mute u

inspired by this post

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome this amazing and cute dapper boy! :D
Maaaan, I wanted to draw him for sooo long, he’s so cool >u<
His name’s Jackson I think? :P
Aaaand I adore him :v 

  • <p> <b>Delirious:</b> "I like how Wildcats playing the game but not in the call"<p/><b>Everyone:</b> "He is in the call"<p/><b>Marcel:</b> "He's in the call u just muted him"<p/><b>Delirious:</b> "....oh"<p/><b>Everyone:</b> *laughs*<p/><b>Delirious:</b> "I'm sorry Wildcat"<p/><b>Tyler:</b> "It's cool it was from in GTA u and Evan muted everyone"<p/></p>

downthetummblrhole  asked:

I love your blog! If you want to delete I get it though. Will you still be on Twitter and such? Or maybe you could password protect your blog for a little while? I'm sorry people are being asshats.

I’m very active on twitter and actually post more art on it than I do tumblr now. Password protected won’t be good for “business” so I can’t do that. But it’s okay i’m just gonna suck it up and ignore hate. I’m glad you like my little blog, tho ♥


soft!donghan x gioami icons

  • 500x500 px
  • can use on any platform
  • credit me if using
  • please don’t repost/claim as your own work