atla linguistics headcanons
  • being the Avatar basically gives you All-Speak, so Aang would sound a little antiquated but still perfectly understandable
  • as the chief’s kids, Katara and Sokka would have learned a few basic trade dialects/the one universal one, which pretty much everyone would be able to understand
  • Toph grew up in a high-profile family so she probably had formal language tutoring/lessons, likely in formal Earth Kingdom, common trade languages, and maybe even some Fire Nation for practicality
  • fighting in the Earth Rumbles would have taught her Earth Kingdom swears 
  • Zuko would have learned High Court Fire Nation as a prince as well as formal Earth Kingdom, probably
  • post-exile, he would have learned the trade language as well as several regional dialects, but could get by with speaking low Fire Nation when traveling through Fire Nation-occupied parts of the Earth Kingdom
  • most of the Fire Nation soldiers are passably bilingual at this point, and between them and the townspeople they’ve probably evolved a whole new kind of language (in the same way that Yiddish evolved from German and Slavic influences along with Hebrew). 
  • Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors would speak a really, really mutated form of archaic Earth Kingdom, since they sort of noped off of the mainland several hundred years back and have been doing the whole isolationism thing for an indeterminate period of time
  • the Northern and Southern Water Tribe probably shares some vague basal similarities, but differ as wildly as European French and Louisiana Creole
  • The southern tribe at this point probably has more similarity to the Earth Kingdom trade dialect in which they most frequently communicate than it does with the Northern tribe’s language. They’re still close enough to be mutually understandable, but different enough to essentially be two different languages. 

Requested by @affectos – a correction to this post that was published prior to the games’ release.

Throughout the generations, there have always been pokémon that supposedly originated in space: Clefairy, Lunatone, and Beheeyem, for example. Surprisingly, Minior is not one of these extraterrestrials: it did not come from space. Instead, according to the pokédex, it is formed inside the atmosphere.

Strong impacts can knock it out of its shell. This Pokémon was born from mutated nanoparticles. (Moon: Meteor Form)

Originally making its home in the ozone layer, it hurtles to the ground when the shell enclosing its body grows too heavy. (Sun: Meteor Form)

The ozone layer is in the stratosphere, the second layer in Earth’s atmosphere, from around 10-50 kilometers above Earth’s surface. Many airplanes fly in the stratosphere: it’s hardly considered outer space.

Still, Minior is classified as the Meteor Pokémon, so if it’s not from space, what makes it a meteor? The definition of a meteor is “a small body of matter from outer space that enters the earth’s atmosphere.” Generally, they are debris from a larger celestial body, such as a comet, asteroid, or planetoid, that crossed Earth’s orbit some time ago. Earth runs into the debris stream, picking up the particles in Earth’s atmosphere. The friction between the object (a meteoroid) and the atmosphere causes the object to burn up, manifesting itself as a shooting star (a meteor). The few that make it to the ground are called meteorites.  

Minior isn’t from outer space, so by definition Minior is not a meteor. Instead, Minior is a precipitate, a dust particle floating in the atmosphere that clumps together with other particles to grow. Rocky precipitates like Minior are often the seeds for rain clouds (see Bronzong for more detail). However, instead of collecting water until it gets too heavy to stay in the air, Minior collects other dust particles in its crust until it is too heavy to star in the air. 

Interestingly enough, volcanic activity (found in abundance in the Alola region), can add very specific types of precipitates to the atmosphere: the colorful sulfates, or chemicals with at least one sulfur atom and 4 oxygen atoms. Here are some examples:

(From left to right: Cobalt Sulfate, Ammonium-Cerium Sulfate, Nickel Sulfate, Iron Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, and Chromium Sulfate)

The cores of Miniors, then, are likely different kinds of sulfates! The crusts can be anything and everything else it picks up along the way: clay, soot, dust, pollution, all which are very common in the atmosphere everywhere in the world.

Minior does not come from space, so it is not a meteor. Instead, the core is a sulfate precipitate, found commonly in Alola due to the volcanic activity there. Other particles from the atmosphere stick to the core to form its crust.

anonymous asked:

Apologies if you've been asked before, but i'm in love with your glutton knight concept and I was curious. Do you think there'd be any non-human ones? Often horses and occasionally even dogs wore armor when brought into battle, (I live near an armory museum so I've even seen some on elephants and the like) so i'm curious to know if it only affects humans !!

Nope! Becoming a glutton knight requires some form of intent. It’s not just magical contamination and armor that makes them what they are; the combination of duty, the doggedness in which they are trained to pursue their quarry, and the righteous aggression towards supernatural creatures all play into what REALLY makes a glutton knight: their preternatural thirst for magical blood.

Which isn’t to say that animal armor doesn’t become part of a knight at times. Glutton knights will shed irreparably damaged, undersized, or otherwise unsuitable armor like hermit crabs and replace it with whatever metal they can find. Those not driven by vanity (or maybe just with weird fashion sense) may make…odd…choices.

An older knight known only as Kerberos is known for incorporating the helms of its fallen steeds into its armor, for example, and even mutating around them to form false ‘heads’. It’s not the only knight to undergo pronounced bestial changes due to deliberate choice in animal-themed armor.

illnessandinjury  asked:

For the sick sentence starter prompt thing; “Can you at least vomit with the door closed?” Honestly sound like something Kieth would say to a sick Lance - and if you have the time, I'd love to see you write it! ❤ if not; that's okay too!

Keith winced at the sound of Lance gagging, followed by another sickening splash as he threw up the little breakfast he’d managed to eat that morning.

“Can you at least vomit with the door closed?” Keith says without actually thinking. The sound of Lance throwing up was starting to grate on his nerves (and stomach). ((REST UNDER CUT))

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Cleaning my dropbox folder stumbled into this and realized I never uploaded it on my tumblr. Redesigned concept wip of Unegen’s final form of mutation if he ever advances this far. 

As it can not be reversed and no ‘shapeshifting’ possible this direction sort of final sentence for his character, but it is always fun to play with designs and concepts.

Also I am so so frustrated I am really really sick and can’t do anything I wanted beside organizing folders and cry over my messed up schedule I had for this month to catch up with everything. ._.


Prompt: So after some talk in a chat room an angsty prompt came into the light. It can be read here Personally I’d go into this blind. That’s my recommendation. 

Warnings: Sickness, Angst

Pairing: Bones/Reader (Predetermined)

A/N: This is part one of a multipart series. I’m gonna make it hurt. PART 2

Word Count:1211

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There is a mutated form of sea dwellers who are based on freshwater environments such as ponds or rivers. The biology between them and ocean dwellers is like that of fresh water or salt water fish with the same results. Many of these fresh water mutants are killed by noble trolls who see their existence as the sea dwellers trying to send in spies.

Originally posted by razle-dazle

You know, funnily enough, I’ve actually had some headcanons where the Amporas are freshwater breathing trolls via mutation. Only because they were concerned about being culled [both Beforus and Alternian Amporas], they actually managed to hide it. And, in some cases, they actually acclimated themselves to salt water via starting off breathing brackish water, until they could take the sea. [Still hurts like a bitch for a respiratory system to breathe what it wasn’t meant to, but Amporas are nothing if not determined.]

And I love the idea that land trolls would see the fresh water dwellers as spies and hate them and try to cull them. Not only are they mutants but they’re mutant sea dwellers. The ultimate acceptable target for them.

octoling-fever  asked:

Not a headcannon, but I just noticed something about the characters. 7 out of 10 ARMS fighters have spiral eyes. Byte and Barq doesn't because they are robots, Helix doesn't because he has no eyes and instead has visors to display emotions, and Mechanica doesn't because she is a regular human being with regular arms. I guess when a person receives ARMS limbs, their eyes will spiral as well.

(extremely long post warning that I went sort of off topic with because I got too excited at receiving this ask and I wanted to add more to it so bad /rip)

Yes yes yes, I noticed this too! It’s very interesting, isn’t it?

Granted I assumed the eyes spiral before they get their ARMS. People born with Spiral Eyes would later in life get ARMS, y’know?

Getting ARMS definitely seems to be this weird genetic thing, and some genes don’t start to affect people until later in life, which matches with ARMS just springing up seemingly out of nowhere like they do. These spiralled eyes would serve as an indicator to who possesses this ARMS Gene (although if it was that obvious, you’d think ARMS Laboratories would catch onto to it sooner or later).

Now I’m gonna talk about something kinda sorta, sorta kinda related to this ask. Something that recently caught my eye…

Another thing that all those fighters have in common is masks and hair. All the human characters have really out there hair designs, from Ribbon Girl’s, well, ribbon-esque hair, Min Min’s ramen hair and Twintelle’s hair ARMS! It’s interesting how these ARMS (for the most part) match a character’s hair.

Twintelle even when she’s relaxing, is still wearing her mask. In fact, from what we’ve seen of the official art from Twitter, all fighters are never shown without them.

You’d assume they’d simply wear them for matches, but it seems that’s not the case.

What I find interesting about that is how Mechanica, the one human without ARMS, does not wear a mask and has perfectly normal brown hair.

The only one I’d exclude from this would be Kid Cobra, since we don’t know what they actually look like bar their ARMS and eyes, or if they even have hair. In fact, judging by his movement and stretchy body, it looks like his torso got a taste of the ARMS Gene if anything.
(I talked more about Kid Cobra in this post here, it’s a little silly, but still plausible)

It seems that whatever this ‘ARMS Gene’ is, it looks like it affects a person’s arms, eyes and hair. Possibly even mutate and affect more. For example, Kid Cobra’s body could very well be spiralled like ARMS are. And while not necessarily related, he already has a genetic mutation in the form of Heterochromia of the eyes.

The gene also gave Twintelle her ARMS on her hair, rather than her actual human arms, meaning it must’ve been some mutation within the gene. Which if we do consider that this gene affects ARMS and hair, then it makes more sense as to why she ended up with ARMS in the wrong place.

My friend put it into better words than I could: “How could it mutate to affect the hair so drastically if it didn’t already have the gene code to tamper with hair?”

In fact, alongside the masks, the fighters also wear essentially what is ‘armour’ most of the time, and even when they’re not, we never see just how exactly the ARMS connect to the rest of the body.

Notice how Twintelle is the only one without any armour pieces, both in fights and out of fights. It’s interesting that the human with ARMS on her hair and not her arms doesn’t wear anything to cover up said arms. It’s almost like… for whatever reason, she doesn’t need to. Similarly to how Mechanica, the human girl without ARMS, doesn’t have a need to wear a mask.

Hell, if the gene does in fact also affect the torso, then Kid Cobra having a spiralled torso wouldn’t be so out of the question. 

Aaaaaaahhhhh I’m sorry for rambling, I just love making up theories and looking into the potential lore of this game, it’s so much fun!

- Mod Kid Cobra

Why Mutants In X-Men Are a Great Analogy for Neurodivergents

I’m gonna look at it from an autism perspective but most of it applies to pretty much all neurodivergents, I think. :)

1. Autism is a mutation. Technically, we are mutants already.

What is a mutation? A variant form of a gene, which can be genetically passed on. 

What is autism at its core? A variation in brain thinking patterns and cognition which can be genetically passed on.

Ergo, we autistics (along with our neurodivergent brethren) are mutants.

2. They are misunderstood and judged based on their mutation.

How many times have you seen someone arrested for killing/trying to kill someone and they mention “Oh, he’s autistic” as if it had anything remotely to do with anything. 

How many times have you heard about how burdensome a child with autism is and how they’re such a burden that they’re the reason their parents break up.

How many times have you heard someone say that autistics are broken because they don’t “function properly”.

3. They are told their mutation needs to be “cured” even though the vast majority of mutants are against it.

Rogue: Is it true? That they have a cure?

Professor X: Yes, Rogue. It would seem so.

Storm: No. No it’s not, ‘cause there’s nothing to cure. Nothing’s wrong with any of us, for that matter.


Doctor: I just wanted to help you people.

Quill: Lady, does it look like we need to be saved?

4. They have to live in the closet out of fear of being treated differently if anyone finds out they’re mutants

There’s a reason why as soon as I was old enough to understand, my mom (who’s also autistic) taught me to NEVER tell anyone because they’ll treat me differently for no reason and judge me based on that 1 aspect of who I am rather than my actions and beliefs; that they’ll see me by my disorder rather than me as a whole person.

How many of us hesitate getting officially diagnosed based on the fear that it’ll affect our job prospects and/or relationships with people.

How many doctors don’t officially diagnose us because they’re “afraid it’ll have a negative effect”.

5. They have special abilities due to their mutation.

Heightened empathy, hypersensitivity, higher IQ, being able to break down highly complex systems in our minds instead of writing or drawing it out,  image/pattern/verbal thinking, being able to notice problems neurotypicals would never notice, etc  might not be as cool as flying or controlling the weather, but they’re special abilities nonetheless.

6. Their mutation is often a double-edged sword.

All our special abilities have their pros and cons, just just like the mutants’s powers.


Vaudeville didn’t always look so monstrous. He was once the most beloved sorcerer of the land, assisting everyone with their problems all the while showing off. One day he witnessed a new kind of magic. A very dark magic and he became enthralled. He wanted to learn and control this power for himself. But he wasn’t prepared for the magic to control him instead as he tried to summon a portal. A group of a mages stopped him last minute and kicked him into the portal. There, he mutated into the form above and eventually found his way out. Now free, he seeks to prove that once again, he was the best.


Prompt:  I was wondering if you would write a Gabriel x female reader fic for me? Where people are born with a black tattoo that represents their soulmate. Hers is golden wings on her back which is really unusual, because of their color. She normally hunts with the Winchesters, but has taken a few cases without them and Gabriel has been helping her out on some of those hunts. He is drawn to her and doesn’t understand why. 

Word count: 3,638

Warnings: None, I don’t think

Author’s Note: Finally, a Gabriel fic. Ramadan’s over, and so is Eid, so I get to get my schedule back on track. Hopefully that means more writing and a start of the new series >.> 

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Name: Jersey Devil, The Leeds Devil
Area of Origin: New Jersey, United States

The Jersey Devil is a legendary cryptid believed to inhabit the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey. It is described as being a winged bipedal, hooved creature. There are variations, but consistently it possesses a kangaroo-like body, the head of a goat, large bat wings and a forked tail. It has been reported to be extremely quick and often emits a “blood-curdling scream.” The Lenape Native Americans called the area it was reported to live “Popuessing” meaning place of the dragon. Lore of the creature’s origins have varied over the years, but a popular origin story begins with a woman named Mother Leeds. It is said that Mother Leeds had 12 children and that her 13th would be the devil incarnate. After giving birth to a seemingly normal child in 1735, Leeds’ baby changed form and mutated into a demon almost instantaneously; it sprouted wings and flew up the chimney. There have been many sightings around the surrounding areas and has become one of the most popular subjects in Cryptozoology.

lyxine  asked:

Do you have any face headcanons for Shovel Knight and Black Knight?

It’s been briefly a debate whether to HC them as either human, possessed armours, or remain as an enigma. But for funsies, I did a visual attempt on Black when his form mutates from the Enchantress’ power:

I can’t make BK out exactly as imagined and nothing good comes to mind for Shovel at this rate sadly (perhaps something to do with diamonds for a shield’s best friend? xD)

Parasites and the Cure of Psychopathy

Oxford dictionary
1. An organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense.
2. A person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return.

By this definition humanity would be a parasite and its host the earth.

According to Andrea L. Glenn, Robert Kurzban, Adrian Raine of the Departments of Psychology, Psychiatry and Criminology of the University of Pennsylvania, it is indeed likely that “psychopathy” is a genetic mutation developed evolutionarily because it offers many advantages.

As the mutated form of a species often replaces the original, such as happened during the development of humanity multiple times (e.g. Homo sapiens instead of homo heidelbergensis), it is possible, though I personally consider it unlikely, that “psychopathic behaviour” will become the norm.
As “psychopathic behaviour” due to its desire for simplicity and lack of “fear” is more likely to include violence this would in general lead to the decimation of humanity.

If humanity as given by definition is a parasite, “psychopathy” might be the cure.

But as the novelist Joseph Conrad once said “The question is not how to get cured, but how to live.”, so even if it is the cure it does not have to mean anything.

Zeta Shock

Themes include: Male to Female transformation, lesbian sex.

  A staccato of gunfire echoed through the air of the Middle Eastern village as bullets pinged against a steel crate. Taking cover behind the crate was a soldier, body pressed tight against the metal.

   “I can’t see him,” came a woman’s voice over the soldier’s radio, “Try throwing a flashbang at the market across the street. Maybe that can flush him out.”

   “Like he won’t take me out the moment I poke my head out of cover?” he retorted, continuing before she could respond, “Our guys are all dead. It’s just you and me against this guy who really knows what he’s doing.”

   “Just trust me. I’ve got a good view of the area from where I’m at, up here.”

   “Fine,” he muttered, with a sigh. He couldn’t see where the woman was, but she was the best sniper he knew, so he would trust her for now.

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Almost Radical - Systems

Well, it’s been a couple years since I made a DnB mix… Enjoy :)

01. London Electricity - Artificial Skin (ft. Keeno)
02. Technicolour, Komatic, & LSB - Rotary Motion
03. Artificial Intelligence - What You Had (ft. Steo) (Lenzman remix)
04. ActRaiser - Full Moon
05. Etherwood - You’ll Always Be A Part Of Me (Pola & Bryson remix)
06. Voltage - Suspicious
07. James Zabiela - Perseverance (S.P.Y remix)
08. Mark System - Twenty Feet Up
09. Etherwood - Souvenirs (ft. Zara Kershaw) (Ulterior Motive remix)
10. Jaydan - Sorrow
11. June Miller - Further Seems Forever
12. Subwave - Stars Get Down
13. Maduk & Nymfo - Africa
14. Keeno - One More Moment (ft. Cepasa)
15. Ed:It - Centre Suite
16. Technimatic - Sphere
17. Hybrid Minds - Mountains (ft. Jasmine Spence) (Dexcell remix)
18. Nymbus - Blossom
19. Fred V & Grafix - Bladerunner (Loko remix)
20. Blinkie - Don’t Give Up (On Love) (Frankee remix)
21. State Of Mind - Bigger Faster Stronger
22. North Base - Join The Dots
23. Krakota - Spin The Bottle
24. Enei - Hotplate
25. Breakage - Kill Dem
26. Hyroglifics - No Drama
27. Mutated Forms - Abandoned
28. Rockwell - Dizzle
29. Stray - Eazy Boy

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