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Greetings, this is Audrey! 

So I’ve been creating edits in private, for my own pleasure for quite a while now and I’ve finally decided to share them out. Be gentle!

Anyways, I present you the first issue of my ‘Fashion With BTS’ weekly magazine! I will be publishing a new issue every week.

Issue No. 1 - Styling muted colour tones - by knj. 

Issue No.2 is fresh out the oven and can be found here.

calciite answered your question “ok, i am thinking of making su redesigns today. who should i go for…”

how abt blue diamond? :00

good suggestion, thank you! i forgot i commented on her design earlier. this isnt 100% bc i tend to draw instinctively but this is more what i would enjoy from this character (which would also need to be changed presentation-wise)

i think her grief and sadness over pink diamond’s death shouldve been saved for a later, more built up review. starting a character off immediately sympathising her when it’s already establish this is a dictator and an enemy doesnt really come off v well to me.

i muted her colours a lot, bc i enjoy the idea of BD being washed out and miserable and that translating into her design. her eyes are smaller and i tried to make her face shape a little more distinct. i also imagine her hair being really flowly, and doing the ghibli thing when she’s angry bc how sick and awesome and intimidating would that be man…


North Korea meets Wes Anderson

In what was likely one of the most unexpected surprises in the life of architecture critic Oliver Wainwright, his trip to North Korea revealed a variety of spaces with an eerie resemblance to Wes Anderson’s carefully curated movie sets. The use of primary colours and muted pastels, as well as a heavy emphasis on symmetry and proportion, evoke the trademark aura of the director’s acclaimed interiors. 

Read the full story by Oliver Wainwright over at The Guardian.

OH MY GOD. I found a new fact out about Charles II.

Charles was really….hmmm…not super ostentatious in dress?? He was fashionable but he often chose muted colours or blacks for his clothing. But he absolutely LOVED his Order of the Garter robes and outfit. He loved it so much that, not only did he often wear it in his portraits, but he would often wear it out for one of his strolls in Windsor Great Park or when he went to feed the ducks in St. James’ Park.

Within a few years I’m going to have enough pet peeves to cover a shirt

like the huge text will be “LET CHILDREN”

and then the entire rest of the shirt will be covered with little text in a slightly muted colour, and say things like “daydream - flap their hands - play - fidget - do things differently - listen to music - be touched - refuse to be touched - have food preferences - stim - avoid eye contact - ask for attention"

Like right now the list of things i have GODDAMN SEEN professionals with careers and degrees in childcare and psychology and behavioural science say that they punish children for doing, or only permit them to do as a treat, is extensive, but

in a couple years it’s gonna be enormous.

18.04.17 - Friends & tea 🍵💓.

I love these disabled ladies and their friendship, but I hadn’t drawn them into same picture before? I had to fix that.

My first and last <3

-haechan just falling over in that chair ME SAME
-renjun the entire video plsssss
-jeno’s lines!! #slay
-when they fought over the cup
-the fact that they were the only students in the whole school
-she was the only teacher
-speaking of
-she was adorable (I LOVE HER HAIR)
-the choreo was lit
-including the naruto run
-chenle not caring that the teacher was married lolololol
-all their faces
-jisung solo dancing ALL THE WAYYYY
-haechan’s solo bless up
-chenle’s smile ahhhhh
-the sort of muted/pale colours!!! love it

irishforjane  asked:

Andreil - 79

79: That’s the third time I’ve saved your life.

Eight weeks. Andrew had been living in his apartment in relative peace and quiet for eight weeks. There had been no unwanted visitors (aside from a curious cousin who was promptly told to leave at knife point). The only noise had been the humming of his refrigerator; the inconsistent leaky tap in his bathroom, and the occasional murmur of his TV. He could smoke in any room at any time of the day or night. If nightmares didn’t dig their claws into him during the night he could sleep until midday without worrying about being woken by a pestering roommate. He could come and go from his apartment at any hour without receiving a menagerie of texts asking where he was or where he was going or if he could pick something up from the grocery store. He could keep his freezer stuffed with ice cream and ban any vegetables from his kitchen. He could eat a birthday cake at 2 in the morning without argument. Eight weeks of complete freedom and his own company.

He knew it was too good to last.

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