RPG365: Mutazoids

Mutazoids is a fun little game where players play enforcers in the not so distant future fighting crime and big eyed monsters. It reminded me of Mad Max meets Blade Runner mixed in with elements Brazil, Judge Dredd  and a sprinklin’ of the ol’ Gamma World and viola there you have it: Mutazoids.

The premise is that civilization had collapse after a man-made plague swept across the world creating mutants. From the ashes of the old, in North America, rise The Second Republic (a cruel government) that has divided the survivors into groups. Thus with the world in chaos there is always the Enforcers to keep things in check.

The first few sessions I ran of was sort of like that series Space Precinct. It’s a defunct sci-fi series that lasted one season and it’s from the mind of Gerry Anderson. If you haven’t seen an episode I’m sure you can dig it up somewhere.