to receive such a sentence. 

All right, listen up

If any of you are a motherfucker who thinks that LGBTAIQ+ people should be represented by Pennywise the Clown AKA IT the titular character of Stephen King’s IT (now a novel and 2/3 movies), then unfollow me right the fuck now.

I refuse to be represented by an eldritch horror that has mutilated, murdered, and eaten Children and Others, and created a pervasive aura that encouraged others to do the same thing and worse to each other.

If you think an eldritch horror that has mutilated, murdered, and eaten CHILDREN and Others and encouraged others to do the same is an appropriate icon or representative of the LGBTAIQ+ community then perhaps you should get a fucking dictionary and look up what “mutilated”, “murdered”, and “eating children” mean.

I do not want to be associated with you if you think Pennywise the Clown is an acceptable icon.  I will unfollow and block anyone who puts that shit on my dash without calling out the OP for promoting the acceptance of murdering, mutilating, and eating CHILDREN and Others.


Above are images of the marks left on the building of the New Mexico State Penitentiary after a brutal 2 day riot that gutted the prison in 1980. The first image shows marks left by an axe after an inmate was decapitated, and the second image shows burns left on the floor where an inmate was allegedly burnt alive.

The riot was a result of the conditions the prisoners were living in at the time and would have easily been predicted, the tension building over time. The prison was designed to house 900 prisoners but there were 1,136 inmates. Many inmates were living in communal dormitories with unsanitary conditions. There were significant issues with staff as well, with policies being implemented inconsistently, poor communication and chronic staffing shortages. The riot was sparked when two prisoners took an officer hostage and used the officer’s keys to release the prisoners in the adjacent dormitory. Eventually, they broke into the central controls and opened the majority of the prison - with some cells in the northern block remaining locked due to an error in the central controls.

Violence erupted almost immediately within the cell blocks as inmates attacked each other, rival gangs targeting each other. The prisoners who had been housed in solitary confinement decided to break into the protective custody block. Here people branded as ‘snitches’ or people with sexual offences against children were being housed for their own safety. A self appointed ‘execution squad’ managed to break in, they hauled the prisoners from the cells and murdered them - dismembering, decapitating and burning some prisoners alive. One prisoner was held up to the window, in full view of police, and was tortured by another prisoner who was applying a blow torch to their face. After the police gained access to the prison after the riot they discovered one inmate - who was a shop lifter who had been placed in protective custody after being gang raped - had been hanged from the ceiling, his throat cut, castrated and his genitals inserted into his mouth.

Several officers were taken hostage throughout, and while some were released unharmed others had been brutally beaten and raped. 33 inmates were killed during the riot, the majority of them having been brutally murdered, and 23 of them had been housed in the protective custody unit.


The murder of Tim McLean was shocking and horrific in nature, and this was emphasised by the fact it took place in broad daylight on a greyhound bus filled with passengers.

McLean was sitting in the rear of the bus when a stranger, 40 year old Vince Weiguang Li, sat down next to him. Shortly after McLean had leant against the window of the bus and fallen asleep, Li produced a large knife and - entirely unprovoked - began stabbing McLean repeatedly in the neck and chest. Immediately the bus pulled over so that the rest of the passengers could escape, however Li remained focused on McLean and proceeded to decapitate the 22 year old. He then displayed the severed head to the passengers outside, and spent the next period of time cutting away sections of McLean’s body and consuming his flesh.

When the police arrived  Li was reportedly heard saying ‘I have to stay on the bus forever’, however he made an escape attempt through one of the buses windows. He was shot with a taser and subdued by the police. When they went to retrieve McLean’s body - which had to be collected up into separate bags - they were unable to locate his eyes and his heart. It is thought that Li consumed these parts. 

Li was found not to be criminally responsible in the murder. He had been diagnosed with schizophrenia previously, and had been hospitalised on two separate occasions as a result of his illness. The psychiatrist who assessed him following his crime explained that Li had attacked McLean because he had heard God’s voice tell him that he was a source of evil in the world, and should execute him - otherwise he would be killed himself. After receiving treatment in a secure psychiatric unit he was given a complete discharge in 2017, meaning that he is no longer subject to monitoring, in line with Canadian law.