mutemath concert

I feel so happy in this moment right now

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For real though, when I first heard “Stressed Out” play on the radio, I FLIPPED OUT!!!! I was BEYOND HAPPY and Proud and excited for Josh and Tyler; and FINALLY people were gonna listen to ACTUAL AMAZING MUSIC They’ve been missing out on.
After awhile  all I could hear was how US “REAL” fans of the Band were tired of “Stressed Out” and hated all these new “fake” Stressed out Fans, like that didn’t make any sense to me.
We ALL had that ONE song that made us Twenty One Pilots fans, I doubt you were all there from the VERY VERY Beginning.
Arent you guys happy that the fan base is growing and more people know about THIS AMAZING BAND!! That we LOVE!!!????????
I could NEVER get sick of the song, and I say, The more fans, the better!!!
I sing along to it EVERYTIME I hear it.