mute the silence

I finally wasn’t too sad and so I drew some Samurai Jack to make me feel better.

level 1: drawing Jack, I realized that his chin is huge, and then he reminded me of that one cat meme. I love that face.

level 2: I so dearly want more episodes of Jack teaching someone or whatever. So I adapted the baby from the final of season 4 and make them Jack’s apprentice. Whatever. The kid is mute/took a vow of silence. They try to make a straw hat like Jack does but messes up and feels embarrassed.

level 3: Before jack leaves to go on his attack with Aku he tells his apprentice to leave. Although I do wanted them to fight together, I don’t want the kid to die. So in an effort of giving a gift/last statement. They tie their swords together for something along the lines of “we’re in this together”. However, to be respectful of Jack they leave (to train another for Jack to meet up later).

Silence in Schools

Level 1 Stairwell.

@saisai-chan asked for it and I’m happy to oblige:

Fresh snow. Pure, perfect white, crispy cold air and that muted silence of a first winter’s day….




“Yosh, that’s a point for me! Whooo!”

…only interrupted by the shouting and laughter from Class 1-A as they tumbled over each other in their joy, scooping up handfuls of snow and throwing them at each other’s head in something vaguely looking like snowballs. It’s a heartwarming sight altogether, and even the more serious children like Iida and Tokoyami hadn’t been able to resist and let themselves be pulled into the fray. Iida’s glasses had been knocked half-off by a snowball, but he was shoving a handful of snow right into Sero’s face as revenge, chuckling all the while.

The only one who hadn’t let himself be rigged into this was Bakugou.

The boy sat in the doorframe leading from the living room into the garden, scowling darkly at his classmates. Cross-legged and chin propped up into his palm, he watches - Izuku ducking beneath a snowy missile, straightening again to throw his own snowball into Uraraka’s direction, or Shouto simply freezing some snowballs mid-air before they could hit him. Or Kirishima, getting hit by several missiles at once, laughing all the while as he sputtered and wiped off the snow from his face.

All of them were laughing and smiling as if they were having the times of their lives…


“If you want to join - I’m sure the others would be happy about it.”  

Bakugou doesn’t have to look up to know that All Might is standing next to him. The man casts a well-known shadow – both figuratively as well as literally - wherever he is.

He respects the former hero far too much as that he would simply ignore him or insult his words, so Bakugou gulps down his initial answer and aims for a sharp yet not angry tone, “This is fucking childish.”

There is a pause, before All Might breathes out quietly – almost a sigh – and turns towards the open door again.

Bakugou nearly snarls and pulls the man back from the door – freaking careless man, shivering in the cold air weaving into the living room even though he is bundled up in a thick sweater and a scarf… he should be fucking resting, not going out of his way to catch a cold…

But he doesn’t, grips his own fingers to stop himself from reaching out and do so reflexively. Not his problem if the man can’t look after himself.

“Sensei! Sensei, come join us!”

“Sensei, put a jacket on!”

“Put a jacket on and then come join us!”

Some of the children have stopped in their play now that they have caught sight of their teacher, waving with both arms and coaxing him out to them.

There is a warm chuckle next to Bakugou (he still refuses to look, can vividly imagine the fond warmth on All Might’s expression without turning around) and then, an empty mug is placed onto the ground next to the boy. “I will be right back, young Bakugou.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“You can still…”

“They are waiting for you, you should hurry.”

Another breath-sigh, but All Might doesn’t try again.

Moments later, Bakugou is alone in his observation spot again, watching as All Might steps out into the snow with warm boots on and throwing on a jacket as he calls out to the cheering children.

The game continues, even louder and merrier than before.

Bakugou scowls some more (no, not pouting, never pouting). Stupid. Childish. Cold and wet and dumb, and now even All Might is in the middle of this craziness, lifting Mina up to sit on his shoulders so that she could fire her snowballs from higher above and laughing aloud as Kaminari claims that this is unfair – and could he be carried too, please?

Stupid idiots, Bakugou thinks, hoping that they can somehow read his mind and hear his insults.

“They won’t know that you want to join if you just keep scowling at them.”

Bakugou almost rolls his eyes at the drawled words. “What’s wrong with you teachers, always trying to sneak up on me?”

“What’s wrong with you, always rather growling than actually talking?” Aizawa shots back, lazily lounging next to Bakugou, sleeping bag wrapped tightly around himself.

“I don’t want to join,” Bakugou grunts in response, hunching more into himself.

“Sure,” the single word is dripping sarcasm, and Aizawa doesn’t even try to look comforting or reassuring.

Perhaps that’s why Bakugou can handle the scruffy teacher better than All Might – the man doesn’t sugarcoat anything, doesn’t smile to make things better. It’s easier, somehow.

“It’s childish,” Bakugou insists.

“You are a child.”

The boy glowers at his teacher, but Aizawa has closed his eyes and pretends to not notice.

“What do you care if I join them?!”

“I don’t.”

“Then stop annoying me!”

“I’m not doing anything. That’s all you.”

“Ugh!” Bakugou is close to throwing his hands up into the air in utter exasperating – the laughter, the cheering, the smiling-happy-faces-and-fun-without-him-and…

They hadn’t even asked him if he wanted to join them.

“Fuck this!” Bakugou pushes himself to his feet, rushing off to get his jacket and boots. “Fuck this shit! As if I need an invitation for anything!”  

Aizawa waits until he hears the snow crunch under angry footsteps before he cracks an eye open and watches Bakugou stomp towards his classmates, struggling to get into his jacket.

A smile curls the man’s lips as he snorts to himself. “Almost too easy.”

Kirishima is humming to himself, rolling a snowball between his palms and checking if he is able to launch his next shot all the way over to Mina – as he suddenly gets smacked straight in the face with a load of snow.

He sputters, coughs and stumbles backwards, tripping on the slippery ground and falling backwards into the snow.

Still blinking in surprise, he peers up at Bakugou looming over him. The blond is tossing his next snowball – perfect round shape – up and catching it, again and again, as he glares down at the his classmate. “What, Hair for Brain? Didn’t see that one coming?”

“Bakugou?” Kirishima asks dumbly, before he starts beaming. “Hey, you joining us, buddy? Cool!”

“Tch,” Bakugou catches the snowball, squinting down at him with a weird expression. “That’s all you have to say, fucking cool?”

“Well, yeah!” Shrugging as he gets back on his feet, Kirishima chuckles. “We meant to ask you before, but then we thought – nah, Bakugou is too manly for a snowball fight, so, yeah, it’s cool that you’re joining now!”

“Hmph. Next time, just freaking ask, Hair for Brain.”

“Huh? What do you-…?”

Kirishima doesn’t get to end his sentence because he gets the second snowball straight in the face –again.

Tsuyu looks up from where she is building a little frog-snowman with Shouji and ribbits softly. “Oh, look, Bakugou-chan is joining us.”

“What?” Uraraka squints over to where her friend is pointing and laughs in surprise. “Oh, he is!”

Izuku stops squirming in Toshinori’s grip – the man has him flung over his shoulder like a bag and carries him to the closest snowbank – and pales a bit. “Uh, Kacchan is here, too?”

“Don’t worry, I think he is occupied,” Shouto assures him. “He is shoving snow down Kaminari’s neck.”

“Um. That’s, uh, good? For me? I feel bad for Kaminari-kun, though.”

“Don’t worry, he will be fine,” Toshinori chuckles softly, patting Izuku’s back with his free hand – before he flings the startled boy into the thick, soft and very cold snowbank.

There is a yelp, a scream, and then loud laughter as Izuku flails to get out of the snow, Uraraka and Tsuyu giggle, Toshinori doubles over laughing and close to spitting blood in his mirth, and Shouto just shakes his head at his very happy and very weird friends.

Until he suddenly gets a snowball straight to the forehead, courtesy to a very determined looking Izuku.

“What the…?” the boy reaches up, touching the snow clinging to his bangs gingerly.

“Revenge,” Izuku explains cheerily, before he dives down to scoop up another handful of snow.

And hell breaks loose as everyone starts laughing and screeching and yelling again.

“Whaaaa! Guys, run, Deku has lost it!”

“Don’t run that way, there is Bakugou going wild!”


In the end, nobody can say who is aiming for whom or if there are teams or is there anyone who didn’t get soaked to the bone by the end of this afternoon.

What everyone can say, though, is the fact that everyone has the fun of a lifetime during all of this.

(And Kirishima, Kaminari and even Aizawa-sensei himself swear up and down that they have seen Bakugou really smile during all of this.)

People wanted to understand: the executioner’s fascination with crime, the victim’s with death, and what had paved the way for Auschwitz… So we turned to the victims, to the survivors. They were asked to bare themselves, to delve into the innermost recesses of their being, and tell, and tell again, to the point of exhaustion and beyond: to the delirium that follows… The survivors were reticent, their answers vague. The subject: taboo. They remained silent… Sooner or later, every one of them was tempted to seal his lips and maintain absolute silence. So as to transmit a vision of the Holocaust, in the manner of certain mystics, by withdrawing from words. Had all of them remained mute, their accumulated silence would have become unbearable: the impact would have deafened the world. When they agreed to lift the veil… they reassured themselves… in any event, we are only messengers. With some luck, other men will benefit from our experience, and learn what the individual is capable of doing under a totalitarian regime, when the line between humanity and inhumanity becomes blurred. And what wars are made of and where they lead. They will discover the link between words and the ashes they cover.
—  “One Generation After” Elie Wiesel 

Silence was there,

                      and so was Stillness,

                      His Mute Companion.

              Silence and Stillness, the first lovers.

Mother knows


The battleships towered over the admiral, standing in awkward, mute, and resolute silence as they waited. Her arms were crossed and she had her arms folded her stare boring holes in his forehead.

This had been going on for well over ten minutes without an explanation until the door opened a second time and the ship Nagato was escorting entered.

“Sorry for being late. I ran into people and lost track of time.”

TITLE: Silver tongued Silence


AUTHOR: Roozenboom


As a fierce but mute warrior, you have always faced the brunt of Loki’s jokes regarding your capabilities. When his famous Silver Tongue is sowed shut as a punishment, guess who he has to turn to for help. 



I want to quickly remind you that this story takes place just before, during and after Thor receives Mjölnir. I am following the Norse Mythology with this one… Also I have no idea when I will post the next chapter soorryy ><

‘I see that I can have a quiet training today.’ Loki snickered as he walked onto the training grounds where I was currently training. Loki, or actually prince Loki, had this nasty habit of looking down upon me. His patronizing behaviour was mostly just annoying, and I had enough smarts to not engage him about it, for as smart as he might be he would never understand. He was a prince after all, bred and raised to feel superior to those around, and boy did this one think so. I had some form of respect for him on the battle field, he was a fierce warrior and his skills were of notable rank, but that was where the respect ended.

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A violin mute
Does not silence the instrument;
It merely muffles the music
And distorts it
Into an almost dissonant tone.
When the mute is removed,
The clarity is striking by contrast.

Sometimes I speak with a mute
In my mouth,
Mumbling what does not matter
So that when I speak up,
Someone will notice
And listen for once.

Buying Silence (Mutely)

Money doesn’t motivate me
Don’t offer me piles of cash
I have been dripping with privilege
For my whole ridiculous life
Nothing but clean water for me
Unceasing electricity
No rampant armed men raping me
Free public schools and jobs galore
Health care antibiotics more

Money doesn’t motivate me
Don’t offer me piles of cash
Get clean water to Africa
And free higher education
Mexico a first world country
Offer me an end to all strife
Offer me safety for women
And children free to play in streets

Money doesn’t motivate me
Make bike lanes that aren’t strips of paint
CEOs with sane salaries
Pristine air in California
Politicians who work for us
An end to rampant loneliness
People who can live in my heart

How to handle the SKAM withdrawal: read these books

So you’ve already watched S1-2 of Skam and rewatched the few Eyewitness episodes to the point you can recite not only the lines but probably the characters’ thoughts as well… And yet Nov 14 is still too far away. What to do in the meantime? 

Go check out these awesome NA books (some of them are light and fluffy but most aren’t, so make sure you have some tissues close by and drink plenty of liquids ha)

This Is Not A Love Story by Suki Fleet 

When fifteen-year-old Romeo’s mother leaves one day and doesn’t return, he finds himself homeless and trying to survive on the streets. Mute and terrified, his silence makes him vulnerable, and one night he is beaten by a gang of other kids, only to be rescued by a boy who pledges to take care of him.

Julian is barely two years older than Romeo. A runaway from an abusive home, he has had to make some difficult choices and sells himself on the street to survive. Taking care of Romeo changes him, gives him a purpose in life, gives him hope, and he tries to be strong and keep his troubles with drugs behind him. But living as they do is slowly destroying him, and he begins to doubt he can be strong enough.

This is the story of their struggle to find a way off the streets and stay together at all costs. But when events threaten to tear them apart, it is Romeo who must find the strength within himself to help Julian (and not let their love story turn into a Shakespearean tragedy).

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TITLE: Silver Tongued Silence

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 2 & 3

AUTHOR: Roozenboom

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that as a fierce but mute warrior, you have always faced the brunt of Loki’s jokes regarding your capabilities. When Loki has his famous Silver Tongue locked by Odin as punishment for his crimes, guess who he has to turn to for help.



I want to quickly remind you that this story takes place just before, during and after Thor receives Mjölnir. I am following the Norse Mythology with this one. I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 2

Guarding was probably the most mundane part of my job. I disliked standing around, and had soon discovered that a mute guard wasn’t much of a guard either. It was not like I could just scream to my colleagues for help. That did not mean that I wasn’t going to do my duty though, just because something is challenging, does not make it impossible. I always carried a small, golden whistle around. It had been forged especially for me on Svartalfheim by the dwarves. The magic weaved through the gold allowed me to make a range of sounds, depending on the situation. I could pick from obnoxious and deafening to a soft warning.

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