Serial killer Albert Fish was a confessed sexual predator and cannibal, but the activity he enjoyed indulging in the most was sexual masochism: Fish would hurt himself in a variety of ways to become aroused, and often could only reach orgasm while suffering extreme pain.

Fish explained to police after he was arrested for the murder of Grace Budd that he became fixated on pain as a young boy; he grew up in a harsh orphanage where the caregivers would hit naughty children with paddles while the others sat in a circle and watched. Fish would become aroused at the sight and sound of the beatings, and noted how the nurses seemed to enjoy administering this pubishment.

As an adult Fish fathered six children (whom he never abused), but continued to hurt himself in his restless search for pleasure. He would stick the stem of a rose up the shaft of his penis and masturbate to the image in the mirror. He would beat himself with paddles stuck with nails. He shoved cotton wool into his urethra and set it alight with lighter fluid.

Most disturbingly, Fish would take long carpet needles, shove them into the flesh behind his scrotum, and acheive orgasm whenever he felt the needles move inside his pelvis. Perhaps unsurprisingly, sticking needles into his genitals caused him a number of health problems, and an x-ray of Fish’s pelvis while he was on Death Row revealed over thirty needles nestled in his scrotum. The presence of so much metal in his body apparentely caused the electric chair to short-circuit when Fish was being put to death.

Danny Rolling was executed on 25 October, 2006, for the brutal murders of five college students. He was a particularly sadistic serial killer, often posing his victims in provocative stances after raping and mutilating their bodies. He sliced off the nipples of one victim and placed them beside her. He mounted another victim’s decapitated head on the bookcase to morbidly greet whoever discovered her. Another victim was sliced open from the pubic area up to her chest. Shorty before his execution, he handed his spiritual a handwritten confession in which he admitted to stabbing to death 55-year-old William Grisson, his 24-year-old daughter Julie and his 8-year-old grandson Sean, as they got ready for dinner on 4 November, 1989 - “I witnessed his execution and it was nothing he put his victims through,” said Julie’s mother.


I just finished my first ever digital painting, I’m so proud of this, I’ll try this painting style again soon, since I can’t do it always since it hurts the wrist.

I’ve been reminiscing The Witch’s House again and I’m still not over the true ending for years now.

Have our cute little witch Ellen for now.

Colton Pitonyak was responsible for the 2005 murder of Jennifer Cave. Pitonyak went to dinner with Jennifer the night that he murdered her, returning to his apartment after where she was killed. Of the murder the prosecutor said:

“As far as murders go, this is a very clean murder. He shot her through the arm, bullet traveled into the chest, through the heart pretty much killing her instantly. It was the post-murder behavior that made it so grotesque. The mutilation was anger… it wasn’t any effort to hide the body or get rid of the body. It was just playing with it, like it was toy.“

When Cave’s corpse was discovered in the apartment of pitonyak it had been partially dismembered, with her hands and head wrapped in trash bags, with the rest of her body in the bath tub. There were post-mortem stab wounds to her chest and face.

One of the more tragic aspects of this case was the fact that police did not have grounds to force their way into Pitonyak’s apartment. Because of this Cave’s stepfather, Jim Sedwick, broke into Pitonyak’s apartment to find the evidence himself, and he was the one who discovered her mutilated and dismembered body.

Pitonyak, despite escaping briefly to mexico, was eventually arrested for the murder of Jennifer and was convicted, being sentenced to 55 years in prison.


CAMBODIA. Phnom Penh. 1996. Tuol Sleng prison, now a museum. Photos of inmates executed by the Khmer Rouge. 

The infamous Tuol Sleng prison, aka Security Prison 21 (S-21), was one of at least 150 execution centres in the country used by the Khmer Rouge regime when in power (1975-1979). Between 17,000 and about 20,000 people were imprisoned there; there are only seven known survivors.

Prisoners at Tuol Sleng were systematically tortured to obtain confessions of whatever crimes their captors desired. Routine torture methods included beatings, electric shocks, searing of hot metal instruments, hanging, lacerations with knives, suffocation with plastic bags, pulling out of fingernails while pouring alcohol on the wounds, and waterboarding. The “medical unit” at Tuol Sleng also performed medical experiments on some prisoners; test subjects would be sliced open and their organs would be removed with no anaesthetic; others would be attached to intravenous pumps drained of every drop of blood to see how long they could survive. Flaying was reserved to the most difficult prisoners. After captors were satisfied with the confessions obtained, prisoners would usually be transported to Choeung Ek, one of the most infamous killing fields of the Khmer Rouge, and killed there using crude weapons like iron bars or machetes, before being buried in mass graves. 

Nowadays, Tuol Sleng is a museum open to the public. Buildings have been preserved as they were left when the Khmer Rouge were driven out in 1979 and extensive records are available since the regime made efforts to document its activities. Several rooms are lined, floor to ceiling, with black and white photographs of some of the estimated 17,000 prisoners who passed through the prison.

Photographs: Bruno Barbey/Magnum Photos

A Simple Hostage Situation (Part One)- Adrinette Month Day Twenty-Two

Part Two

Part Three

They weren’t supposed to be any trouble. A simple hostage situation, no magic, nothing that Ladybug and Chat Noir wouldn’t be able to handle easily. It was supposed to be so simple…

Then the gun went off, and Mme Bustier was just lying there. Then the two heroes were ordered into a truck, and tied up, blindfolded. Then they were taken away, and when they tried to escape, their powers failed them… no akuma, no need for heroes.

They were thrown in the cage, and now, the man is laughing at them through his halloween mask.

“This was the easiest job I’ve had,” he cackles. “Honestly, Hawkmoth’s a great boss. And to think, all it took was one woman from the class he thought you two might be from!”

“Shut up!” Chat snaps, grabbing the bars of the cage. “You’re not getting away with this!”

“Nah,” the man smiles, setting up a camera feed. “This is a livestream, kitten. Any move you make, I see, along with the rest of Paris. Hey, guess that means your ‘secret identities’ are down the drain, hmm?” He lifts a pair of knives from the table, tilting his head. “And once that’s done, and you two can’t fight back, we’ll get those 'Miraculous’ off you. One way or another. See you!” He walks away, leaving the camera on them.

“You’ve got a plan, right my Lady?” Chat turns to her, expectation and no fear in his bright eyes. Slowly, she shakes her head. “Oh… well, don’t worry, it’s us! We’ll think of some-”

“I… I’m scared,” she admits quietly, cutting him off. “I don’t know how to get out of this one. I can’t use the cure. I have no idea how to fight when it’s not an akuma.”

He sighs, wrapping his arms around her. “I know. It feels… awful, being helpless. But these are just humans. The police will come save us, if we can’t get out by ourselves.”

“Not before we time out. Not before he uses those knives. Not before we…” she leans into him, closing her eyes. “We’re going to detransform on camera, Chaton. And then, we’re going to be mutilated on camera. That doesn’t alarm you?”

“Ladybug,” he rests his hands on her shoulders. “Calm down. Things have seemed bad before, right? I believe in you. We’ll be okay.”

She sighs, hugging him. “I’m about to time out.”

“So am I.”

She gets up on her tiptoes, whispering to him. Paris doesn’t need to hear this. “Promise not to be disappointed in me?”

He nods. “I could never.”

She sighs, and the light flashes over her. She hugs him tightly, taking her last few moments of anonymity, before pulling away, and looking up at him. “My name is Marinette. I’m sixteen years old, and… in my free time, and not-so-free time, I help save Paris.”

The look on his face is not what she was expecting. It’s almost blank. “I know who you are.”

“You do?”

“You’re in my class. That was established,” he nods. “I just never expected… I mean, it’s fine! I’m happy!” He offers a smile. “You’re Marinette, that’s… great.”

She stares at him, worried. “Doesn’t sound so great.”

He times out, and feels the transformation release. She stares, and stumbles back, to the far edge of the cage. “Hey, Marinette…”

“Oh my GOD.”

“Right. This happens.”

“A-adrien, you’re…?”

He sighs, looking incredibly tired. “Please stop, my Lady. It’s just me. Don’t do this…”

The man came in laughing. “Are you serious? Ladybug, reduced to a stammering mess, after Chat Noir decides she’s worthless after all?”

She cringes against the bars, looking down. Adrien shakes his head, going to her, but she cringes away. “Don’t,” she says, biting her lip. “Please.”

“My Lady, I didn’t mean-”

“It doesn’t matter,” the man enters the cage, knife in hand. “Now. Will you hand them over? Or am I going to start cutting?”