Danny Rolling was executed on 25 October, 2006, for the brutal murders of five college students. He was a particularly sadistic serial killer, often posing his victims in provocative stances after raping and mutilating their bodies. He sliced off the nipples of one victim and placed them beside her. He mounted another victim’s decapitated head on the bookcase to morbidly greet whoever discovered her. Another victim was sliced open from the pubic area up to her chest. Shorty before his execution, he handed his spiritual a handwritten confession in which he admitted to stabbing to death 55-year-old William Grisson, his 24-year-old daughter Julie and his 8-year-old grandson Sean, as they got ready for dinner on 4 November, 1989 - “I witnessed his execution and it was nothing he put his victims through,” said Julie’s mother.

Serial killer Albert Fish was a confessed sexual predator and cannibal, but the activity he enjoyed indulging in the most was sexual masochism: Fish would hurt himself in a variety of ways to become aroused, and often could only reach orgasm while suffering extreme pain.

Fish explained to police after he was arrested for the murder of Grace Budd that he became fixated on pain as a young boy; he grew up in a harsh orphanage where the caregivers would hit naughty children with paddles while the others sat in a circle and watched. Fish would become aroused at the sight and sound of the beatings, and noted how the nurses seemed to enjoy administering this pubishment.

As an adult Fish fathered six children (whom he never abused), but continued to hurt himself in his restless search for pleasure. He would stick the stem of a rose up the shaft of his penis and masturbate to the image in the mirror. He would beat himself with paddles stuck with nails. He shoved cotton wool into his urethra and set it alight with lighter fluid.

Most disturbingly, Fish would take long carpet needles, shove them into the flesh behind his scrotum, and acheive orgasm whenever he felt the needles move inside his pelvis. Perhaps unsurprisingly, sticking needles into his genitals caused him a number of health problems, and an x-ray of Fish’s pelvis while he was on Death Row revealed over thirty needles nestled in his scrotum. The presence of so much metal in his body apparentely caused the electric chair to short-circuit when Fish was being put to death.