So a recap of what’s going on for the MutedHiccup. Kasia and I are currently in the process of editing the second and, for now, last episode of the let’s play with Brad. He has no more Internet, but he will be contributing some. We are currently planning on getting an HD PVR, and I’m currently planning on getting a PS3. but other than that, Kasia is planning on getting started with FEAR. as for me, I am planning on recording some stuff on CSS, for my old clan is now back, and we had some good times. So should be good. Other than that, I think that’s everything.


casually leaves this here and waits for kasia to wake up tomorrow and kill me for posting this


Kasia and Edgar take us on an adventure through a zombie-ridden city, because somehow we did not make it to the bathroom.

Eyebleach - Episode 8 - Serg and Raz


Come watch Kasia and I play Civilization 5 and be terrible at it!

Okay so I have these ideas for our 100th video.
  1. The Hunger Games, no parts, all four perspectives, the whole thing in one video.
  2. Bring back our Minecraft survival series with an actual goal and like a name for it.
  3. An entirely new series with MutedHiccup and the Yolocast.
  4. What was stated above but with other people here (eg. Danny and others [if they want]).
  5. Something else that I can’t think of.

What do you guys think we should do?

Hey guys.

So unfortunately, there is a guy who is best friends with one of my closest friends who keeps going around through our newest videos and keeps disliking them.

I won’t disable ratings because that’s basically giving in to the dude, so if I may ask to please go through some videos of ours and like them please? The dislikings make us look like having a bad reputation and having bad videos, and obviously this is unfair.

Here’s the link to our channel.

Thanks a bunch!


oh hey this is just a tour of Kasia’s town that I filmed and edited here you go


So MutedHiccup finally has a new member, AND Brad’s computer has been fixed (you’re welcome), so there’s no other awesome way to introduce our newest member by doing a Minecraft let’s play! The videos are rendering now, so expect an episode by tomorrow. In the meanwhile go subscribe to our channel and leave a comment on any of our videos so far!