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Can’t believe it so happy! I was given this old box of bird skulls and eggs by a parents friend who inherited it! Birds I’ve identified: 2 razorbill, guillemot, great black backed gull, teal, gannet, jackdaw, carrion crow, kestrel/sparrowhawk, blackbird, mute swan, shag, pheasant and house sparrow. 
There are loads of beautiful British bird eggs which are over 80 years old with some being even older. Please note I live in the UK where there is no migratory bird act and the age of the eggs makes them fine to own.


Romeo and Juliet, The Lesbian Swans of Boston (Cygnus Olor)

These swans are kept in the Boston Gardens during warm weather and taken to a sanctuary during winter. As a mated pair, they were assumed to be male and female and thus named after Shakespeare’s tragedy. Sexing certain birds that have the same markings for both sexes is very difficult, but when their nesting continued to fail they had the birds sexed, and to their surprise they were both female. (Romeo is obviously Butch) So while I was at the Boston Pride Parade, I had to take some photos of these magnificent birds. (X)

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Breaking my rule again, but just to share my joy :) I took a break from backyard birding today and ventured out. I saw my first ever Snowy Owl (and my first Saw Whet Owl and my first Great Horned Owl), and what a beauty she was… The Swans were adorable too and I practised photographing flying birds, so there is the Seagull. Nature’s beauty is mind-blowing at times. I feel like a very lucky and happy birdwatcher today.

White Swan Patronus Aesthetic


White swans also known as mute swans are often the patronus of a person who it’s full of love to give, they protect the people they are close to and will make a life long friend or partner. People with this patronus are beautiful both inside and out. They tend to be extroverted, hopeful and fun to be around.

Swans are often referred to within media as a symbol of love and fidelity because of the fact they have long lasting and often monogamous relationship with their partner. The imagery of two swans forming a heart with there neck could also have a lot to do with this.

A common reference to swans within classic literature is that mute swan would sing beautifully upon it’s own death hence the phrase ‘swan song’.

The white swan is also one of the sacred birds of Apollo, whose associations stem both from the nature of the bird as a symbol of light as well as the notion of a “swan song”. The god is often depicted riding a chariot pulled by or composed of swans.

One Irish legend is about the Children of Lir, their stepmother transformed her children into swans for 900 years. The wooing of Etain is another legend that includes swans , the king of the Sidhe transforms himself and the most beautiful woman in Ireland, Etain, into swans to escape from the king of Ireland and Ireland’s armies.

In Norse mythology it is said that two swans drank from the well of Urd, in the realm of Asgard, home of the gods. According to the prose Edda, the water of this well is so pure and holy that all things that touch it turn white, including this original pair of swans and all others descended from them.

Swans are revered in Hinduism, and are compared to saintly persons whose chief characteristic is to be in the world without getting attached to it, just as a swan’s feather does not get wet although it is in water. The Sanskrit word for swan is hamsa and the “Raja Hamsam” or the Royal Swan is the vehicle of Goddess Saraswati which symbolises the “Sattva Guna” or purity par excellence. Therefore, Goddess Saraswati the goddess of knowledge is seen riding the swan because the swan thus symbolizes “Viveka” i.e. prudence and discrimination between the good and the bad or between the eternal and the transient.

It is mentioned several times in the Vedic literature, and persons who have attained great spiritual capabilities are sometimes called paramahamsa (“Supreme Swan”) on account of their spiritual grace and ability to travel between various spiritual worlds. In the Vedas, swans are said to reside in the summer on lake manasarovar and migrate to Indian lakes for the winter.

Within the U.K. The white (mute) swans are protect by the queen. This was originally done on the name of the crown within the 12th century to stop people of a lower class depriving the royals of their favourite banquet dish.

Today swans are no longer eaten but are still protected by the Queen, it is a criminal offence to harm a swan in anyway. Within the 1980s the swan population decreased due to a particular type of lead weight being used in fishing and due to this they were banned from being used.

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thisshouldbegayer  asked:

Hi! Is there a post you made about everyone's daemon description? I'd really like to know O: Also i'm bad at searching on people's blog, I apologize if it was obvious... Thank you!


  • kevin’s ONYX (osprey): about as friendly as kevin - their eyes are the same, intense and often unfriendly. she is very beautiful and quite quiet, fidgets with her wings when kevin is anxious. she perches on kevin’s forearm or shoulder, and preens his hair when he’s upset.
  • nicky’s ESME (common marmoset): very talkative and friendly, quite playful and tactile. esme likes to ride around on nicky’s shoulder and use his hair as handholds, and also likes to climb all over him.
  • allison’s ZYDEN (northern goshawk): another bird of prey - he is more fierce than onyx, and his looks meant he was often a subject of photos alongside allison herself. her parents thought her daemon should have been something softer and sweeter, but zyden is very much like allison: beautiful and dangerous
  • dan’s LORIMER (ocelot): a cat amongst the birds of the other girls, lorimer started plenty of fights with zyden and tau before they (and their humans) decided to band together. lorimer is bossy and brave and warm-hearted, with very sharp claws when tested
  • matt’s PIPER (boxer dog): piper is sweet-natured and enthusiastic, and very loyal. only rarely backs down from a fight though. she and sin are as close as neil and matt - complete opposites, but they somehow fit anyway.
  • renee’s TAU (mute swan): exceptionally beautiful, madly protective. tau isn’t talkative, and leaves the sweetness for renee to deal with. attacks with his wings if provoked, and they can break bone. sin doesn’t trust tau at all because he’s so watchful, and doesn’t behave like renee does - he hasn’t changed much from renee’s days as natalie, and sin recognises that.
  • andrew’s AMARANTH (spotted hyena): a huge female hyena from a species known for their matriarchal pack structure. she is affected by andrew’s medication, and doesn’t talk while andrew is high. the animal noises she makes instead are half the reason why people are afraid of andrew. after andrew sobers up she does talk, though it remains rare. her name means ‘the flower that never fades’ and has connotations of fidelity, loyalty and enduring love :)
  • aaron’s CELESTE (spotted hyena): quiet and rarely ventures out of arm’s reach of aaron. she doesn’t have amaranth’s scary rep but is probably worse tempered. she and amaranth are called ‘the twins’ by the other daemons - they’re pack animals, for better or for worse, just like the minyards themselves.
  • nathaniel/neil’s JACINTH/SIN (melanistic fox): black-coated with silver speckling and a white-tipped tail. sin is very strongly opinionated, notable for speaking to other humans - even ones she doesn’t know well - which is unusual amongst daemons. she has even less self-control than neil, reckless and mouthy, and it does get them both in trouble.